August 25th, 2010

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Yoann est arrive à Lyon!

#29 EY?! Was this Marwaaans idea?

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet but yes it is official. Yoann is no longer a girondin, as you may have heard.

The official statement from Lyon's site:

The conditions of this transaction were negotiated on the basis of the release clause of which the player benefitted until the 31st of July,

* A transfer fee of €22 million made in three payments before December 31, 2012
* An additional amount of up to € 4.5 million conditional on the player's possible transfer from Olympique Lyonnais.

Olympique Lyonnais welcomes the arrival of Yoann Gourcuff, the main objective of the club and its coach Claude Puel, in order to give a new dimension to the midfield of a team whose attack had already been reinforced by another French international, Jimmy BRIAND.

OL are also satisfied that Yoann Gourcuff, best French player in 2009, has privileged the French championship Lyon, rather than being lured abroad by one of the many clubs interested in his signature.

The recruitment of Yoann GOURCUFF and Jimmy BRIAND reinforces OL’s ambition, the club having retained its key international players and who have brought into the pro squad a number of players from the youth academy including six players who were crowned u19’s champions of Europe last July.


The official statement from Bordeaux's site (Thanks Google Translate):

"The Clubs Olympique Lyonnais and FC Girondins de Bordeaux have reached an agreement for the permanent transfer of Yoann Gourcuff.

This transfer will be effective after the resolution of standard precedent clauses.

This transfer will take place in preserving the interests of the club of Bordeaux, in full agreement with the coach and the coaching staff and in accordance with contractual commitments with the player.

The Club will have the opportunity to communicate very soon and to reaffirm its ambitions for the season starts. "


This is a video of his arrival:

(Best part sec 0:25-0:28) *This is me TRYING not to comment on his ridiculous good looks* *bites lip*

Lets wish him the best of luck and on the bright side he can play CL. It's been a bad summer for Bordeaux... =(
tom hardy bb

Gernando, Maxi, and Agger won't be playing in tomorrow's match against Trabzonspor

Gerrard has a back problem while the club has decided not to risk Torres playing a third successive game following his injury troubles.

Both are expected to be fit for Sunday's clash with West Bromwich Albion.

Hodgson will also be without Daniel Agger (concussion) and Maxi Rodriguez (illness) for the jaunt to Turkey.

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Well FML. I just hope all of my boys are perfect for the match Sunday against West Brom. AND I have no clue why the post was deleted, but whatever, I'm putting it back
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FIFA investigates fate of North Korean players

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The Federation, which has a poor reputation for the defence of human rights, wrote to the North Korea footballers Association to find out what happened to them. According to some sources, some of them were sentenced to hard labour for the humiliating defeat against Portugal.

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SOURCE 1: AsiaNews.IT


EDIT 1: Results/end of investigation article posted today (8/25).

Thanks, sashaj22 for the update article!
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2nd legs - UEFA Champions League 3rd round

Last hurdle before Group stages

Uefa Champions League Qualifying

Ajax v Dynamo Kiev, (agg 1-1), PO, L2, 19:45 BST
Auxerre v Zenit St Petersburg, (agg 0-1), PO, L2, 19:45 BST
FC Copenhagen v Rosenborg, (agg 1-2), PO, L2, 19:45 BST
MSK Zilina v Sparta Prague, (agg 2-0), PO, L2, 19:45 BST
Tottenham v Young Boys, (agg 2-3), PO, L2, 19:45 BST

Stream links:, Iraq Goals, Football Streaming, Atdhe, MyP2P
p.s. i know who i don't want to qualify ...

Blind Soccer... Amazing!!

I found this while on the internet and  thought it was really interesting and great to see everyone enjoying the sport so i wanted to share it..... im new here so i dont really know how the whole posting thing works out.. i hope it comes up properly....
im not sure if this could be posted so yeah if it needs to be deleted just tell me or the mods will take care of it i guess... 

Blind soccer

What blind soccer players lack in sight, they more than make up for in footwork
In blind soccer, there are five on each side, a goalie and four outfield players. The goalie can be sighted or visually impaired and must stay in his designated goalie box. His teammates, meanwhile, wear eye shields so as to take away any competitive advantage from those players that may have limited vision over those who have no sight whatsoever. There are no throw-ins, as there is a wall surrounding the shrunken (at least, by typical soccer standards) playing field, and each team has someone calling out instructions from behind one of the goals. The players can call each other either by name or by shouting "Yeah!" And when you're approaching to engage another player to steal the ball, you must shout "Voy!" -- Spanish for I'm here! That means that you've got to discern the voice of your teammates -- since everyone on the pitch is yelling "Yeah!" -- and have a sense of where you are with the ball (which contains ball bearings, to help with tactility on the foot) in relation to the goal.


Trouble in Paradise

Ibra: "Guardiola has spoken to me twice in the last six months"

The controversy between Ibrahimovic and coach remains unresolved. Speaking on Italian television, the Swede has said he would not just related to Guardiola, and that in the last six months has spoken only twice ·


Galliani: "Negotiations will continue on Thursday  Ibrahimovic at noon will be ours "