July 14th, 2010

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Mourinho is gearing up for decisions about Real's team

The portuguese coach arrived this tuesday to Madrid, and tomorrow he'll have a meeting with Real's Jorge Valdano to decide on the situation of several players.

Namely, Mourinho will focus on the permanence or lending of Pedro León, the acquisition of Khedira (Stuttgart FC) and Maicon (Inter). Afterwards, he is also expected to decide the future of Guti, Raúl, Drenthe, who is being coveted by Sporting CP, and to approve the permanence of goalkeeper Dudek.



 Ok, time to go back in time and remember all the promises we made a month ago...

If its possible, post pictures, videos, or just tell the story!

Spain fans, what were your promises!?

btw, bye bye 3 stars tatoo =(
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The USMNT, where they play when they're not playing for the USMNT.

I know a lot of people expressed interest in keeping up with the US National Team once the World Cup was over, but since they literally play all over that's easier said then done.  So here is a list of all the US players, where they play and when the opening game of the season is for their team or when their next match is, along with a link to their full fixture list for the entire season.  It is transfer season however, so obviously these could very easily change.  I also had trouble finding information for a few leagues so if anyone has any information for the ones I am missing that would be great, also if I made any mistakes point them so I can change them.   I hope this helps people follow the players on the USMNT!

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DFB says sorry to the fans


The DFB on Tuesday apologized to fans who did not get the chance to greet their national team returning home on Monday.
Thousands of fans had come to Frankfurt airport spontanously early Monday to welcome their national team which had impressed the World Cup 2010 in South Africa with attractive football and finished third. However, they never got to greet their idols as the players left through the back door for their homes or holiday destinations.

In a letter posted on its official website, the DFB said: " We understand, that you would have liked to have the team meet its fans again after this great tournament. But the team had decided after the semi-final defeat against Spain that they want to give up a reception."

The letter also said the whole team deeply regrets  that this has fueled resentment and incomprehension. But the DFB also insisted that a celebration at the airport had never been planned.

"We hope very much you continue to remain loyal to your team and you have the opportunity in the near future to be able to celebrate together with this young, promising team a title." the letter said.

source: xihua

original: http://team.dfb.de/de/news/entschuldigung/page/2624/html?1279034496

just a few words

DFB, you are the first team i liked. The only one team that i love from deep of my heart! I was, I'm and I'll be forever your loyal fan! 
You played so gorgeous in this tournament! Thank you for showing us the best side of the greatest sport named- football ! 
I know, that you can't see these lines of words which describes my support for you. But i really hope that you can feel my support and it's not only mine. There are thousands & millions of people in Germany and around the world who supports you!  
Danke, Deutschland!

Messi and Friends vs. Rest of the World

Lionel Messi and Friends vs Rest of the World Charity Match
Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama

July 14, 2010 Match starts 7pm local time
Start times for timezones (double check them!) 1am BST / 2am CET / 5pm PT / 8pm ET

ETA: Due to possible differences in Daylight Savings Time, the start times may be 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Confirmed are in bold:
Questi i giocatori che parteciperanno all'evento:
AMICI DI MESSI - 1. Lionel Messi, 2. Martín Palermo, 3. Javier Zanetti, 4. Diego Lugano, 5. Luis Perea, 6. Iván Córdoba, 7. Sebastián Abreu, 8. Luis Suarez, 9. Roberto Abbondanzieri, 10. Andrés D'Alessandro, 11. Franco Zuculini, 12. Maximiliano Morales, 13. Gary Madel, 14. Lucio, 15. Julio Baptista, 16. Cafú, 17. Neymar, 18. Gabriel Milito, 19. Juan Arango, 20. Wagner Love, 21. Radamel Falcao, 22. Diego Forlan, 23. Juan Sebastian Verón.

RESTO DEL MONDO - 1. Marco Materazzi, 2. Luis García, 3. Mariano Permia, 4. Paulo Assuncao, 5. Jose Antonio Reyes, 6. Fernando Couto, 7. Ivan Helguera, 8. Pauleta, 9. Fernando Morientes, 10. Jared Borgetti, 11. Jozy Altidore, 12. Edgar Davids, 13. Mauro Camaranesi, 14. Dejan Stankovic, 15. Paco Palencia, 16. Conejo Perez, 17. Oswaldo Sanchez, 18. Kevin Kuranyl

Also rumoured to be there: Diego Milito and Alberto Gilardino

This list was from May, so obviously a number of the aforementioned players will not be there due to preseason training with their respective clubs.

