July 26th, 2010

Iniesta Gusiluz

This is sad...

The press conference for Raúl is starting now.

You can follow Kay Murray, at twitter.com/FootballBarbie1 if you have no other way to watch/hear the press conference. Pérez has already started and his speech is really beautiful... Now Raúl is speaking.

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RM Players on Raúl:
Iker Casillas: "A symbol of Real Madrid. A great captain is defined in the good ones and the bad ones, knowing how to stand up to any moment. He is an example of professionalism and he has made me grow as a play and as a person. The biggest histories of clubs are written with great footballers and Raúl is one of them."
Xabi Alonso: "Raúl represents all the values of Real Madrid. He is a symbol and he already forms a part of the history of the club. To be 15 years in Real Madrid is nothing simple and if he has achieved it it is because we're talking about a magnificent player, someone unique."
Fernando Gago: "One of the emblems of Real Madrid is leaving. One of those players with whom every fan identifies with, since all Madridistas are identified with Raúl. It was a pleasure having played and shared the locker room with him. I wish him all the best in what comes ahead both at a sporting level as personal."
Pepe: "The 16 seasons that he has been at Real Madrid speak of his quality. I have a special fondness for him because since I injured myself, he has followed my progress a lot. He made an incredible gesture by getting off the bench and accompanying me to the locker room. That is something I will never forget. He is a huge part of the history of Madrid."
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RM players talk about Guti:
Sergio Ramos: "Without a doubt, one of the greatest players in the history of Real Madrid is leaving. I'm going to miss him a lot because apart from being a teammate, he's a great friend. He's a major person inside, with a heart that many don't know. I have always felt close to him since I arrived to Real Madrid, as a good teammate that he is and on the field the quality he has exceeds talking. He leaves to the Madridismo, huge plays to remember. We will miss him a lot."
Iker Casillas: "A great player, a great person, and a great captain is leaving. Guti can leave us but he will always form a part of the Real Madrid squad. As a player, he has been one of the more talented footballers  that I have ever seen in my life and as a person, I have known him for 10 years and he has an enormous heart. I consider him a good friend. The big plays he has done, his passes, and his biggest matches will never leave my eyes (he says retina but it doesn't translate well). He will always form a part of the history of Real Madrid forever and I will miss him a lot."
Álvaro Arbeloa: "As a RM canterano, Guti has been one of the biggest references for us. He is an example for all to follow and of the players with whom we have learned the values of the club. Everyone always speaks about the quality of Guti, it is what has always been seen on the field...but what is not known is how his way of being and that precisely is what we are going to miss most." 
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Gio's farewell

The dutch defender, Giovanni van Bronckhorst bids his farewell to Feyenoord fans and ends his career after over seventeen years in a friendly match between Feyenoord and Mallorca yesterday. The defender who is also the captain of the club and Netherlands NT has played over 456 appearances with 54 goals for clubs and 106 caps with 6 goals for the Oranje.

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Gooner scarf

Silly Season Updates

Drenthe: I'll be joining Liverpool

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Real Madrid defender Royston Drenthe has revealed he is set to leave the Bernabeu for Liverpool.
The former Netherlands under-21 star has been well-linked with a move out of the Spanish giants and is now confident he will be playing his football in the Barclays Premier League next season.
He was quoted as saying in the Daily Star: "I will soon be joining Liverpool. I hope I will have a good season with my new club."
Drenthe joined Madrid from Feyenoord in 2007 but the wing-back never quite established himself at the Bernabeu as he struggled to secure regular first-team action.
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New anime style video from the guys who made the Forlán animation

First, there was this video, done in a couple of days to celebrate Forlán's Golden Ball. It was so successful that the two people who made it decided to make more!

This one is about the match URUGUAY-FRANCE.

