September 23rd, 2010

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Wanna be a victim, ready for abduction.

Hiiiiii lovelies. This is the sign-up post following this entry.


Basically, everyone makes a virtual present, and will have a virtual present made for them. If you want inspiration, head over to ontdfb_santa , but in short, it can be a crackficlulz-storiesteam-mixtapeinspirational top 10 listsicons, stunning fanart, picspams, romantic fanfic, or absolutely anything you can think of that can be given virtually. I know a lot of you girlies are talented as, and I know you'll think of interesting spins on popular themes to do as presents.

I'm putting a form for you to fill so that you can get a pressie that you actually want, and also you're not making a gift for a team/player you absolutely loathe. I want the present-making process to be fun to, so I will try my best to allocate people gifts that I know they'll like making. Also, what one person considers bungtastic, could make another wanna vom. A good example of this is slash. So if you don't want a gift of a certain persuasion, don't hesitate to tell it. By all means, be honest, I won't judge!! Comments are screened.

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And finally, this is how I hope things'll go:
October 25th: Signups close. This gives over a month for everyone to sign up, so feel free to pimp this post out to get all your f-list stuck in! I'm leaving this open for a month also so that those who are on the fence about whether or not they can do it due to time/technological constraints will have a better idea within a month and tings
October 27th: Assignments go out.  Imma put an entry on ontd_fb saying I've sent all the e-mails when I do, so if you see that but no e-mail, chances are, it's in yer Junk mail =)
Giving you just under two months for you all to make your e-gifts...
December 17th: Last date for me to receive your gifts via e-mail. Could I have them as a notepad extension please.
December 25th: all gifts put up on LJ. 
Boxing Day: Who's who produced. LOVEFEST.

As with last year, it'd be soooooo much easier for me if you sent your lj-html text to me in a simple notepad file. That'd be eggcelent. Also, I'm sorry for repeating myself like a dildo but please, once you've committed, actually make your presents. Last year I was responsible for making three gifts myself on Christmas Eve and they were the biggest pieces of turd ever, the three recipients deserved so much better but sadly had to make do with them as their makers bailed. I don't mind helping out with resources if things are tough, but whatever you do, don't jump ship. It sucks. So please, don't be a grinch.

Now that that whiny parts over, GO. any questions, I'm allll ears.
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From the Wall Street Journal. (yeah, more LFC news)

A Texas Tycoon Learns a Lesson: Don't Mess With Liverpudlians
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this has now been picked up by other US papers! :DDDD/

• New York Times

• Dallas Morning News

• Washington Post

• Kansas City Star

• Sports Pro Media