July 8th, 2010

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Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has named his new-born son after himself, according to his family Wednesday.

Looks of the young Ronaldo is already said to resemble his worldwide-known dad.

Katia, Ronaldo's sister, said, "The baby is doing very well. We are looking after him while Cristiano is away. He's called Cristiano just like his dad.”

She further said that her brother “chose the name but we like it. He looks like his father and like me. He has the same eyes."

The Real Madrid striker is on holiday in the U.S.with Russian model girlfriend Irina Shayk.

The 25-year-old Portugalfootballer announced last Saturday via Facebook and Twitter that he had become the father of a baby boy.

Mother of the child is said to be an American women who served as a surrogate. Moreover, the anonymous woman was allegedly paid a fat sum of money to keep her mouth shut.


the mirror as says so - LOL

OK idk how reliable this is, but we all know
he would!! 

tag this up btw. sry if this has been posted...


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This Thursday Pumas will make official the transfer of Pablo Barrera to the Premier League club.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Jul. 8, 2010 .- This Wednesday Night Mexican midfielder Pablo Barrera, He left the Pumas's cantera and became West Ham player.

On Thursday the representative of 'Dinamita' (Dynamite) Barrera in Mexico and the Pumas will make official the transfer to the entire Premier League, said a source close to Televisa Deportes.

The next Monday or Tuesday Barrera will travel to London for medical tests related.

Following this procedure, Pablo back to Mexico to say goodbye to the fans and finish college personal affairs, so that in the first week of August pre joins the London team.

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combing his hair!

Flamengo Goalkeeper wanted for murder

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Police hunted for the goalkeeper of Brazil's most popular soccer team on Wednesday over the disappearance and possible murder of his ex-girlfriend in a case that has transfixed the soccer-crazed country.

Flamengo keeper Bruno Souza and a friend were ordered arrested late on Tuesday while public prosecutors investigate their suspected involvement in the disappearance of 25-year-old model Eliza Samudio last month.

Globo Television showed police cars arriving at Bruno's plush house near a Rio beach on Wednesday morning, but they did not find the goalkeeper or his friend Luiz Henrique Ferrera Romao, known as "Spaghetti".

"Bruno has fled," said Edson Moreira, police chief in Bruno's home city of Belo Horizonte, about 440 km (270 miles) north of Rio.

Samudio, 25, had filed a police complaint against Bruno last October, saying that she had been kidnapped, beaten up and forced to take medicine that would induce an abortion. She later gave birth to a baby she said was Bruno's.

Neither Bruno nor Romao have been charged.

Bruno, who like many Brazilian footballers is known by one name, has denied involvement in Samudio's disappearance in recent comments to media. Bruno's current partner was arrested in Belo Horizonte on Wednesday morning.

Rio de Janeiro's Flamengo is the league champion and by far Brazil's most popular club, its distinctive black-and-red striped shirts worn by Brazilians from the beaches of Rio to remote villages.

A police source told Reuters that Bruno's arrest was ordered after a 17-year-old cousin of the goalkeeper testified on Tuesday that he and Romao had kidnapped Samudio and driven her to Bruno's house in Belo Horizonte.

Romao's lawyer, Ercio Quaresma Firpe, was quoted by media as saying the cousin told police that Samudio's body had been fed to a rottweiler, although he described that possibility as "surreal."
Ties between Brazil's favorite sport and crime have been in the spotlight after Adriano, another Flamengo player and a former striker for the national team, came under investigation for alleged links to drug traffickers in Rio.

Adriano, who denied wrongdoing and has not been charged, is being investigated by prosecutors on suspicion of transferring thousands of dollars to a drug lord. He has since moved to Italy's Roma club.


For a more indepth article relating to this story, go to The Daily Beast 

UPDATE: He has turned himself in to police

Hodgson reveals Gerrard talks

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Roy Hodgson has revealed his delight at the content of his talks with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher - and the new boss is confident of a similar outcome when he meets with Fernando Torres after the World Cup.