On avant la musique! / There's 11 gentlemen on the field / And many others waiting to get in / Fixing the strategy (with Tití among the substitutes) / The one who's humble and brave is honorable / Tour Eiffel, baguette, Coco Chanel / Lodeiro carton rouge / Liberté, fraternité, egalité (equality) on the score board / We didn't really play (well) in the debut / We know we always draw

I liked the first video better, but this match was probably one of the most boring ones, so I hope they will make more videos because things would become more interesting for sure.

For those who don't get the joke, this is made by anime fans. Here in Uruguay a whole generation grew up watching a football cartoon called "Captain Tsubasa", and these Uruguay videos are a homage as well as a sort of parody of the style of that anime (watch the opening of the old Captain Tsubasa cartoon here). In that series the matches were very epic, the field seemed to be really big, weird things were happening, etc.

The animators said they would make more videos, one for every match Uruguay played in this WC, if enough people liked them and if they don't get confronted by copyright issues.

If you want to show your support, you can leave a message on the official youtube of the director of the videos so that we can get more!

pazza inter amalaaaaaa

An Introduction to Football Club Internazionale Milano

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I could have included so much more about Inter but it's hard plus I wanted this to be more of a fun post and not a history lesson where you need to bust out a pen and paper and take notes. Not to mention Inter's most important season just wrapped up a few months ago. Once you become an Inter fan it's infectious. This is the funnest club to follow to me. I love the players, I love "Mr. Italian Mafia" Moratti, I love the other Inter fans. I COULD GO ON AND ON. I'd also like to note that Italian football in general is really fun to follow!! The rivalries are endless, drama every week, and great matches.


Halloween → Megan Thee Stallion

Man City order Robinho to return from Santos

Manchester City have demanded British record signing Robinho return to England on August 5 to sort out his future at the club.Robinho, who cost City £32.4 million from Real Madrid in August 2008, is on loan at Brazilian club Santos and is still being paid £150,000-a-week.

Santos can only afford a small proportion of Robinho's wages, and City need to find a resolution for a player who has fallen out with manager Roberto Mancini. Indeed, there seems little hope of reconciliation.
A source close to Robinho told Soccernet: "Manchester City have asked Robinho to come back and report on August 5, the player has no choice, even though he wants to stay with Santos.

"He loves the lifestyle, the football, and the beach. He doesn't want to swap that for the Manchester rain! There was an offer from Turkey, but it wasn't enough money for City, and in any case could you see Robinho going to Turkey? Hardly. He wants to be back in Santos.
"That is his hometown, they love him there, he walks down the street and he is the biggest celebrity in town, and after training he's straight to the beach. After a game, he's back on the beach. The football is great for him, he can show off his skills.''

But with City keen to offload him, the Brazilian's future looks unclear and he may even struggle to find another club in England.
"With City he is expected to run for 90 minutes, if they pick him, that is,'' the source added. ''He might be tempted to play for a club in London, though, if anyone could afford his wages, but they couldn't.
"So, the big question is what do City do with Robinho, what can they do with him? Having invested so much money in the player it is a tricky problem for them."


Scholes Only Given Two Hours to Choose to Play for England

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Paul Scholes has revealed he was given only two hours notice to decide whether to come out of retirement and play for England in the World Cup.

Scholes, who quit the international scene in 2004, said no after taking a phone call from manager Fabio Capello's right-hand man Franco Baldini the day before the squad was announced. He admits he might have travelled with the squad to South Africa if he had known earlier and he still had some regrets about not going.

Asked if two hours was little time to make a major decision, he said: ''That's what I thought. That's why I probably said no, not just because he had given me a couple of hours to think about it but the fact I needed a bit more time.

''I am not saying it definitely would have been (yes) in that case but I think it might have been. I did not expect it the call. It wasn't even on my mind. It wasn't until a week before the tournament you start seeing all the build up and thought maybe I made the wrong decision.

''I am not saying I would have made a difference. I am just saying it was a chance to play in the World Cup and I turned it down. I don't look back and think it didn't go well for England because I didn't go.

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hmmmmmmmm, interesting about Rooney... ah England reliably