August 12th, 2010

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Man of the match

Told Huseklepp be a clown and a savage against Mexes

Riise gave insider tips during the break. - Should not have been playing in Bergen, little brother Bjorn Helge Riise says.

When Mohammed Abdellaoue was taken by the path of the break, John Arne Riise went over to Erik Huseklepp with a request:

Be the savage against Philippe Mexes (Riise team mate in Rome, journ.anm),.

There Carew is a play point that ties up two, three men is Huseklepp a savage. I told him to run around like a clown and a troublemaker, something Mexes doesn't like. When Huseklepp is in shape, there are not many people that can stop him," Riise says to Dagbladet.

He believes it is only a matter of time before Huseklepp disappear to a bigger league after the performance against France.

- He is good enough.  The national team is the big break through, and he got his chance today.  Now he's just  needs to become even more stable in the Norwegian League.  He Will travel quickly then, predicts Riise, who think the Brann striker is best when he can step in as a middlefielder.

- He is best as a striker.  On the edge it becomes too much defensive running at him.


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Wenger plans November return for Ramsey
By Richard Clarke

Arsène Wenger is hoping that Aaron Ramsey will return in November.

The Welshman suffered fractures to the tibia and fibula of his right leg during Arsenal's 3-1 win at Stoke City back in February. His recovery has been swift since then but, until today, Wenger had not revealed the expected date of his comeback. Now November has been ringed on the calendar.

Although Ramsey is one of three players who will miss the start of the season, all are making solid progress. Arsenal could be without other squad members for the curtain-raiser at Liverpool on Sunday but they are only minor problems.

"We have some problems with Bendtner and Djourou (hamstring)," said Wenger. "Bendtner will be out for four weeks I think with a groin problem. But we have Ramsey who is coming back in November now. All the rest of the injuries are short term."

Hmm, seems like a lot of players will miss the Liverpool match.

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Steven Gerrard
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Poulsen joins the Reds

Liverpool FC are delighted to confirm the signing of Christian Poulsen after the midfielder put pen to paper on a three-year deal.


The 30-year-old, who has been capped 77 times by Denmark, arrives from Italian giants Juventus and will wear the No.28 shirt.

Poulsen has previously worked with Roy Hodgson at FC Copenhagen, where he was given his first big break by the current Reds boss.

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Source:s 1 and 2



Meet Abel Hernandez, a new baby striker from Uruguay!

This guy debuted in Uruguay NT yesterday in a friendly against Angola, was let out in the last 10 minutes, lit 0-0 game on fire and created 3 chances resulting in 2 goals!
What makes a forward is wanting to score really bad, and will matters more than skill in a way - and that's what I saw in him which was absent in the team without Forlan and Suarez.

I'm so happy there's a new Uruguayan star striker coming right up! Hello there Abel!

He just turned 20 and was in Palermo for a year mostly as a sub, but he managed to score 18 goals in short appearances (with 10 in one friendly match, he-he). And this season, with Cavani gone to Napoli, he is set to be the main Palermo forward. Here's an "Offside" article where they're gushing about him.

And to think BB could have his career ended at 17 because of a heart problem!
He was first invited to Genoa but failed medical test with cardiac arythmia. They told him if he'd continue playing football he might die, and sent him back to Uruguay. But he loved football too much and kept playing there, and had a small heart surgery.
Luckily it went well, so he was signed by Palermo.
I hope any heart troubles he'll ever have will come from girls, or not at all! I wish him health and luck and to never look back.

Here's the goal he scored against Angola, after first scoring from a millimeter offside and then earning a penalty which Cavani converted.
And you can tell here how bad he wants it. :)

I hope that Uruguay learns the lesson, takes Brasilian lead and puts more baby players into their friendlies! It's exciting!
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Cristiano Ronaldo's Peen Is Intimidating

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cristiano Ronaldo: ­debatably the world’s best footballer, 24 years old, Portuguese, perma-tanned, tweezed, primmed, plucked, waxed.

He’s a multi-millionaire metrosexual mama’s boy who has ­entertained some of the world’s most famous women.

But who really IS the Real ­Madrid star and what actually goes on in his weird world of socialites and supermodels and, of course, now a mystery baby?

