July 10th, 2010

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Germany pregame party post

As today is the 3rd place play off between Germany and Uruguay and we're trying not to spam the hell out of the comm by having new posts for practically everything, and I this post is the for all the Germany fans to get together and post pictures, news, articles, anything about the German team before today's game.
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Uruguay Pregame Party Post

As today is the 3rd place play off between Germany and Uruguay and we're trying not to spam the hell out of the comm by having new posts for practically everything, and I this post is the for all the Uruguay fans to get together and post pictures, news, articles, anything about the Uruguay team before today's game.

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First Eduardo, and now the Cat Lady?

Eduardo hired by Genoa CFC

Genoa CFC has reported, through it's official site, that it has hired the goalkeeper Eduardo dos Reis Carvalho, formerly from Sporting de Braga.
The Italian team revealed it acquired the sportive rights of the Portuguese NT goalkeeper and spared no compliments to his performance in the World Cup:

"Eduardo stood out in South Africa, where he proved to be one of the most reliable goalkeepers" can be read in the statement.

Genoa sets their sight on Rúben Amorim and Miguel Veloso

After securing the transfer of Eduardo from Sp. Braga, Genoa now shows interest in the midfield players Miguel Veloso (Sporting CP) and Rúben Amorim (SL Benfica).
The president of the Italian team, Enrico Preziosi, confirmed to Sky Sport 24 his interest:
"We're looking for a midfielder, we have two open clues and we're establishing the proper contacts. We'll now wait and see if the offers meet the demands."

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Now, people following the Calcio, is this a decent club? Please take care of Eduardo!

Also, if someone has the gif of Miguel Veloso with his 300 cats, I'd appreciate it!

yoann gourcuff victim of homophobia?

What if the homophobia of some French soccer players had played a role in their chaotic course and the noxious atmosphere that prevailed within the group during this 2010 FIFA World Cup? That is, in any case, the opinion of many well-informed sports journalists.

Collapse )Pierre Ménès: That those who spoke had lied. That the atmosphere was dreadful. That the way Yoann Gourcuff was treated was very close to racism, or even homophobia, which is very surprising for a guy who is not gay. It is already unbearable when you’re gay, but then when you’re not, it’s even more incomprehensible. That there was a total divorce between Domenech and the rest of the team. There are players that are very, very marked.
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Really? You're going to pick on a guy because he's different?! When I read this article I was immediately pissed off at this team.
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Music + Footie = UNF

Spain could be firing themselves up for tomorrow's World Cup final to the sounds of our very own Kasabian, if striker Fernando Torres gets his way.

The 26-year-old Liverpool player is apparently a big fan of Tom, Serge and co, and reckons they're the best British band since The Beatles.

Torres says the Spanish team have been listening to Club Foot, one of Kasabian's earlier songs, before every international game for the past year.

So the 2004 hit could have played its part in Spain's wins over Portugal, Paraguay and Germany – but can it lead them to victory over the Dutch in the showpiece final tomorrow night?

Torres first revealed his love for the Countesthorpe and Blaby band after discovering Barcelona and Argentina rival Lionel Messi was a big Oasis fan.

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First post here! I've been addicted to Kasabian's Underdog ever since it was the accompanying music to an Iker (man is fly as hell) or Spain NT video on YouTube, I can't remember. But I thought this was adorable! FERNANDO LIKES KASABIAN TOO. COULD HE GET ANY CUTER. Probably but for the sake of cardiac surgeons worldwide let's pretend he can't.
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Flu hampers Germany build-up.

'A flu outbreak threatens to keep some Germany players and coach Joachim Low from appearing at Saturday's World Cup third-place play-off.
Assistant coach Hansi Flick, filling in for Low at the pre-match press conference, said the illness could affect selections for the match and also revealed that striker Miroslav Klose, who is chasing Ronaldo's all-time World Cup scoring record, will decide himself whether he has sufficiently recovered from a back injury to take part against Uruguay...'
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I predict a tug of war...

Spaniards Keen To Buy "Psychic" Octopus Paul

Spanish businessmen have offered 30,000 euros (about 38,000 dollars) to buy the world-famous “psychic” octopus Paul for use as a mascot at a gastronomic event, media reports said on Saturday.

The annual August festival focuses on squid specialities and takes place in the small village of Carballino, near Orense in north-western Spain. The idea of bringing in Paul came from mayor Carlos Montes, who hopes to attract visitors.

A resident of Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, Paul has achieved renown for successfully predicting matches at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Businesses in Carballino, which has 14,000 inhabitants, pooled 30,000 euros for Paul.

“We don’t want to eat Paul,” said Manuel Pazo, who runs a fishing business in the village.

The locals would like the octopus to continue predicting football matches. Should the Oberhausen aquarium decline to sell Paul, the businessmen hope to obtain him on loan for the festival on August 8.

Squid (pulpo) is the national dish of Galicia, the best-known variation being pulpo a feira.

Pulpo Paul has become a media star in Spain, especially after correctly forecasting a Spanish victory over Germany in the World Cup semifinals.

The eight-tentacled oracle has since predicted that Spain would beat the Netherlands for their first World Cup title.


I am starting to think that if Spain were to win, they would try and get "Pulpo Paul" away from Germany. I'm worried for Paul. I don't think taking him to a place where he is a freaking delicacy is good for his morale...