July 12th, 2010

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World Cup Compilation Videos!

So the World Cup has finally come to a close. We've laughed.. we've cried.. we've gone completely mad. And we're left with this empty feeling. In the next couple of days, most of us will be going through what I'd like to call "World Cup Withdrawal." So in hopes to help us cope with this void that the World Cup has left us.. here are some compilation videos reminding us of all the memories! 

CBC's montage (Canada)

ABC/ESPN's montage (United States)

Feel free to share more awesome compilation videos in the comments! 


Brazil 2014 World Cup logo has been officially released by FIFA on Thursday night, July 8, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa. In a ceremony presided by FIFA President Blatter in September was attended also by the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva.
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Calleti // Respect your Kings

From FIFA Itself: Ramos crowned as La Roja conquer

This has been a FIFA World Cup™ of firsts: the first on African soil, the first won by Spain and also the first to be assessed second-by-second using the Castrol Index. This innovative system has utilised advanced technology to objectively analyse and evaluate every single player movement, and tonight it crowned its very own FIFA World Cup king.

Its verdict? That Sergio Ramos, Spain’s daring and energetic right-back, has been the most influential and effective player on show over the past month. Collapse )


bc apparently i needed even more reason to be in love with this man.

Xabi Alonso is happy with the title, but worried about his injury


Johannesburg, July 11th: Xabi Alonso, midfielder from the Spanish National Team, said today that the title brought him immense satisfaction, but that after the match, he's still in pain and believes there might be something more than a simple hit on the chest.

"It wasn't the hardest hit I got in my life, but it was the one which caused me the most harm" said the midfielder, who constantly touched his chest due to the pain.

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Diego Forlan says award is for all Uruguayans, remains classy & selfless while doing so

just because

Diego Forlan Insists Golden Ball Award Belongs To Every Uruguayan

Uruguay hitman Diego Forlan stated that he was proud and delighted to be named the best player of the tournament but admitted that he owed everything to the players around him in the Celeste side.

Forlan walked off with the prestigious Golden Ball award following Sunday's final. The gong is awarded by journalists to the player judged to have had the best individual performance throughout the tournament.

And with a personal tally of five goals from a withdrawn number 10 position, and his influence in driving an unfancied Uruguay side to their highest finish in 40 years, there will be few who will begrudge the 31-year-old this personal honour.

Forlan admitted this morning however that he could not have achieved any of his World Cup exploits without the skills of his team-mates.

"It is something incredible. I am overcome with emotion and happiness for this recognition, that I never could have achieved without the help and support of the great team that has been formed in the Uruguay squad," the player told reporters on being presented with the Golden Ball.

And 'Cachavacha', who has been widely linked with a move to England in the wake of the World Cup, also expressed his gratitude to the overwhelming support the Celeste enjoyed, as they captivated the tiny nation of just three million citizens.

"This is a prize for every single Uruguayan to enjoy. They deserve it," he concluded.

The Uruguayans are due to arrive in Montevideo around 10pm local time due to lengthy delays in their flight leaving and a first-class reception is promised as soon as the aircraft touches the ground as fans clamour to greet their heroes.

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Netherland's attack on Howard Webb

 'The final deserved a world-class referee' - The Rotherham-born official endured a busy night as he dished out a record breaking 14 yellow cards and one red card for Dutch defender Johnny Heitinga. After the 1-0 defeat, Robben and his team-mates accosted Webb and slammed the way he controlled the match.

"It was a World Cup final," Robben said after the game.

"You are talking about two aggressive teams who want to win. It was for the referee to control the game.

"It is wrong when you sit in the dressing room together and you are only talking about the referee and his very bad points.

"There were some strange decisions and for me, honestly, if you play a World Cup final, you need a world class referee. I don't know whether that was a world class performance from the referee."

Robben was involved in one of the key moments of the match when he was played through by Wesley Sneijder. TV replays clearly showed Carles Puyol tugging Robben back, only for Webb to play an advantage when he broke free again.

Webb decided to play advantage which was a call that added to the 26-year-old's frustration.

"It is very clear," Robben said.

"He has to send him off and he has to give a free-kick. In the end there was no advantage. It cost us because I didn't go down.

"We were 10 minutes before the end of the game. If we score a goal there we can win the game. But I couldn't score because the goalkeeper was too close."

The Netherlands were slammed after the game for their physical approach, but Robben argued this was the only way to approach the Spanish challenge.

 "Spain are a terrific side," he said. "We had our plan and we tried to play our football but Spain have a great team with a lot of great players.

"We tried to stop them defensively, our organisation was good and we created chances. We cannot criticise ourselves. We have done everything we could.

"One team always has to lose but it is very frustrating when it happens four minutes before the end."

Sneijder: Iniesta Was Offside

 Netherlands midfielder Wesley Sneijder insists Spain benefitted from yet another one of the refereeing blunders that marred the Fifa 2010 World Cup.

 Sneijder says Andres Iniesta's volley right at the death in extra time to hand Spain the 'Jules Rimet' trophy was suspiciously offside.