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Arancha is fierce

DOC WE'VE GONE BACK IN TIME! No Marty, it's just another VB pregnancy rumour.

They could have used a more flattering photo...

It's been a while since we've had a Victoria Beckham pregnancy rumour so we're about due one! An Australian weekly magazine is reporting that Victoria is pregnant with her fourth child after deciding to really go for that baby girl Beckham.

According to the magazine, the new baby has "saved" the couple's marriage and they decided to wait till David's career slowed down a bit so they could bring up the child together and thus, bringing them close together…

However, a some of the British press, for example Grazia and OK magazine have already rubbished the claims, with Grazia even counting "a source close to Victoria" quoting that the story is nonsense.

Baby or not, we haven't had a Victoria post on ontd_football, or even a WAG post, for a while…. Plus the Beckhams have already shown us that their DNA makes adorable children.

UPDATE: Victoria's reps have denied the rumours :(

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nike does it again

Loving this 

Arsenal stars Marouane Chamakh and Andrey Arshavin have joined forces with French World Champion female boxer and model Ingrid Graziani in Nike’s latest viral video collaboration with Foot Locker to promote the new Air Max 90 trainer.
The video forms the centrepiece of a marketing campaign which also features a Facebook application, online banner adverts and campaign microsite.

Is that tune in the background a legit song? If so, anyone know what it is?

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~la celeste~ picspam

Mini-intro you can also find in the post:
This was supposed to be an excuse to picspam los celestes in suits. Somewhere in between my massive collective of pictures and sitting down with photoshop to do it, I got an idea. I wanted something more, Nací Celeste (I was born Skyblue) it’s both a poem of sorts and a song from one of the sponsors of the NT. And it’s a FUCKING GREAT SONG. It sums up, imho, a lot of what La celeste and being Celeste means. And probably why this makes the 4th place so important for us, and why mostly, these ~kids~ have become role models and inspiration for a whole country. So, I kind of decided to combine both ideas, so that this picspam was just a bit more.

This is not the song, this is the ~talked~ part of the ads. I’ll put the lyrics in English on top of the image :D Translation bluntly stolen from fuckyeahceleste and might add something once in a while in between ♥ I hope you enjoy it and gives you a bit of an inside to this gorgeous, pretty, lovable team~

The picspam is here :DDD.
((I'm pretty sure that I have seen other picspams being linked away from the comm, but if it's necessary that I put it here, let me know so that I copy&paste :D)) eta: adding it here. :D Spanish version on the original link :D

And yes, I know WC ended like more than a month ago. I like being ~nostalgic~ (and mostly, RL kept me from posting before XD)

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Soccer - Deutschland
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Well now... Apparently there's a new sex scandal in town.
After France and England now it's Germany's turn...

It all started after Christian Lell made a strange little statement in German 'society magazines' "die Bunte" and "Bild" about Michael Ballack.
This came after he took a period of 3 months off, where he did not even play soccer to sort out a few personal issues and where he was separated from his girlfriend Daniela Aumeier.
Daniela by the way is the same girl that dated Bastian Schweinsteiger for a long time before he met his current girl Sarah.

What Christian has said was that his break also had to do with Michael Ballack, that he took things too far.
"Not everybody is like Michael Ballack, who believes he can do anything he wants, he steps into the private lives of others and destroys things without having a second thought. But maybe that's the way you think when you're DFB captain."

And that is all he's saying now as he and his girl, who he's with again, are expecting a baby in 3 months time. He says he'll talk about it in the future, just not right now... What a tease!

In the meantime Ballack's wife has been calling the Lell residence to ask him what he's talking about, but he's telling her to ask her husband...

Edited to add: It reminds me a bit of the whole Metzelder impregnating Marcell Jansens girl a while ago. Let's hope Micha isn't the daddy...

Sources 1, 2 and 3 (Two German sources and a Dutch one)


Sooooooo this weekend the premier league is finally back!

Time to get your crystal balls out and make some predictions. Try to choose who you think rather than who you want - that way it won't be all LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL and we might get some things right unlike last year (37.6% chose Liverpool to win the league, lol at our misguided optimism)
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Bonus Cantona recreating that incroydable CL final in 2005 fyt

Most of the doubles are hotter than the irl footballers tbh