September 10th, 2010

Sarah Walker

Xavi: “We have a great team”

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Xavi Hernández is promising big things this season. The midfielder knows they have the strength in depths to deal with the challenges ahead, which start with Hercules on Saturday.
Xavi Hernández is confident in Barça’s chances, saying that “we have a good team. No, we have a great team. Every day I sense we are working well. We support each other on and off the field and with a bit of luck, we can do some big things this season”.
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Bojan thanks for your time
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Emily WTF

LULZ Inter "news"...for the 5 people that care lol

 So its noon here and I am so bored of playing Scott Pilgrim.
...and I am hungry again.
This is what made me LOL so hard.
and go WTF.

From the always trusted news source of [popped up on my Inter twatter]

Inter To Offer Real Madrid Maicon Or Samuel Eto'o As Part Of Kaka Deal - Report
Inter have set out their strategies to land Kaka from Real Madrid.

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Villa sends signed shirts to trapped Chilean miners

MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona striker David Villa, whose family have worked in mining for generations, has sent two signed shirts to the 33 workers who have been trapped down a Chilean shaft for more than a month.

The 28-year-old from the Spanish mining region of Asturias signed one Barca shirt "be strong" and wrote a personal message on another for Franklin Lobos, a former professional soccer player who is one of the trapped workers.

"I am part of the mining family and I share the concern of the relatives but everything will turn out well," Villa was quoted as saying by Spanish sports daily El Mundo Deportivo.

"I wanted to let them know that I am with them, that all of us who know what it's like in a mine are with them and that the whole world is watching them and supports them," he added.

More in spanish.

I love him for doing this :)
mou hey
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Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad for the match against Osasuna

José Mourinho ha citado a 20 futbolistas en una lista en la que también destaca el regreso de Pepe

El técnico portugués José Mourinho ha convocado a 20 jugadores para el encuentro ante Osasuna (Sábado, 20:00 horas, en directo por GOL T y C+ Liga). En la lista para el debut del equipo blanco en Liga en el Santiago Bernabéu, la gran novedad es la presencia de Cristiano Ronaldo después de superar la lesión que sufrió en la primera jornada ante el Mallorca. Por su parte, Kaká, Gago, Albiol y Garay, son baja por lesión, mientras que Diarra se queda fuera por decisión técnica.

Casillas, Dudek y Adán.
Carvalho, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo, Arbeloa y Mateos.
Centrocampistas: Khedira, Lass, Granero, Xabi Alonso, Canales, Pedro León, Di María y Özil.
Delanteros: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuaín.

Porteros: Ricardo y N. Zabal.
Defensas: Damiá, Lolo, Miguel Flaño, Monreal, Nelson y Oier.
Centrocampistas: Camuñas, Juanfran, Masoud, Nekounam, Puñal, Rúper, Soriano y Vadócz.
Delanteros: Aranda, Lekic, Pandiani y Sola.

Google rough translate:

Jose Mourinho has said 20 players on a list which also featured the return of Pepe

The Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho has called 20 players for the match against Osasuna (Saturday, 20:00, live on GOL T and C + League). In the list for the debut of the white team in the league at the Bernabeu, the big news is the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo after overcoming the injury he suffered on the opening day against Mallorca. For its part, Kaka, Gago, Albiol and Garay are out injured, while Diarra is left out by technical decision.

Hallelujah, there is a god!?

Treuefrings_Golfsburg Doppelpack

T-Shirt Off!!!! Mesut v Poldi

Which looks better? Shirt-wise, that is...

I for once have to say Sue Ellen has ALWAYS been my most favorit crunk (crazy+drunk) person in the world (ah --- make it universe...;) So I approve!

Wait, how old is he? Does he even KNOW that cougar and her show???

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Clooooooooooooodia nekkid? WTF?

Need a closer look at Poldi's Collapse )of a shirt?

Btw, this is my first post *blush* Hope it's okay....

Ballack's Manager: “What happens is that the selection is controlled by a gay combo”

The representative of Michael Ballack, Michael Becker, was controversial when trying to defend his client. He clarified that the problem with fellow players selected who does not pass through captain or number is on the shirt, but for the “gay combo” who leads the team.

Ballack sat out of the 2010 World Cup because of an injury and his return would have problems with his team, or, rather, with the players selected. Becker defended the player an unorthodox manner.

Ballack’s problem “is not the captain tape or the number of the shirt. What happens is that the selection is controlled by a gay combo,” said the representative.

“There are a bunch of gays that controls the selection. They are poor, ugly, untalented, bureaucratic, inhuman and gays” said Becker, and said that “soon a former German international will bring it all to light.”

“The playing style of the German team, leaving aside the strength for commitment to elegance, is a symbol of that homosexuality” concluded the representative of Ballack.

Scholes goal vs City
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Manchester United News Roundup.

• Manager 'not discussing any of my players' personal lives'
• United play Rooney's old club, Everton, tomorrow

Wayne Rooney 

Sir Alex Ferguson has refused to discuss Wayne Rooney's off-field problems.

The Manchester United and England striker has been at the centre of newspaper allegations about his private life. United are away to Rooney's former club, Everton, tomorrow. There has been speculation over whether the 24-year-old will play. The Everton and England defender Phil Jagielka said that Rooney could expect a hostile reception at Goodison Park.

Ferguson said: "Let's put it to bed straight away. I am not discussing any of my players' personal lives."

The Brazilian midfielder Anderson is unlikely to play tomorrow after picking up an injury while playing for the reserves last night.

"Anderson came off with a little niggle yesterday but it is nothing serious," said Ferguson. "It is just the fact he has been out for a long time and he is just coming back. I don't think it will knock him back any length of time."

England striker Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen have asked the media to respect their privacy amid allegations about his private life.

"The last six days have been extremely painful for us and for our families," the couple said in a statement.

They added that it was impossible for them "to attempt to resolve any issues in the current media glare".

The Rooneys' statement, released six days after the first allegations were published by the News of the World, added that they were facing a "backdrop of so many inaccurate and intrusive stories".


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