August 1st, 2010


can't sleep obvi

 okay so i went to the inter meelahn - man city game in bmore yesterday and took a bunch of pics and wanted to share them with you guys :)

basically all inter pics lolol with like two of manchester city.

i'll try to eliminate corny commentary but if i have something dumb to say I HAVE TO SAY IT I HAVE NO FILTER I CAN'T HELP MYSELF.

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p.s. i know there are a lot of people in this comm from the mid atlantic so if anyone went and took pictures get them to me somehow and i will put you in the post :D

p.p.s. mods you know what i'm going to say...if you're feeling trigger happy delete this immediately, my goal is to serve you :)

Manchester City visits Ravens training camp

One of the leading clubs in the English Premier League football competition, Manchester City, who ended at the fifth spot in the standings last season and compete in the Europa League this season, paid a visit to one of the top ranked American Football clubs, the Baltimore Ravens.

Although both teams play a different kind of football, they had immense respect for each others’ abilities, especially the Ravens, as some of their players were awestruck to have the leading football players in the most watched club championship in the world amongst them.

Manchester City made an appearance at the venue of the training camp of the Ravens, which is located in the suburbs of Baltimore.

The Manchester City team is taking a preparatory tour of North America and has planned games against some of the top ranked teams in Europe.

Man City had a match lined-up against Inter Milan on Saturday, the 31st of July, which Inter Milan won by a comfortable margin: 3-0.

The core of the Man City team was at Baltimore, and they spent some time in learning the trades of the American version of football as Shaun Wright-Phillips and fellow teammates met Ravens players Ray Lewis and Trevor Price.

The Ravens were elated to see the Man City players, with the likes of defensive lineman Trevor Pryce, whose family has roots in England, claiming that the team was his favourite in the EPL. "I'm Trevor man. My favourite team in the world.... Manchester City. What's up, guys? I'm looking forward to the season, man. Chelsea's going to fall you watch."

Pryce’s joy was doubled when the Man City squad handed him a team shirt autographed by the squad that had travelled to Baltimore.

"Look what I got! Now I know what the kids feel like when you get autographs,” was his response upon receiving the autographed shirt.

Meanwhile, the joy was all over the faces of the Ravens as their players were keen to share their thoughts with some of their heroes, and above all, learning how to keep their nerves in check in pressure situations that come thick and fast in high level international competitions.

Ed Reed, one of the mainstays of the Ravens squad, told the Man City team that they were his preferred choice on video game console Xbox.

"Just so you know, you are all my favourite team on Xbox. Soon as I cut it on, you pick your favourite team Manchester City."

Man City’s defender Greg Cunningham was one of the players who looked entirely comfortable kicking an American football, and some of the Ravens members joked that he was good enough to play in the local league.

"Yeah I wasn't too bad. Back home in Ireland we play like Gaelic football. It's sort of like that. We have to hit it over the post," quipped Cunningham.

On the other hand, a Ravens team player felt that the English team was good enough to challenge the very best in the American variety of football.

"These guys have a lot of talent. I don't know if they could handle 11 guys rushing at them, but I'm sure if we put them to the test they'd pass."

The English team has already started its exhibition/preparatory tour of the United States; they recorded a 3-0 victory over the Portland Timbers.

After a winning start, the Man City team lost 2-1 to the New York Red Bulls the following week.

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Friendlies, Stalking 101

So it's friendly season and I know many of us are lucky enough to attend one in the next month or so. I've been to regular season matches where it's *srs business* for the players and whatnot so I never really did the autograph/photo hound thing, but I imagine that with friendlies there's a bit more effort by the players to interact the with fans right before the game? Maybe? Yes/no?

For those of you with experience in these matters, what maximizes your chances of getting an autograph/picture? When should you get there, where should you stand, what are your secrets you can share with ontd_fb?

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 This was taken from Puyol's blog:


Hola a todos, después de darle muchas vueltas al tema he decidido continuar 2 años más con la selección, tras hablarlo con los compañeros, el mister, Fernando Hierro y amigos he optado por tomar esta decisión.