 Just hours after being confirmed as Liverpool manager last Thursday, Hodgson met with Gerrard and Carragher - and later Academy Ambassador Kenny Dalglish - in his new office at Melwood.

And the tactician was left thrilled with the positive nature of the conversations.

"I think they went splendidly," Hodgson told LFC Weekly. "I was very happy to meet the players and, of course, Kenny who I already know so well.

"I was delighted to see how positive they are. Everybody is looking forward towards to the new season."

He added: "Obviously Steven and Jamie are the playing heartbeat of the club and it's very important we keep people like that with us.

"I anticipate there might be a situation where other big clubs will try and sign Steven, but he gave me no indication that he wanted to leave.

"Nobody at the club wants him to go so I will be doing my utmost to make sure he stays. I am confident he will."

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William Gallas blames Domenech for everything

According to William Gallas — the man overlooked for the French captaincy ahead of the World Cup campaign that would prove to be an epic disaster that probably still has a few aftershocks rumbling down the pike — everything is manager Raymond Domenech's fault. Of course. The out-of-contract defender told Les Inrockuptibles (via the AFP): 

                           "If it was a fiasco, then there are reasons for it. 
                           "And for me there is no need to draw a veil over why: they emanated from the coach. 
                           "The real problem is the coach. Okay I wasn't good, we weren't good. But the coach wasn't up to scratch either. I was appalled that we didn't play with two strikers. 
                           "Even the training sessions weren't up to the level required. 
                           "You can have the best players in the world in your team, but if you don't have the coach you need, then the results will not be achieved."

OK, so nobody was good, but because the coach wasn't good either, then all the blame lies solely with him. The infighting, the player strike, the rumored hatred of Yoann Gourcuff — all exclusively to be blamed on Raymond Domenech. Granted, he did prove to be a less-than competent manager, poor sport, and someone who had no control over his squad, but maybe there's a bit of blame to be shared for that "I wasn't good, we weren't good" part, eh, William? And heaping on all this blame weeks after the fact wouldn't have anything to do with any personal bitterness, would it? 

                           Gallas, who apparently is being courted by French side Paris Saint Germain, reveals his own personal source of bitterness when he recounts how he discovered he would not be captain of the side after the sole remaining member of the 1998 World Cup winning squad, Thierry Henry, was told he would not be a starter. 
                           "The hardest part of it, is the manner in which it happened," said Gallas, who after Henry was the most senior member of the squad. 
                           "I realised when I entered the changing-room prior to the friendly with Costa Rica (May 26) that the captain's armband was placed beside Evra's shirt. 
                           "He (Domenech) told me: 'In any case, you would not be a good captain'," added Gallas.

BURN! That's just a cruddy thing to say to someone who is still going to be in your starting XI. Especially someone as temperamental as Gallas. Given that, I'm actually kind of surprised Gallas isn't blaming him for more things. Like the spread of feline AIDs and salmonella.

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To Those With Nothing, Soccer Is Everything

By Celia W. Dugger

CAPE TOWN — Jessica Hilltout, a nomadic, Belgian-born photographer, loaded sacks of deflated soccer balls onto the roof of a battered yellow Volkswagen Beetle last year and began a seven-month road trip across Africa to document the continent’s love of the game. She found it in villages where children played with joyous abandon on dusty patches of ground, sandy beaches and lush fields, far from the stadiums where Africa’s first World Cup would be held.

She captured their sense of play in lyrical images hanging now in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Brussels galleries. Gleeful little boys in Burkina Faso leap in exultation as their team scores. A young fisherman goes airborne as he hits a header on a beach in Togo. Barefoot boys in Ghana lope gracefully across a field as their slender, elongated shadows chase them.

As the World Cup draws to a close this week, with international teams playing on fields edged by ever-changing digital advertisements for the likes of Adidas, McDonalds and Coca-Cola, images of the highly commercialized, FIFA-sanctioned soccer will not be the only lasting ones.

“The beautiful game exists in its purest form in what I saw — people playing for the joy of playing,” Ms. Hilltout said in an interview here.

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From this morning's New York Times. There's also a slide show of more photos.