Streaming links: UNO DOS

*If anyone finds other links, please share.
**I expect a good dose of pictures and a report on the silliness from this because I have business to take care of and can't watch tonight.

Sidenote: Inter ragazzi!! *squee*
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Like you didn't know already!

France striker Thierry Henry has signed for Major League Soccer side New York Red Bulls from Barcelona on a "multi-year contract".

The former Arsenal captain, 32, is expected to make his debut for Red Bulls in a friendly against Tottenham in the United States on 22 July.

Henry signed for Barcelona in 2007 and had one year remaining on his contract but the club agreed to let him leave.

Henry said: "This marks an exciting new chapter in my career and life."


First post, plz don't hate me if I did something wrong
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United training in Chicago pictures!!!

Manchester United is pleased to announce that the club has launched an Official Facebook Page.

Fans all over the world will be able to connect with the Reds, receive up to the minute news and content and engage with fellow supporters. 

To find us on Facebook check out the following page: http://www.facebook.com/manutd


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More boring ratings-related stuff!

The World Cup Was Huge on Twitter [CHART]

By Josh Catone

For continuous World Cup coverage, check out Mashable’s 2010 World Cup Hub.

Only now that the World Cup has ended can we truly look back and appreciate how massive the event was.

The World Cup created a lot of jaw-dropping numbers and even set a few records on the Internet (Internet) this go around, from the astounding 3,282 tweets per second sent following Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark a few weeks ago, to the absolutely ridiculous 25 million hours of video streamed by Univision and ESPN over the web.

Perhaps the most astonishing feat was that this year’s World Cup (World Cup) set not one, but three separate net usage records according to Akamai. The most mind-blowing of these was the record 20.7 million visitors per minute recorded on Akamai-served news sites (including many of the biggest) on June 24, when Slovakia knocked out Italy at the same time that the longest match in tennis history was going on.

Add in the NBA finals, the US Open (golf), all of the Lebron James hoopla and it was clearly an amazing month for sports, the web and the social media worlds people turn to for information and discussion. Still, it was the World Cup that shined above all.

Below, find our final top Twitter (Twitter) trends lists for the 2010 World Cup, which was graciously compiled by Liz Pullen of What The Trend.

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Uruguay players start "Fundación Celeste" (Skyblue Foundation?)

So, Hi, first post. i kind of really needed to post this, because just ♥ I tried to find an article in english but couldn't cause my head is a mess, so, I'm gonna try and sum up the most important parts ♥ but my English is not on its best today.

Uruguayan players donate the money from WC awards to create a non lucrative foundation with an objective to build schools and sport facilities around the country.

the site

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i fail at tags?
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The oranje celebration vids

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GDOH9D6W - Meeting the president, Gio and van Marwijk being knighted.

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0XG0BTG9 - The canal boat trip.

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PQ4Q7KB0 - The Museumplein celebration.

Sadly this is the best quality I could get it, so every now and then there's some pixelation going on I think. But it's all I've been able to get from the NOS & SBS6 websites.
Enjoy the sillyness and the hotness in suits!

Edited because I got a link wrong -_- sorry about that!

So it's about Paul again

Maybe some of you guys are getting tired of Paul but a friend posted this on facebook and when i first saw this i have to admit my heart probably skipped two or three beats

and i was all like

But then again i'm pretty gullible

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p.s. omfgsh my world cup withdrawal syndrome is soo goddamn bad rn :( guuuuh

In the case of a newborn child: Landon Donovan-You are NOT the father

Landon Donovan didn't have that much of a ball playing football in the U.K.

The U.S. soccer stud, speaking with E! News on the ESPY Awards red carpet Wednesday, flatly denied fathering a child with a British woman while he was on loan to the English Premier League club Everton earlier this year.

"I actually wasn't sure I was going to asked but I know now that I will not be a dad any time soon, which is good news for me," Donovan said. "You just broke the story."

Tabloids were ablaze with the pregnant woman's paternity tale while Donovan was in South Africa, where he led all U.S. scorers with three goals, including a masterful put-back against Algeria to propel the United States into the elimination round.

Donovan's star turn all came while his estranged wife, Rules of Engagement star Bianca Kajlich, was watching from the sidelines, we might add. They separated a year ago, but she sure went a long way to support her so-called ex.

He had yet to issue a denial about the baby-daddy rumors before tonight.

His only previous remarks were to Sports Illustrated last month, telling the magazine: "I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support. This is a private matter and I will refrain from further comment at this time."