Basically he says that after giving it a lot of thought and discussing it with team mates, the coach, and others, PUYOL HAS DECIDED TO STAY ON 2 MORE YEARS WITH THE NATIONAL TEAM

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Oh dear

Manchester United's Anderson dragged clear of burning car after crash

• Anderson pulled 'lifeless' from wreckage after car hits wall
• Reports allege midfielder had spent night at a Braga club

anderson web
Anderson suffers the knee injury in February which ended his season. He was recuperating in Portugal when the accident happened.
Photograph: Jon Super/AP

The Manchester United midfielder Anderson was dragged unconscious from the burning wreckage of his car after a crash yesterday morning that is now the centre of a police investigation in Portugal.

Anderson, signed for £18m three years ago, spent several hours in hospital after the accident on a rural road in the Geres area of Braga, with witnesses reporting he owed his life to being pulled "lifeless" from the vehicle shortly before it exploded.

According to local reports, the 22-year-old Anderson, increasingly becoming renowned for his partying lifestyle, had spent the night at the Sardinha Biba nightclub before leaving in a £125,000 Audi R8. The crash occurred at 7am when the high-powered car came off the road and hit the wall of a farm before flying into a field.

Although the French-registered car was a two-seater, Anderson had two companions – a friend, whose name was given only as Victor, and a young Brazilian woman, whose details have not been released. It is unclear who was driving but there were unconfirmed allegations it could lead to a drink-driving charge and a possible offence of allegedly having excess passengers. Manchester United were unavailable for comment tonight.


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Glad no one was seriously hurt, although let's hope alcohol wasn't involved

ETA- There's another, surprisingly less sensationalist article in the Mail, which says Anderson wasn't the driver

Emirates Cup day 2 (and other friendlies) match spam, yo!


AC Milan vs Lyon 2.00 pm (UK time) / 3.00 pm (CET)
Arsenal vs Celtic 4.20pm (UK time) / 5.20 pm (CET)


2:30pm CET Borussia Monchengladbach vs Liverpool
2:30pm CET FC Utrecht vs RCD Mallorca
4:30pm CET Eintracht Frankfurt vs Chelsea
4:45pm CET FC Porto vs Girondins Bordeaux
4:45pm CET Hamburger SV vs 1. FC Koln
5:00pm CET 1. FC Nurnberg vs Antalyaspor
5:30pm CET SSV Langenaubach vs Fortuna Dusseldorf
6:35pm CET FC Schalke 04 vs Bayern Munchen
7:00pm CET Paris Saint Germain vs AS Roma
9:00pm CET Olympique Marseille vs Valencia CF
10:00pm CET Benfica Lisbon vs Aston Villa

* mistakes in KO belong to Iraqgoals

Stream links : Rojadirecta | Iraqgoals | Atdhe | First Row | MyP2P

** everyone should bow to the awesomeness of this gif by anais_molko
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The One where I am posting a picspam with Per Mertesacker and the Mannschaft...

Dear ladies and gents,

I am new to this lovely community, so I decided to say Hi by gaining your attention with a picspam...

First up is Per Mertesacker, 25- years- old, German, central back defender, very tall, something between skinny and muscular and just over all lovely and, a turn- on for me, intelligent and well- articulated... He has a lovely deep voice that is very calm, just like his whole persona, actually...

He was paired up with Arne Friedrich during the World Cup and did not really play well during the first stage- matches, unfortunately, which just was a continuation from his Bundesliga- season which could have gone better, and was topped off by his handplay during the DFB- finale against Bayern Munich which resulted in a penalty which then started the slaughter of Werder Bremen... :(

He is one of the fairest defenders in the Bundesliga, and probably also in the Wrodl Cup, with barely any yellow cards for someone in his position, and only two red cards in 5 years in professional football...

And he's a very cuddly type...

I hope you enjoy :)

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I am here again to talk about this Copa NYC amateur tournament (and some other really big news!). I sadly was unable to attend because of my stupid fucking job that I hate so much that fucked up my hours last minute work. But I did follow what was happening on twitter. The Final between NYC Poland and NYC Jamaica, that ended with NYC Poland winning 5-4 in PKs (Which made the 25% Polish Jew in me very happy!). They were awarded the Mayor's cup by Bloomberg and soccer legend Pelé. Yes. Pelé was there, being awesome and signing autographs, and I missed it. Did I say I hate my job?

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