September 18th, 2010


The Blues Machine

As if the prospect of facing last season's Double winners was not intimidating enough for Blackpool, their players will also be dwarfed by Chelsea in the tunnel today.

While some will focus on the number of world-class stars among them, the height and weight advantages of Carlo Ancelotti's muscular side are what will be most apparent before kick-off at Stamford Bridge. Welcome to the big time.

Blackpool's only consolation is that, although their regular team are one of the slightest in the Premier League, they are not alone in facing the possibility of being overpowered by Chelsea.

Arsenal, whom Chelsea have bullied (lol) in recent years, have fielded a team this season who are the smallest of the lot, so it is no surprise that manager Arsene Wenger wants referees to protect them.

'It's important to have power and physical strength in the team because a lot of the games here are physical,' said Ancelotti. 'We have a lot of players who are powerful and we also need to have a lot of tall players because sometimes on the setpieces you can have difficulties.'

Since Jose Mourinho was manager, Chelsea's recruitment has leaned towards powerful players such as Michael Essien. The indefatigable Ghana midfielder regularly runs eight miles or more in games and that sort of fitness, combined with the imposing strength, has been a factor in Chelsea's impressive start to the season.

They brushed their first five opponents aside, scoring 21 goals along the way, and another powerful performance is expected today.

'We have strong guys,' said John Obi Mikel. 'We have a lot of sixfooters. Even someone like Frank Lampard, you don't realise how strong he is. Essien is shorter but is very, very strong. Our physical presence through the middle with Didier Drogba up front and John Terry and Alex at the back really works well for Chelsea. Ashley Cole may be smaller but if you think he is a pushover, he is strong.'

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lmao at 'no wonder Arsenal get outmuscled'.

Btw good luck to Liverpool, the 8th less physically imposing team in the PL, against the 3rd most imposing team in the PL later today/tomorrow.
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Ibrahimovic vs. Sacchi

The Sweden striker, who joined Milan at the end of the transfer window, scored both goals in his side’s 2-0 victory at the San Siro.

But afterwards he became embroiled in a heated discussion with the former Milan manager on the Mediaset Premium TV show.
Ibrahimovic, who formerly played for city rivals Internazionale, took exception when Sacchi joked that he would not have scored his first goal if he did not have such big feet.

"Sacchi needs to learn how to shut up," Ibrahimovic fumed. "He seems jealous because he talks too much.
"He needs to talk less about me on TV and in the newspapers. If he wants something he can come and see me about it. If you don't like the way I play, don't come and watch me.
"He also said things about me when I was at Barcelona."

Sacchi, who was a guest on the show, attempted to defend himself, insisting he had the right to "express my opinion in a polite manner".
Ibrahimovic continued his rant and Sacchi, 64, concluded by saying: "Learn some manners, son."


Sorry the video is without subtitle =(

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Saturday EPL games

I know some of you are unable to contain yourselves for the  Man Utd V Liverpool game ..

lol but here are Today's fixtures discussion post

Barclays Premier League

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Stoke v West Ham, 12:45 UK/ 13:45 CET
Aston Villa v Bolton, 15:00 UK/ 16:00 CET
Blackburn v Fulham, 15:00 UK/ 16:00 CET
Everton v Newcastle, 15:00 UK/ 16:00 CET
Tottenham v Wolverhampton, 15:00 UK/ 16:00 CET
West Brom v Birmingham, 15:00 UK/ 16:00 CET
Sunderland V Arsenal 17.30 UK/ 18:30 CET


Twitter Sighting

New Liverpool Twitter account!

as confirmed by Ryan Babel and Chris Morgan (LFC Physio)
Nathan Eccleston has just joined twitter!

Follow him @NE39

some tweets by him:

"This shit is confusing .. Kmt "
"Can't believe what I'm doin right now.. ! Dis twitter banter is alryt still.. "
"Sorry about stevie g's finishing today.. Makes football look easy! Nando's with shelvs "
"Yes I'm the real nathan eccleston.. I'm new to twitter so bare with me this is confusing ryans helpin me"

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Basti talks about Hargreaves and dumplings. Mmmm.

Owen Hargreaves of Bayern celebrates scoring a goal during The Bundesliga Match between Hanover 96 and FC Bayern Munich at The AWD Arena on April 16, 2005 in Hanover, Germany.    

Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has revealed that he had once begged the club's former midfielder Owen Hargreaves for his boots.

Reflecting on his development and growth at the Bundesliga outfit, the Germany international looked back at the years he had as a child and also revealed a few old memories.

"I was a ball-boy at the stadium, it was always fantastic being up close to the pitch, watching the stars," said the 26-year-old to Bayern's official website.

"Elber, [Oliver] Kahn, [Jens] Jeremies, [Thomas] Linke, [Mehmet] Scholl – and a couple of years later, I was playing alongside them. I also watched them train as often as I could, after I’d cycled back from school to the club’s youth hostel.

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"These are the games I came here to play"

Image 2    Image 3

RAUL MEIRELES today savoured the prospect of his first Liverpool showdown with Manchester United and declared: “These are the games I came here to play

The Portugal midfielder has made an encouraging start to his new life on Merseyside, adding a steady 90 minutes in Thursday’s 4-1 win over Steaua Bucharest to a lively cameo at Birmingham City last weekend.

With Liverpool needing all their big guns firing if they are going to win at Old Trafford, boss Roy Hodgson is considering playing Meireles, Steven Gerrard, Joe Cole and Fernando Torres in the same line-up for the first time.

But if he had any concerns about pitching Meireles into the heat of battle at Old Trafford, they will have been quickly assuaged by the fact the 27-year-old has reported himself to be fit and ready to be involved from the first whistle.

He is familiar with the atmosphere in Old Trafford, having played there in the Champions League with his old club FC Porto, and Meireles is hoping to make a contribution to a game that remains the biggest on the English calendar.

“I have played there before and we did very well,” said Meireles. “We drew 2-2 [in 2009] but I am too young to have played there in the Costinha game which (Jose) Mourinho won [in 2004].

“But I am not nervous at all at the prospect of going there so early in my Liverpool career. These types of games, really big games, are the best ones to play in.

“Every player dreams of playing in these games and I am the same. That is why I came here, to have the chance to play in games like this.”


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just another wank post


“when Guardiola said he wanted me gone, Messi went to see him and told him “you can choose any other player in the team, but please, not Samuel".


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Probably the biggest wank to make first page on EMD. =_='' First time posting so mods if you decide it's too wanky I won't blame you, please, go ahead and delete everything ;DDD

Also, anybody else thinks success went to this guy's head? Also, does he have a not so secret crush on Messi???

Owen Hargreaves exists

Owen Hargreaves has made an excellent recovery from a career-threatening knee injury and could soon be back, says the knee surgeon he has been working with.

Hargreaves has not started a Manchester United game since September 2008 and many feared his career could be over.

But the renowned Dr Richard Steadman told BBC Sport: "Things are looking good for Owen, it's all worked out.

"He's close to playing fitness, although it's obviously up to United to decide when he plays a match."

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BBC source