Edit: I just want to add that this is why I love football. It has such univeral appeal.
I've said this before around here, but you don't need anything explained to you in order to understand the basics of football, and this, to me, is what makes it the beautiful game. :)

FIFA World Cup: Five Reasons The 2010 Edition Has Been So Poor

It's supposed to be the biggest show on earth.
It's meant to be bigger, better, and more exciting than the Olympics.
It should make the whole World stop in unison for 90 minutes to stare at a television screen, even if your country is not playing.
Perhaps it still makes the World stop, perhaps it is still the greatest show in sport but this World Cup has certainly not reached the highs of Usain Bolt in the Olympics.
Sepp Blatter has been mouthing to all who will listen—and that is few—that this World Cup has been the best yet, and has been a glaring success. Considering Blatter's ideas of "fair play" it's no surprise that he is wrong.
Yes, South Africa has hosted the tournament well. The infrastructure and stadia were built on time, but, surely, this is to be expected.
Despite the scaremongering, there was no terrorist attacks or killing of tourists on the streets.
But the World Cup is not meant to be a promotional tool for the South African tourist board, it's meant to be about the football and the promotion of football.

Here are five reasons why this World Cup did anything but promote football to the unconverted.

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S.African stadiums better than Europe, says Blatter
Reuters, Thursday July 8 2010

JOHANNESBURG, July 8 (Reuters) - FIFA president Sepp Blatter lavished praise on South Africa's World Cup stadiums on Thursday, saying they were better than in Europe.

"These stadiums are jewels from the architectural point of view, they are really, really good stadiums," he told reporters.
"Wherever the spectators are in the stadium, they have a complete view of the pitch.

"There is not one single European country which has so many good and high level stadiums as the ones which are here in South Africa."

Blatter expressed hope that former South African president Nelson Mandela would be present at Sunday's final between Spain and Netherlands. "If he can come to the stadium, it will be good," he said. "Whether he can stay for the whole final, I do not know. "He has had the trophy in his hands in Zurich in 2004 and it would be a wonderful moment for him, for football, for Africa, if this could be a possibility."

Despite a tournament marred by some play-acting and occasional refereeing controversies, Blatter praised the behaviour of the players.

"The fair play of the players is a compliment to the teams and coaches because the statistics have shown that there are less injuries and this is very important, there have been less yellow and red cards, the players have been respectful to their opponents.
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Goalkeepers Appreciation Entry


Okay, now that I have your attention-

There's all this talk of the Ballon D'Or and such, but let's not forget to give the goalkeepers some love, y/n? (Casillas kind of doesn't count because he gets enough love as it is... but rightly so, o' course!)

The Yashin Award for the tournament's best goalkeeper!
Which goalkeeper do you think has the best chance of winning the 2010 Yashin Award?
Which goalie do you think put up a good fight/did well to break lots of hearts during the tournament? (by er, keeping goals out, I mean - not so much letting in goals (that's a different way of breaking hearts), but we can talk about that too, if you want)
And to hell with it, who is your favourite goalie? I'm a bit of a Sergio Romero fan m'self. And Kingson and Casillas and Eduardo and Paston... edited to add Howard, because you guys reminded me of how awesome he was, and I am ashamed that I needed reminding in the first place. :(

Discussion time!

Jovanovic signs for Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club today confirmed the signing of Serbia international Milan Jovanovic.

The 29-year-old forward was one of Serbia's star performers at the World Cup, scoring the winner in a shock win over Germany. He penned a three-year deal at Melwood today before meeting some of his new teammates.

He said: "It is an honour for me to sign for one of the biggest clubs in football.

"I cannot wait to start working with the manager and I'm looking forward to joining up with my new teammates on our Swiss training camp."

Jovanovic spent the previous four years at Standard Liege, where he won Belgian Footballer of the Year in 2008 and the Golden Shoe in 2009.

Source: LFC Official Site via RAWK (because I ain't clicking the link)
The Captain

Club post.

