August 16th, 2010


UEFA Club Footballer of the Year Nominations

Three players contest each position and the winners of each, plus the overall winner, will be named during the draw for the Champions League group stage in Monaco on August 26.

The nominations are decided by the coaches of the 16 teams that reached the knockout stage of the 2009-10 UEFA Champions League. Each coach has the opportunity of voting for the individual positional prizes as well as to name their choice for UEFA Club Footballer of the Year 2010.

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So what does everyone think? I can't really see anything wrong with this list. To me these are clearly the best players in the world at their positions given what happened in the the world of football last season. As I noted I think Sneijder will win it. I'd like Xavi to take it if I am speaking with my heart however. If just on who meant the most to their squad then EL PRINCIPE Diego Alberto Milito should win.

Either way should be pretty interesting to see who gets the awards.
AGGER biting lip

so much excitement

Hey, so I've been a bit of a lurker on this community for a while, but I love it and since I just got back from Liverpool and saw the opening game--my first game ever, since I live a bit far from there--I wanted to make my first post because. Because. The game was incredible (even though sexy Cesc wasn't there) and the Anfield atmosphere was beyond amazing. The best. But unbelievably...

On the way there, we flew into London and then connected on a one-hour flight to Manchester. Which seemed really lame and tiresome. BUT. Martin Skrtel was on our flight! We sat in the second to last row and he sat right behind us with his girlfriend and some other guy... they spoke only in Slovakian. My brother tried to talk to him and failed...but we got a picture in the end. And match pictures!


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Yo baby girls. I got a question, because I can't find anything about it. So far I've been happy with how much football has been shown on ESPN as of late. I mean hey, like three games this weekend, WOOOOAH. Anyways, last season ESPN also showed La Liga. So my question to you:

 I haven't heard anything about it.
Please and thank you <3

I'm sorry not even going to attempt the helpp??