 Speaking to KickOff.com the Inter Milan midfielder hammered English referee Howard Webb for the manner in which he handled the match, joining a chorus of criticism levelled at Webb, from the number of "unnecessary" yellow cards brandished to Arjen Robben's shout for a penalty. Sneijder's shock claim is, however, an isolated incident relating to Iniesta's last-gasp goal that looks perfectly fine on replay, but not in Sneijder's view.

 "The goal was offside, that's all I want to say. There was also another moment when Iniesta kicked Mark van Bommel when the ball was not there. The fourth official saw it, but the referee didn't give a red card," claims Sneijder. "But we can be proud that we finished in second position in the World Cup," he says.

 Netherlands midfielder Nigel de Jong tells KickOff.com the pain of losing to Spain in the World Cup Final is numbed by the bright future of the 'Oranje' team.

De Jong insists the future is bright. "It is definitely something that is comforting to the whole team knowing that the coaches have put together a team that if we stick together can represent the nation well in the next tournament. I think we have a great future ahead of us, because there are lots of players in the team that can still play for many years," he says.

De Jong further says he has high regard for English referee Howard Webb, who's been a subject of much criticism from some Netherlands players for his handling of the match, but De Jong concurs with his teammates that it was definitely not one of Webb's best matches he's officiated. The police sergeant was brandishing a yellow card after another resulting in 14 yellow cards, including John Heitinga's two bookable offences.

"In the end he had a big effect, that's obvious. I know him as a very good and I'm not saying he is not a good referee anymore but it was not his game," De Jong concludes.


Did anybody else see this on their news?

Hey! Look! Is that the

Empire State building...?

Why yes, it is!

Notice anything different about it?
That's right!
It's the colours of the Spanish flaaaaag!

It was a last-minute surprise, but the Empire State Building tonight is lit up red and yellow for Spain's World Cup victory, a spokeswoman for the skyscraper's management company confirmed to NewYorkology via e-mail tonight.

Cooooooool beans guess we're not the only ones celebrating ;)

Now can I has regular football games on USA TV?

24.4 million Americans Watch World Cup Final; 700 Million Worldwide

By Kevin Allocca on Jul 12, 2010 05:55 PM

Rough numbers have the audience for Sunday's World Cup Final at 700 million. That's the FIFA estimate for the global audience of the Spain-Netherlands game/brawl, which includes 15.6 million Spaniards and 8.5 million Dutch in their respective countries.

With the latest numbers, the U.S. broadcast drew 15,545,000 total viewers on ABC and 8,821,000 total viewers on Univision, the third-largest audience ever for a Spanish-language broadcast in this country. That's a total of 24.4 million American viewers.

Meanwhile, we hear 650 CNN/Turner employees competed this weekend in the "Turner Cup" at the CNN Center and Turner Techwood campuses. (Thankfully, no one, to our knowledge, was kicked in the chest Mortal Kombat-style during the tournament.)
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GO USA BID! 2018!

I'm pimping this, because it would be so amazing if the USA got to host the World Cup again!!!

Go to gousabid.com and sign to show your support for the USA to host the 2018 World Cup!

Also want to say that I love that half of this video seems to have been filmed in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. That's my in my 'hood!!!! We love soccer here!

breaking news : guess who is engaged and about to be a father?

If you guess Nicklas Bendtner, give yourself a big clap!

from his official website :

Greatest days of my life!

I'm to become a father - have just seen our baby on a scan and can't wait to the day my fiancée give birth. We are indescribably happy and look forward to see our baby for the first time. We have just had an unforgetable holiday together and are now in USA the whole family.

I wish you all the same joy as me on your holiday. [source]

Congrats to the couple!

football - i'm not your babe fernando


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You couldn’t see much more than a wisp of hair and, perhaps appropriately, a cute pair of feet.

But this little bundle being taken for his first trip out is the child thought to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby son.

He was pictured with the footballer’s mother Dolores Aveiro, her boyfriend Jose Andrade and a nanny at a service station between the Algarve and Lisbon.

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Gooner scarf



Villa feels Torres could leave Liverpool

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David Villa believes Fernando Torres would never join Manchester City but feels Chelsea and Barcelona are "real options" for the striker.

After missing the end of the season with a knee injury, Torres struggled for form at the World Cup and picked up a left adductor injury in the dying moments of the victory over Netherlands.

His fitness will be assessed in the coming days but this injury - as well as the image of Torres wearing a Liverpool scarf as he celebrated Spain's success - has dampened speculation he could move away.

Barcelona striker Villa, though, says Torres is driven by success and feels a move to Chelsea or even Camp Nou could still be on the cards.

"I am not sure where his future lies, but he knows like me he must win trophies at club level," he said. "He isn't money-focused so he would never join Manchester City but, sure, Barcelona and Chelsea would be real options for him.

"He has proven he can score goals in England and Chelsea are the number one team there at the moment, so I suppose it's the option that makes the most sense.

"He has been fully focused on the World Cup but in the back of his mind he knows he needs to be competing for the very highest honours and, if Liverpool can't do it, he will have to move."