Torsten Frings is injured...again. I just want to wrap him in bubble wrap everyday. I hope he is actually fit before the Bundesliga season starts. :/

Former Germany midfielder Torsten Frings underwent surgery on a groin injury on Thursday but should be fit to play when the Bundesliga season starts in August.

Bremen coach Thomas Schaaf said that Frings, 33, had been bothered by the problem for a few months and that surgery could not be avoided.

Frings will miss all pre-season training camps as he will be sidelined for around four weeks. Bremen then play their Bundesliga season-opener at 1899 Hoffenheim on August 21 or 22.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho gives green light to sign Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger - report

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho gives green light to sign Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger - report

Real Madrid turn to German talisman after difficulty in Gerrard capture...

As reported by AS, Bastian Schweinsteiger is Real Madrid's new midfield transfer target as the attempts to bring either Roma's Daniele De Rossi or Liverpool's Steven Gerrard have stalled.

According to reports, new Madrid coach Jose Mourinho is enchanted by the German midfielder's World Cup performances in South Africa this summer and the Bayern Munich talisman now heads Los Blancos' list of transfer targets.

With Schweinsteiger opening the doors to negotiations with Madrid yesterday in a press conference, coyly declaring that his favourite colour is white, it seems as if passing interest has assumed a more formal tone. Hailed as a 'box to box' midfielder, Schweinsteiger has become Mourinho's man to reinforce the midfield, with Athletic Bilbao's Javi Martinez serving as the alternative.

It is, however, anticipated that taking Schweinsteiger to the Santiago Bernabeu will not be without hiccup. Although the relationship between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid is a healthy one, Bayern president Uli Hoeness has a reputation for being a difficult negotiator. Schweinsteiger's clause to rescind his contract is worth £45.4million (€55 million), a fee Madrid would find too steep to justify. It remains to be seen whether an agreement will be able to be reached.

Source: http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/3277/la-liga/2010/07/06/2012402/real-madrid-coach-jose-mourinho-gives-green-light-to-sign

Hala Madrid

A Historical La Liga Post

With the World Cup coming to a close, and club season right around the corner, I've noticed some people here saying they don't know who to follow, Barcelona or Real Madrid. Well guess what?? There are 18 other teams to choose from in La Liga! Here, I've made a short introduction for each team, including the newest promoted members. Warning! If you don't like to read, this post is probably not for you. Also, there aren't any pictures :( Feel free to add them in the comments, though! I mean we hardly get posts about Aitor Ocio, so I expect to see his fine ass in the comments.

Just a couple things:
I tried to steer clear of the politics. That discussion almost always ends messy.
Contrary to popular belief, teams that have 'Real' in their name, aren't the real teams, and everyone else is fake. This means that sometime in their history, they were marked by Spanish Royalty. You can also tell who these teams are by a crown in the crest.
The order of the teams is how they finished last year, with Barcelona first and the three that were promoted last
This post explains how La Liga works
If you still have questions, feel free to ask them! There are enough La Liga followers in here to help you out
If I got something wrong, let me know.

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Source: google, wiki, my brain, my twitter friends, oleole, la liga weekly, anais_molko , etc., probably random people in this community too.

Charter Jets Cause Airport Chaos - Fans Miss Match

 DURBAN, South Africa – Soccer Football fans were left heartbroken on Wednesday when air-traffic chaos allegedly caused by celebrity charter flights caused hundreds of supporters to miss the World Cup semifinal between Spain and Germany.

Durban’s King Shaka International Airport was temporarily shut down in the hours leading up to Wednesday’s game due to an unplanned influx of air traffic traveling from Cape Town, where the first semifinal was held Tuesday night.

The anger of fans was only intensified by claims that delays of more than five hours, plus redirected flights, were caused by the addition of specially chartered services for VIPs. Charlize Theron and Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were among the A-list celebrities who arrived as part of a mass influx of chartered and private jets, according to Colin Naidoo, a spokesman for the Durban airport.

“We did have some delays which were compounded by the fact we had air-traffic congestion,” said Naidoo. “At a certain stage air-traffic control decided to close arrivals to the airport.

