July 13th, 2010

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I can't stop thinking about this moment

Pique and Pepe Reina put a Barça shirt on Cesc Fabregas!!!

I want to say something else but I just don't realize well all this things happened from yesterday :)

I watch la Selection in Madrid all the day...
football: poldi

a softer world - football remixes

idk if you guys know about a softer world, but its a comic-blog that creates curious and strange comics. thedaytheystop remixes ASW for figure skating, and i was inspired to do the same with football :)

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as usual delete if not allowed

p.s. edit: if you guys spam me with pictures i will make more because these are so addicting to make and i am pretty bored :|

EDIT: sorry about the bandwidth problems, i'll use tinypic next time~ 

Picspam! Slashy! Micho had (hugged) them all ;)

Alright, so I'm planning a Slash Community for all things Albiceleste and therefore I needed some inspirational time :)
I shall now present you the Micho-Slash-Picspam that proves he's had them all. Or rather hugged them all at some point ;) Featuring; the Argentina squad as well as Bayern Munich. Image heavy!

Javier&Micho love!
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mod post

Now that the World Cup is over it would be a good time for another mod post. The last few days I've been mostly "whatever" about posts but now that things might calm down again (one hopes, anyway) here are things to keep in mind:

-try to condense posts if you can-- if players for Real Kracken do something really similar at the same time, the pictures/video can go in one post, they don't need to be separate. Also, the saga of the bromance between two Unicorns United midfielders might be fascinating but I'm pretty sure it could fit into one post too.

-this is not your personal journal-- obviously this is a subjective thing to keep in mind but by posting/commenting you're sharing your opinion with loads of other people and obviously some will disagree. Some will argue with you and tbh unless it's really unfunny trolling then it's something you can handle yourself. If you can't take the heat, don't start the fire.

-no hotlinking gifs!!!! some people use imageshack and it has limits that hotlinking wrecks! just get the direct link and reupload it to tinypic, you don't even have to save it.

The Mystery that is Paul the Octopus

And with that out of the way.....

World Cup octopus Paul may have a slippery past.

For he is in an age-and-identity riddle after his German trainer yesterday claimed he is Italian, not British. His official biography says he was born in Weymouth, Dorset, three years ago.

But Verena Barscht said she caught the tentacled oracle - who tipped Spain as the winners following seven previous correct results - off Elba in April.

That now throws into doubt if Oberhausen-based Paul is the same octopus who had an 80 per cent success rate at Euro 2008. Italian newspaper La Repubblica doesn't care. It wants him repatriated, saying: "Octopus gets it right again - but his real name is Paolo."

Daily Mirror
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I didn't see this posted - if you're in the UK there's a True Stories documentary on More4 tonight at 10pm about Maradona.

"Double Cannes-winner Emir Kusturica's films is a portrait of one of football's most extraordinary characters. Diego Maradona - reviled in England (the Hand of God), adored in Argentina, where he won the World Cup as a player and has (at the time of writing) managed his team to the last eight in South Africa.
Kusturica enjoyed unlimited access to the man himself and traces his story from the humblest of beginnings to world domination, followed by his fall from grace through drug abuse and weight problems before rehabilitation and rebirth.
The result is an astonishing, personal story that is cemented by the strong personal bond between Kusturica and Maradona."


what's your favourite book/film/documentary about football?
darcy doesn;t sparkle


I know some of you are new to football, and are thinking about selecting a team to follow in club football. But before you do, I think its probably wise to know a little about club rivalries, so you don't end up supporting two teams that hate each other.

Because although you can do that, and no one will stop you, its not advisable, unless you have wank-repelling body lotion or something. Because you will get grief. Club football is not as all-encompassing as International football - it isn't usually ok to like several teams, especially not if they play in the same league. People usually like one team per league. Most people only follow one or two leagues. Obviously this is not a hard and fast rule, but I've noticed some butthurt from people who have received adverse reactions for saying they like both Barca and Real Madrid, or Liverpool and Man Utd, and not understanding why this is a problem. Hopefully this post will clear things up.



I'm not going to talk about every single club rivalry, instead I'm going to talk about the ones that will prob affect people in this comm, because I don't think we're going to have many Barcelona/Espanyol joint supporters for example. So if you have one that isn't featured, feel free to post it in the comments and I'll link to it when I see it :)  I also know nothing about the Bundesliga, so if anyone would like to do their rivalries, I would be eternally grateful.

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If you're one of the TL:DR crowd, you might not want to read this.
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The Uruguayan team arriving in Montevideo (UPDATE 2 with EXCLUSIVE PICS by aprettywastex3!)

It's VERY cold today but Uruguay is giving the boys a warm welcome.


Thanks kem_viva for pointing out the video. I translated it!

EL MAESTRO TABAREZ (coach): "Uruguayans, we're surprised, astonished, shocked, touched, but above all, very grateful. These boys deserved to be recognized, but this is above our expectations. There are no words to describe what we've seen today. Besides, it's ok to celebrate when you win a match, but what you're showing, the message that this is giving, is that we don't have to think only of the final result (of a game) to appreciate the effort someone makes. Success is not only measured by the final results. It is measured by the difficulties we have to face in order to achieve something, the constancy, the spirit of facing challenges and the courage to overcome them. The path is the reward itself. Thanks a lot, go Uruguay!"

