September 19th, 2010



Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham tracking Werder Bremen star Marko Marin

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham are all considering moves for Werder Bremen starlet Marko Marin, according to the Daily Mail [lol k].

Though a potential bidding war may significantly alter transfer fees, an estimated €18 million (£15m) bid is anticipated to be enough to land Marin, who remains under contract until 2013.

The 21-year-old has been touted as the "German Messi", having recently starred in Bremen's comeback against Tottenham in midweek.

However, after allowing Mesut Oezil join Real Madrid this summer, Bremen are unlikely to let their latest star player leave.


So they DID go out clubbing..

Vicente del Bosque, Spain's NT coach, dropped by the offices of El Confidencial recently, and addressed many topics, including the alleged rumours of Spain partying in Argentina a day before their friendly. This is what he said:

- on the supposed juerga in Argentina: "the players are completely responsible people. They had spent five days in the training camp. I remember when I was playing on the national team, you had to spend days and days inside the hotel. I try to avoid these situations. The players didn’t do anything that they hadn’t done before, in the World Cup or the Eurocopa. Two days before the game, we had a dinner and whoever wanted to go out afterward went out for a bit. That’s it, nothing more. The behavior of these players is exemplar."

rest of the interview:

in my opinion, he's right, they had the right of going out and enjoying themselves after so much training, besides it was just a friendly.
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Come with me Friday, don't say maybe.

HAI guys. Last year, for Christmas, we had that Secret Santa thingimajig wherein we all made online gifts (in the form of picspams, mixtapes, fanfic, icons, and anything and everything else, see the win for yourself at ontdfb_santa ), anonymously, for another lj user, put them all up for show, and then revealed who made what? It was fun and the level of creativity put into it was awesome. Well, I was wondering if you guys wanted to do it again? :D If so, do say, so I have a rough idea for numbers, and then will ask some questions etc and then allocate people to make the presents for. I welcome absolutely everyone, the only thing that I ask is that once you've committed, you do actually do your present. Not to sound like a bell, but I had to make three on Christmas eve last night because people forgot. Apart from that, it's all good. COOL.
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Roy Weighs in on Man Utd Match, Remains Classy While Doing So

Roy Hodgson was left to lament a lapse in concentration after Liverpool's superb fightback was thwarted by Dimitar Berbatov's match-winning treble in the 3-2 defeat at Manchester United.

The Reds boss felt his side showed great character to pull level after a quick-fire Steven Gerrard brace had cancelled out the Bulgarian's first two efforts.

However, the United No.9 claimed his hat-trick six minutes from time and, although Alex Ferguson suggested the hosts should have won by a greater margin of victory in a post-match TV interview, the boss was disappointed to return home empty-handed.

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Personally, I'm pretty okay with how Liverpool played today, especially our darling Captain Gerrard. To all the haters out there, keep hating. Stevie is amazing/classy/wonderful. On to the next one, bbs.

Oh God, Please No

Reina & Torres set to leave Liverpool as Tom Hicks plots £280m buyout of George Gillett’s shares but no funding of new signings or stadium – report

In a move that will certainly add to the despair among Liverpool fans, Tom Hicks is set to gain sole control of the Anfield club and thus delay its sale by two more years, possibly triggering the departures of key players Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres.  

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This article IS from the Daily Fail, so I don't know that I put too much credit in it. Anyway , I know there are a lot of Chelsea fans here, so do you have thoughts about this article?

Roman Abramovich has spent £457m finding 1,639 new Chelsea fans... no wonder the Russian is trimming his investment

In the seven years before Roman Abramovich took over at Chelsea, the club spent £106million on players and drew an average gate of 39,784.
Since Abramovich arrived, £457m has been poured into the transfer market and attendances have risen - to 41,423.
That is a difference of just 1,639 people, or £278,828 per fan. No wonder the talk is that Abramovich is trimming his investment, introducing cost-cutting measures and reduced transfer budgets at Stamford Bridge.

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