“Some fans didn’t manage to get to the game because we had to turn those aircraft back. We had lots of air traffic from the two countries that are playing.”

A riot nearly erupted on one flight when fans were told they were being redirected due to the number of business jets on the runway and attempted to storm the cockpit, according to Durban’s most widely read morning paper, The Mercury.

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wow i feel bad for all the fans who spent thousands on their dream trip, only to not get off the runway for the best part, but I don't completely blame to south africans for trying to capitalize on this event. i mean, that airport wont see this type of traffic till the next world cup held there :/
Jade Move

Slow slow people out there......

 So from a story by unamadridista  who also writes con_la_roja  I decided to share the NY Times article because well it Kinda bring the lolz in all honesty...... 
Sorry it's a long article that I would break up with Pics but photobucket hates me because I have exceeded bandwith FML :/ Will fix later    *sorry can't be botheredfixing people are just gonna have to deal......*

Nice Goal! How’d You Like to Be a Model?

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Baby Smiley ~ Gloria

This is a srs bzns mod post.

Ok, just a few things really.

Firstly, yes I am a mod. Hello, I'm the one who's been deleting tons the posts. Nice to meet you.

One the subjects of posts, I need to clarify a few things; PLEASE PLEASE check the front of ontd_football just before you submit your post. This will eliminate a lot of duplicate posts.

Also, we don't need 2984283712390127 "appreciation spams" for each NT a day. We don't even need one a day. Please cut down on the amount of spams por favor. ONE FOR EACH TEAM on the match day is fine.

Another point, as much as I love you guys, I don't really care if other people on the comm have indirectly annoyed you. If it's a personal attack, that's something different, however.
Please refrain from posting personal LJ type entries on here. I trust you guys to be the decider on what makes a good post but please bare in mind we will delete posts that are pointless.

Lastly, play nice.
Nina Dobrev
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Hargreaves to miss tour!

Owen Hargreaves has today been ruled out of United's pre-season tour.

Sir Alex Ferguson told MUTV: "The bad news is that Owen Hargreaves is back in America seeing the specialist. He won't be ready for the start of the season. I don't know when he'll be back."

The midfielder was sidelined between September 2008 and April 2010 and required surgery on both knees but did return to action at the end of last season. He played 45 minutes for the Reserves before making a brief appearance off the bench in the first-team's final away fixture at Sunderland.

There’s plenty of positive news for United fans, though, with the boss confirming three key men should recover from injury in time to line up for the start of the season.

“Antonio Valencia should be okay and Nani should be ready for the start of the season, too. Michael Owen is doing great – he’s doing all his work in the gymnasium every day. I don’t think he’ll be fit to go to America but he should be ready for the start of the season.”

The boss also revealed Rio Ferdinand faces a battle to be fit for the Reds’ first league test, at home to Newcastle United on Monday 16 August, although admitted it will be a race that’s run close.

“It depends on how his progress is over the next few weeks,” he said.

Meanwhile, Brazilian midfielder Anderson remains on track to return from a cruciate knee injury in late September.

“He’s doing fine, he’s working hard, but it will be late September.”


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Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
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Who wants to be the Queen of Spain???

Haai. *waves* First post here (hope I haven't fucked up anything)

La Reina Sofia visited La Roja's locker rooms after the semi.
It's all sorts of priceless, you guys..the chicos kicking their shit out of the way, Puyol coming out of the shower in a towel....

WATCH IT ON THE SITE (if YT takes it down.)

Germany vs Spain Comp Winners~<3

I'll give out the prizes tomorrow after i come back from school :3

1. 1st place 12 months paid account or $25 to spend on LJ
2. 2nd place 6 months paid account or $15 to spend on LJ
3. 3rd place 2 months paid account or $5 to spend on LJ

1st place goes to eireeckah
2nd place goes to rebelstrike21
3rd place goes to anais_molko

Also for being such funny cookies i'd like to gift~
wall_upper & ingwerale

I'll be doing this again for Germany's next match

Congrats everyone <3