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UPDATE 2 with EXCLUSIVE PICS taken by aprettywastex3 who was RIGHT THERE!

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Nina Dobrev
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United's World Cup men unlikely to feature in league opener

• United had six players in South Africa for World Cup
• Sir Alex Ferguson: 'Maybe one or two' to play first game

Manchester United 
Manchester United unveiled their new kit, featuring a new sponsor and retro-style white collars, in a match between their reserves and Curzon Ashton yesterday. It will be officially introduced in America later this week.

Sir Alex Ferguson admits the majority of Manchester United's World Cup stars are unlikely to feature in the club's Premier League opener against Newcastle United next month.

England's Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick, the France and South Korea captains Patrice Evra and Park Ji-sung, Serbia's defender Nemanja Vidic and the club's new signing, Javier Hernández of Mexico, were United's six representatives in South Africa.

Rio Ferdinand is hopeful of being fit for the start of the season after injury prevented him captaining England, while Nani was in the squad which flew out for a pre-season tour of America after being ruled out of Portugal's campaign.

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Premier league club's pre-season friendly fixtures

I know there's quite a few people wandering what they're going to do with their lives now that the world cup is over and there's a month to wait until club football really gets going again. But worry not! Welcome to the world of pre-season friendlies, where clubs travel the world to make loads of money  meet the overseas fans, try out new formations, managers and players and give the reserves and under-18s a chance to strut their stuff and fight for a place in the team. 

Most premier league clubs seem to be starting their pre-season preparation this saturday, although the ~big stars~ that have been playing in the world cup are all on holiday and will join up with their teams in a week or two. So I thought I'd make a pre-season fixture list so you don't miss the chance to see your club's fairly rubbish players who'll probably never make it play against teams you've never heard of before (and some really good teams too) :D

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This is a ROSSONERI post.

Aston Villa & Tottenham Hotspur target Klaas-Jan Huntelaar


Dutchman reveals he'd be tempted by England switch...

11 Jul 2010 12:30:00
AC Milan
striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar has revealed he would welcome a move to the Premier League this summer in a bid to resurrect his career.

The former Ajax goal-getter has struggled to settle in Italy, something which has seen him restricted to substitute appearances following his £12 million switch from Real Madrid in 2009.

Having been regarded as one of the hottest properties in Europe following spells at Heerenveen and Ajax, Huntelaar's career has hit a rocky path in recent campaigns.

Despite only 25 appearances last season, the Netherlands international did find the net seven times, something which has reportedly got Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur interested in his signature.

And a relocation to England is something the 26-year-old would be keen on.

"Moving to England would be a great thing for me. It [the Premier League] is a league I always watch. It's exciting and the football would suit my game because teams attack," Huntelaar told the Sunday Mirror.

"A lot of great Dutch players have played in England - players I have admired like Dennis Bergkamp - and everyone wants to play there. It is one of the best leagues in Europe.

"I have been close in the past to coming to England with some clubs very interested in me but I chose to go to Milan. We will see what happens. Of course the Champions League is important but the most important thing for me is to play.

"My first focus is on the World Cup final and then after that it will be on AC Milan, so we will see what happens when I get back from Italy.

"I want to play in Milan but I don't want to sit on the bench."

source: www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2010/07/11/2020233/aston-villa-tottenham-hotspur-target-klaas-jan-huntelaar

(HUNTELAAR Please don't LEAVE milan!)  This is my first post here, so please bear with me :/
Luis x3333

The next WC post xP

OK the World Cup is over but some things will be remembered for a long time. Post your favourite moments/matches/playes from the WC.
 I'll surely remember Frank Lampard's disallowed goal. The best match: Holland v Uruguay.

O__o They're everywhere xDDD

What about you?

Nando Needs Some Love

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A Q&A from Fuck Yeah Fernando Torres!  The parts under the cut have answers from other players of the Spanish NT.

1. Did you pack a computer in your suitcase?

Torres: Yes, I use it to watch movies, series and keep up to date with my emails. The web site I visit the most is Wikipedia and I always use Skype to talk with my loved ones.

2. Movies or TV series?

Torres: I’ve stolen all the series I have from Xabi Alonso, who has an assortment. I’ve had time to watch so many that I’ve finished with Lost and Prison Break, and I’ve started Californication, Boston Legal, and The O.C. My favorite ones are those two that I finished, but I didn’t like their endings

3. Your favorite movie and actors.

Torres: I’ve been watching more series as of late but one of the movies that has marked me is Life is Beautiful.

4. What kind of music do you listen to?

Torres: Right now I’m listening to Oasis a lot, which I haven’t done in a while, and also above all else Elvis. Doctor Cota is a huge fan of Elvis and he made me interested in his music. I’ve looked for information on him, I read information about his career and it’s very interesting. It’s impressive.

5. A song that has marked you.

Torres: A lot, but if I have to say one, I’d say “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

6. Do you play videogames?

Torres: Yes, I play football games. I didn’t enter the competition that we have in the camp because it was closed already. The slots were taken rapidly (laughs).

7. What book are you reading in South Africa?

Torres: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

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Main Source

And apparently, Fernando has a Twitter now.