July 17th, 2010

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So. I made gifs ;D (yeah, i know i'm late with most of this but i thought i'd share anyway ;D). They are not exactly Best quality, mostly cause they came out of youtube vids & heavy gifs give nightmares to my computer.

ANYWAY, most are from the Uruguay team ♥ and the rest are from that vid of happy celebrations after scoring someone posted i don't know when ;D

8 VARIOUS : Germany (3), Italy (2), Netherlands, Spain & South Africa (1)

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IDK, if anybody is interested, there are also still and animated versions of the suarez&forlan hug as wallpapers here (as well as some other "la celeste" wallies & spain's guys too ;D.)

anyway, enjoy the spam ;DD
guti WEAH

Team USA Don't Want Landon on DWTS

Landon Donovan, Your Teammates Say You Can’t Dance & They Should Be On Dancing!
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HollywoodLife.com reported that Landon is in talks to appear on Dancing with the Stars next season – but the soccer stud’s playmates have other ideas!

How’s this for team spirit? Although we told you that our World Cup hero, Landon Donovan, was in discussions to appear on the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars, his teammates say that he can’t dance – and that they should take his place!

“We are all better dancers than Landon!” midfielder Benny Feilhaber told HollywoodLife.com at the post-ESPY’s party at Drai’s in Los Angeles July 14, adding, “We got the moves,” while teammate Carlos Bocanegra agreed.

Fellow midfielder Stuart Holden thinks he and his teammates’ moves are SO good that they might score a spot on Dancing, too – before Landon even gets his chance. “We all should be on DWTS before Landon ever is,” he declared.

Sure, every single USA soccer stud showed off some pretty fancy footwork during the World Cup, but do they have the chops to trade in their cleats for dance shoes on network TV? Or should stop-goal king Landon, 28, represent American soccer players alone on the small screen?

Carlos or Benny would be better

post poll post

 Okay, this may seem excessive but i just want to go over the results so there's no confusion. *MODS, if you don't like this, there's no hard feelings if you De Laet it. bolded for TL;DR
-There will be a movie tonight because we want to fill up that 'no club football' void for those who have nothing to do. I understand that a lot of you won't be able to make it so we're putting up Fever Pitch (1997) instead of the first or second highest rated movies.
-We'll save Bend it like Beckham for when everybody's around.
-It'll most probably go up half an hour before screening time (21:00 GMT/UTC) just to ensure that everyone can get it loaded. That'll be around 20:30 UTC/GMT. I'm trying to accommodate for everyone's needs : )
-We'll post a new poll in each movie post to figure out the film for the week after.
-My movie night bud is mrs_obsessive  so if you have any questions, you can ask her as well : )
-Free for all timing is staying as is. However, I will vary it around a little bit so just +/- half an hour.
-I'm just trying to think of things to say so this won't seem like a stupid post.
-Okay, you know what? This is a stupid, useless post. Make use of it to spam. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM. SPAAAAAAAAAAM. No wanking, though. We've got enough of that already.

I leave you with this.

david villa x2

Insua fee agreed

Liverpool have today agreed a fee for the sale of Emiliano Insua to Serie A side Fiorentina.

The left-back is now en route to Italy to discuss personal terms.

A club spokesman said: "We have agreed a fee for the sale of Emiliano Insua to Fiorentina and given them permission to speak with the player.

"Emiliano has now left our Swiss training camp and we'll make further comment when appropriate."

Insua arrived in January 2007 from Boca Juniors and has since played 62 games, with one goal to his name against Arsenal in last season's Carling Cup.

I wish him the best at Florentine, I really liked him so it is sad to see him go.

[Sports] - DESCAMISAO!Puyol

We have a special style

Sorry, but I'm surprised. Nobody has posted it before, and It's a NEW.

Our beloved FC Barcelona is starting to be a bit... how to say it... I'm atching for a word.... like...  Gay.


We have a colour called "cherry" in out training shirts colour. And we are supposed to use it the next season.

1st. Cherry is a colour. Not a fruit. Just the most feminin woman can call a colour "cherry", god.

2nd. Can you imagine Pep, Puyol, Alves, Messi with it? (I would say Iniesta, but half of his shirts are pink, so...)

So.... If you know about other reasons to be worried about the style of our team of the colours that we use, please, SPAM.

Ashley Cole's School Reports Leaked

HE is the most hated footballer in Britain, one of a team of World Cup flops who let down a nation - and his teachers didn't think much of him either.

The Sun has seen Ashley Cole's old school report cards after they were saved from a bin by a caretaker.
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the whole article's pretty overblown and long but highlights include

One was shocked when, at 14, Cole launched into an expletive-filled rant during a religious studies test. A note to a senior colleague says: "When he asked me if he had a zero for the exam for talking I told him he was correct.

"He retorted, 'Oh f***ing hell' and when I said, 'pardon' he looked at me and repeated it slowly, 'I - said - f***ing - hell'. He then said, 'f*** off' and left the classroom."

In 1997 his maths tutor wrote: "Ashley can be talkative, inattentive and sometimes easily distracted." His form tutor added: "His attitude to work and effort must be drastically improved."



Footballers Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina traveled to Mallorca after the World Cup, the motive was Lorena Bernal's wedding (some actress/model) and Mikel Arteta (some bitch idk).

Pepe enjoyed some golf time in hotel imnotgonnasayitbecauseiknowtherearesomespanishmembersandwedontneedanotherLARUBIA, establishment where the wedding is taking place.

For Xabi Alonso, however, the day was more family-oriented, he arrived at the island on thursday with his wife, Nagore Aramburu (what is with footballer wives having weird names omg) and his son, Jon (who is classy by default). They all enjoyed a nice day in the hotel, lying in the hammocks or taking a splash.

There were a lot of tinted taxis and cars going in and out of te hotel, which was annoying for reporters and paparazzi, who wanted to check if Fernando "Bitchface" Torres also accepted the wedding invitation. But, despite the rumors of the footballer taking a private plane to Mallorca yesterday, it was impossible to localize him.


He was seen enjoying the sunset, going to dinner with a group of friends, and then herp derp-ing it up at a disco. Apparently Cesc Fábregas, Carles Puyol, David Villa and Xavi Hernández are going to join him in Ibiza soon.