July 15th, 2010

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Mark van Bommel & The 10 Players Fans Love To Hate

A rundown of football's most infuriating characters

Football is supposed to the beautiful game, but Mark van Bommel's snarling performance for the Netherlands at World Cup 2010 never made it look as ugly.

The Bayern Munich hatchet man fouled his way through the tournament as the Dutch came within minutes of lifting the trophy. Such cynicism is nothing new, however.

For every Pele there has been a van Bommel or Juergen Klinsmann eager to hack or dive their way to success. Some of the sport's finest ever players have been more than happy to lean on the dark arts to claw themselves to the top.

Goal.com UK looked at the star men who are loved and loathed in equal measure...

ETA some videos!

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Iker Castillas and girlfriend Sara Carbonero have dinner in Madrid

Iker Casillas and his girlfriend Sara Carbonero who were snapped out enjoying a post-tournament meal with some friends in Madrid last night.

But despite making history just a few days earlier when Spain lifted the World Cup for the first time ever, the country's goalkeeper stayed sober so he could drive him and his sports journalist girlfriend home afterwards.


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I dont know if this is ok to post on here (If not feel free to take down)!  I looked and didnt see it!

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Some of you may remember THIS POST, about Die Spieler, the photography book that came out quite a while ago. Anyway.. we've got our hands on the MAKING OF VIDEO. But first.. 


(This video also features the very amazing Rene Adler)
beatboxing may or may not be included~

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val'kyr, eydis darkbane

video montage of 'Adorable O-Faces' of the WC, set to snappy music

I looked and didn't see this posted, Deadspin and Jezebel made a video of the best moments of post-goal player celebration. I've watched it a few times now, and I like. That clip of Suarez and Cavani rolling on the ground, somehow I'd forgotten that, which is ridiculous of me. I'm glad they included Endo's leap and the Cameroon team looking so damn excited that they might burst. And I see you Winston Reid, though you are only on the screen very briefly. Also introduced me to some things I had missed, like the South African team's synchronized dance moves. Go watch this, you will not regret it!

Mismos Derechos con los Mismos Nombres

At 4.08 am today, gay marriage was legalized in Argentina


Let's use this post to celebrate LOVE... 


and SPAM with all the slashy argie that can now marry happily in their country :D

A special mention to Jonathan Cristaldo, Velez player, who proved that not all footballers are homophobic assholes and supported this law :)
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There is a God! Heskey retires from international football.

• Striker won 62 caps and scored seven goals
• Last match was 4-1 defeat by Germany


The Aston Villa striker Emile Heskey has retired from international football. The 32-year-old, who made his England debut as a replacement against Hungary in April 1999, won 62 caps and scored seven goals.

Heskey said: "I have enjoyed every moment of my England career and worn the shirt with pride every time I have been fortunate enough to have been selected.

"I would like to thank every manager I have played under, everyone at the Football Association and the fans for all their support over the years. I wish the management team and the playing squad all the best for the future."

Heskey played at three World Cups and two European Championships. At this summer's World Cup in South Africa he played in all four of England's matches, starting the draws with USA and Algeria and appearing as a substitute against Slovenia and in the 4-1 defeat by Germany that ended England's involvement in the competition.



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Post World Cup la seleccion de España

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Updates ..

Xavi Hernandez arriving 

Sergio Ramos : Off to Senegal

Sergio will be traveling to Senegal as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador to observe the programs already existing .He will also be working  with projects closely related with education & health  for a span of 4 days . Several choices of place have been selected by Sergio himself.

His tribute at Sevilla is postponed it was told previously as he asked that he needed rest but now  we know why

Pique attempts titanic

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The US knows that football exists! It's true!

If you didn't watch the ESPY's last night, LET YOUTUBE FILL YOU IN!

First: the USMNT win the award for Best Sports Moment of the Year

And then... Paul the Octopus makes an appearance:


Ah! I love these boys so much! I was absolutely THRILLED that they won the award, and it was so fantastic to see them all up there, to see the replay, and to see how much support they got from the rest of the people there!

Also, the boys' various Twitter accounts were alive and well last night...

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Cristiano Ronaldo's baby taken to hospital

Cristiano Ronaldo's baby has been rushed to hospital after suffering a mystery health scare.

The 25-year-old Portuguese soccer star sensationally announced he had become a father to a baby boy on his Twitter and Facebook accounts earlier this month.

He refused to reveal who the mother was, but said he would have sole legal and physical custody of the baby, who was born on June 17.

It has been claimed the baby - who has been named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr - was conceived by a surrogate paid a large sum of money to deliver the child then keep quiet.

