July 23rd, 2010

This is a RACING post

Every time people here I'm from Argentina, they ask: "so, who do you support, River or Boca?" 

The answer is simple: RACING. And to all those wondering "Who the..." here is a Racing post, so we can all know what this club is all about!

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SPECULATION: Muricy Ramalho to coach the Seleção Brasileira


SAO PAULO (AP) — Fluminense coach Muricy Ramalho was invited by the Brazilian Football Federation on Friday to head the national team.

Federation president Ricardo Teixeira told the O Globo TV network he offered Ramalho the job in Rio de Janeiro.

Teixeira said Ramalho must first talk with Fluminense to see if he can break the contract he has with the club to the end of the year.

If he accepts, Ramalho will replace Dunga, who was fired days after Brazil lost to the Netherlands in the World Cup quarterfinals in South Africa.

The ESPN website said that at the end of the meeting with Teixeira, Ramalho said: "Who wouldn't want to coach the Brazilian national team?"

Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup.


However, a couple hours later:

SAO PAULO (AP) - Fluminense directors say coach Muricy Ramalho has rejected an offer to take over Brazil and will remain at the Rio club.

The Brazilian soccer federation offered Ramalho the national team job Friday, but the deal was pending an agreement with Fluminense, whose contract with the coach goes until the end of 2012.

Federation president Ricardo Teixeira says Ramalho told him he wanted to coach the national team and agreed with the entity's plan for the 2014 World Cup.


Ugh well it was nice for the HOUR OR SO that it lasted.


Spain-Argentina won't be in NY

Good news for some, bad news for some.


Argentina's National Team will play against Spain's in a friendly match on September 7th in River Plate's stadium in Buenos Aires, a match that had been planned at first to take place in New York.

The arrangement of the game was sealed last night in a phone conversation with Angel María Villar, president of the Spanish Federation and was confirmed by the AFA and Guillermo Tofoni, who coordinated the whole deal.

The idea is to take this match as part of the celebrations for the 200 years of Argentina's May Revolution (the other game that was played for this was Argentina-Canada before the World Cup).

Argentina and Spain played against each other for the last time in Madrid, in November 2009, and the win was for Spain 2-1.

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Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez to join Thierry Henry at New York Red Bulls on four-year deal

Mexican follows team-mate to Major League Soccer...

23 Jul 2010 17:55:00

By Mahmoud Maher and
Matt Monaghan

Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez is to join Thierry Henry at New York Red Bulls on a four-year contract, Goal.com can exclusively reveal.

The 31-year old defender had eyed a move to Major League Soccer before playing at World Cup 2010 with Mexico.

After starring for his nation in South Africa, he has now negotiated a release from his contract with the La Liga champions - which was set to run until 2012 - and has put pen to paper on a lucrative deal in the 'Big Apple'.

Speaking exclusively to Goal.com, a well placed source confirmed the deal will be officially announced next week.

"Marquez has signed for a four-year contract with the New York Red Bulls and will join up with Thierry Henry," they said.

"Marquez has gained his contract release from Barcelona and will get a salary of £2 million per season. The official announcement of the deal will be next week."

The move brings to an end a glory-filled seven year stay in Catalunya, where Marquez won every club trophy available. Despite this success, a series of injuries had limited his influence in Pep Guardiola's set-up and he was restricted to just seven top-flight starts.

Marquez's arrival means he joins Henry and Colombian striker Juan Pablo Angel to fill the limit of designated players at the Red Bulls.

MLS rules state a squad can only contain three designated players on high wages, with the ex-Monaco man's arrival sure to smash the salary cap.

Source: Goal.com

A Diego Lugano video post (now UPDATED with Muslera, Fucile and Eguren interviews)

A couple of days ago, there was a ceremony held in Canelones, Uruguay, to honor Diego Lugano. Jorge Fucile, Fernando Muslera and Sebastian Eguren also attended. And Fucile... sang a little! XD

BTW, there were also interviews with the other boys, but I only found the bits with Lugano. For example, I saw on TV that a reporter asked Eguren about all the stuff they filmed during the WC. He asked, more specifically: "Is there anything compromising in those videos?". And Eguren answered: "No, we didn't do anything compromising. Besides, the cameras were off when we were in the dressing room, so..." (LOL, I don't think he realized what fangirls could understand from this XD)

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BONUS (this is a couple of weeks old): Lugano being asked about what it feels like to be a sex symbol XD

Reporter: We talked with Lugano about what is it like being a sex symbol.

Lugano: I'm not surprised because the ball works magic. It's not like I give it a lot of importance, even though of course it's good for one's sef-esteem. But I always stay calm, because the most important thing is that my wife has been thinking that (I'm handsome) for 12 years.

Reporter: Does she get jealous?

Lugano: No, no. We lived in Brazil for 4 years and it was the same thing. Then in Turkey it was the same too.

Reporter: So it started a long time ago.

Lugano: Yes, in Brazil and Turkey it was the same... I'm not saying it's like I'm a sex symbol, but that's what people say and we're used to it. But I take it calmly because I know that when you're doing well, sometimes people think you're more handsome than you actually are.

Thanks Tatiana for uploading these videos! And please forgive any typos or errors... I probably made some mistakes while translating but I don't have any energy left to check T_T

In other news: Uruguay's coach is most likely going to stay!! Woohoo!!


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cute smile

I'm not even a huge David Beckham fan but.....DAMN he looks good here.

stolen from here in maleeditorials 

I guess I should put a little teaser above the cut

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OK, how many of you actually read the words?
random: superman approves

Praise Giggs!

Vidic agrees new deal


United chief executive David Gill has confirmed the club have agreed terms to extend Nemanja Vidic's contract.

Speaking exclusively to MUTV's Stewart Gardner, Gill said: "There was a lot of speculation about Nemanja's future, but in my view it's been the media drumming some old stories because they certainly didn't come out of the Manchester United camp and I'm confident they didn't come out of Nemanja's camp.

"We sat down with Nemanja and his advisor at the end of last season and started discussions. They broke up when Nemanja went away to the World Cup, but resumed when Serbia were knocked out and I'm very pleased to confirm that we agreed terms with Nemanja three or four weeks ago on a new long-term deal with the club.

"It's yet to be signed - the paperwork is now being sorted by our lawyers and being checked by Nemanja's advisors. He's still away on holiday but the plan is that when he gets back the papers will be signed. We've shaken hands on it and we're confident it will all be signed and sealed in early August.

"It's great news for Manchester United and great news for Nemanja and the fans."

Oh my god, yes yes yes! :')

barcelona; abi's hips don't lie


For those of you who don't know, Crackovia is a Catalan TV show where they do skits and make fun of current affairs in football, mostly of La Liga teams. It really is comedy gold, and the show has become a bit of a cult in Catalunya and all over Spain. 

It has become so popular that the real players also have interactions with the characters. Here is Un Contra Un, or One Against One, which is basically the interviewer asking the real player and the TV show character questions. Here's Puyol's one, translated by the amazing blog for all cules out there, totalBarca:

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More about Team Uruguay's Fundación Celeste - Plan Ceibal

A week or two ago, nyaza wrote about the Uruguayan national team's non-profit foundation, Fundación Celeste. (You can see her post here  to learn about Fundación Celeste.) One objective of the foundation is Plan Ceibal - their plan to provide each and every child and teacher in Uruguay with a computer connected to the internet.

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