August 7th, 2010


Cesc decision a big blow for Barca

Barcelona vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu admits Cesc Fabregas' decision to stay at Arsenal has come as a major blow to the Catalan giants.

Barca chased the 23 year-old midfielder all summer and made two bids to bring the Spain star back to the club where he started his career, but Arsenal were unwilling to do business and the player himself released a statement on Friday confirming he will be staying in north London.

"The Cesc issue is over," Bartomeu told reporters in Beijing, where Barcelona are currently on a pre-season tour.

"It is a bad piece of news both in a sporting sense and sentimentally."

And Bartomeu admitted that Arsenal had never been willing to part with their prized asset.

"Arsenal never gave us a price for Cesc. They declared him non-transferable," he said. "The team still has weaknesses, but we'll now look at home (to the youth team) first."

Bartomeu also revealed that out-of-favour trio Aleksander Hleb, Martin Caceres and Victor Sanchez are all set to leave the club on loan before the transfer window closes.

"We are looking for the best option for the players and for the club," he said.



Silly Barca, that is what happens when you follow one player for months and forget about others!

Also, who updates the ONTDfootball twitter? Carlota is asking about you guys, we can't let her down! :(

carlotafabregas what up with my @ONTDfootball gurls???? :(
Evra jump (Wigan)
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Sir Alex Ferguson considers ending his lengthy BBC vow of silence.

• Premier League brings in rule that compels managers to talk
• Manchester United manager angered by 2004 documentary

sir alex ferguson 

Sir Alex Ferguson is considering abandoning his boycott of the BBC, thus ending one of the oldest grudges of his career, amid growing pressure from the Premier League and the League Managers Association (LMA). The Premier League has written to Manchester United explaining that Ferguson will face a sliding scale of punishments if he continues to ignore Match of the Day and 5 Live. Richard Bevan, the chief executive of the LMA, has had conversations with the Old Trafford manager to try to persuade him to put his grievances to one side.

The talks have been described as delicate and finely poised, with Ferguson dismayed by the idea that he may have to speak to the institution for the first time since a Panorama documentary in 2004, entitled Father and Son, about the business activities of his son Jason, then working as a football agent.

The Premier League has brought in a new rule stipulating that all managers must speak to the broadcasting rights-holders, which include the BBC, and there have been discussions behind the scenes, with Bevan acting as an intermediary to try to talk around one of the most famously stubborn managers in the business.

Ferguson's initial reaction was that he would ignore the new rule, regardless of the consequences, until his family received an apology from the BBC, which he has accused of "breathtaking arrogance".

Since then, however, there have been more high-level talks, with BBC officials and United's chief executive, David Gill, involved. The club are sympathetic to Ferguson's grievances but, behind the scenes, there is a feeling that it is becoming a battle he cannot win – at least if he wants to avoid a series of escalating fines.

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Homeless World Cup 2010

I learned about the Homeless World Cup just last month when I happened to come across Kicking It, an excellent 2008 documentary about the event. Here is the promo for the 2010 Homeless World Cup that will take place 19-26 September in Rio de Janeiro. May there be plentiful streams to follow the epicness when the time comes.

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Edit: You can watch "Kicking It" for free here. I highly recommend it. Don't know if it works in all countries though.

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CL qualifiers aka THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!1!*

Some teams have Champions League qualifiers to think about, oh how exciting!!!!

there was a draw today, and it ended up like:

BSC Young Boys v Tottenham Hotspur FC
SC Braga v Sevilla FC
SV Werder Bremen v UC Sampdoria
FC Zenit St. Petersburg v AJ Auxerre
FC Dynamo Kyiv v AFC Ajax

the first leg is played on August 17 or 18, and the second match comes a week later

*if you take me seriously shame on you


When will this pain be over?

Huang admits he is not backed by China but claims £450m is in place

The Chinese businessman seeking to to take over Liverpool categorically denied last night that the Chinese state government was financing the bid in any way, though he insisted that he would table between £400m and £450m to secure the club's future.

Kenny Huang's declaration was accompanied by an acknowledgment that the consortium of investors he has gathered does not have the funds to relocate Liverpool immediately to a new stadium
and that he cannot say when that vital move might happen. Huang made his position clear after the Chinese government faced a barrage of questions from taxpayers wanting to know why state finance was being spent on a football club through the Chinese Investment Corporation (CIC).

In what appears to be raise another doubt about the Chinese bid, Huang's representatives were unable to say last night whether the search for investors to secure the sum of near £400m is actually complete, and The Independent also understands that Huang does not believe the deal will be sealed by the time the transfer window closes on 31 August. Liverpool's non-executive chairman Martin Broughton said earlier this week that he wanted the sale concluded by then.


So like, y'know, inb4 "wat iz dis ontd_liverpool or sumfin?" comments. The Huang bid, if it was ever even really on the cards, looks pretty unlikely now. I guess we have to ~hope and pray that there are things going on behind the scenes that aren't being reported. The sooner H + G bugger off, the sooner I can get that yummy away shirt. Cheers then.