Yesterday, baby Ronaldo was hurried to the Hospital Particular do Algarve in Portugal by several of the sportsman's relatives and assistants.

Ronaldo was not with the group when they arrived, but showed up at around 2pm looking concerned.

He departed with his son shortly afterwards. It was the first time the star has been seen with his son since announcing he was a father.


Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Transfer season levity: Arsenal Blog is mockingly butthurt (and very funny)


FC Barcelona Internal Memo - FAO all players.

Estimados jugadores de FC Barcelona, por favor, find attached el schedule por el talking jibber-jabber de Cesc Fabregas.

Wednesday July 15th - Lionel Messi: Please mention the fact you played with Cesc in the youth team at Barcelona. Do not mention you were 3'2 at the time or, indeed, are 3'2 now. Or we'll stop giving you your growth sweeties.

Thursday July 16th - Xavi: Despite the fact you are one of the most senior players and your performances on the pitch cannot be faulted in any way we believe your jibber-jabbering requires some work. We know you love Cesc's DNA, and long to slurp it up from ornate goblets, (I don't even want to know...) but please do not mention it, his head or his heart. Should you feel the need to talk about his internal organs, his genetic make up or even his hairstyle, please note that your statement will require approval.


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Information on the Mexico vs Spain game // Barca internationals will not play in Mexico

As it has been mentioned previously in other posts Mexico will play against Spain NT on August 11th at the Estadio Azteca. This match will be part of Mexico's 200 yrs independence celebrations.

Ticket Master Mexico just tweeted information regarding the presale and sale of the tickets.

Presale: with Banamex's green card July 19th, and with other Banamex's cards from July 20-22
Sale to general public: July 23rd

The game is on August 11th at 3:00pm at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico, DF

For more information on the seats, how to get there, etc here is a link to the event at the Ticketmaster Mexico website

The Barcelona Internationals will not play in Mexico

The friendly match against Mexico August 11 has become a brown for the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). The meeting will take place on Mexican soil to mark the bicentenary of its independence.  Mexico is looking forward the game although it is possible that the Mexican Federation officials carried a major disappointment.

To begin with, Barca internationals go back to training on 9 August and it would not be normal for the coach, Vicente del Bosque, to call them to play the game because their fitness level would not be adequate and the trip is not comfortable. Adding to the Barca absences, there are the possible casualties of the players of Real Madrid. In principle, Mourinho, coach of the team, had  set  August 2 as the date of return to work. However, Captain Iker Casillas's idea is to ask the Portuguese to grant them an extra week of rest after the very hard World Cup.

It remains to be seen if Mourinho accepts that , the Real Madrid players would be in a situation similar to the one of the Catalans as they return to work on August 9 and only have room for play in the match against Mexico conditions. The law also covers the absence of international.  The Spanish Football Association (SFA) has made it clear that the players are entitled to a month's vacation. In its day, RFEF president Angel Maria Villar, ensured that Spain would dispute the friendly with its main stars.  But  the World Cup win can radically changed the plans and it is quite possible that for the match against Mexico, Del Bosque will be forced to call players less known. Nor should we forget that the reputation of the selection has increased after their victory in South Africa and  it would not be too positive  to go with a team B.  The situation is complicated.

Source: Ticketmaster Mexico twitter + translation by me
Source 2: Sport.es + google translate + little translation by lazy me

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why did we never have a post about this legend?!?!?

Jimmy Jump is a legend. He is a Catalan pitch invader who frequently raids the pitch at high-profile sporting events. You may know him as the man who attempted to put a hat on the World Cup during last week's final.

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Also, he has met Perez and Iker. Automatic legend.

source is jimmyjump.com and also wikipedia

Atsuto Uchida: 'hai' to Schalke

Schalke new boy Atsuto Uchida was unveiled to the media on Tuesday lunchtime. After training with his new team-mates for the first time, the 22-year-old Japan international talked to schalke04.com about being reduced to the role of spectator at the World Cup, his short holiday and why he wants to be rid of his interpreter.

Atsuto Uchida, welcome to Schalke! You gained a taste of the atmosphere at the VELTINS Arena when you visited the stadium in winter. Was it a reason for your move?

Back then it wasn't at all clear whether I would join Schalke. But I knew that if I had the chance to play in such an atmosphere, I would love to make the switch. I could have gone to other clubs in Europe, but when Felix Magath asked me, I only had one answer – hai, i.e. yes!

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Kagawa in Dortmund, Uchida in Schalke and Hasebe in Wolfsburg? Now I want to follow Bundesliga.