July 2nd, 2010

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-Perhaps y'all should consider "subject fatigue" when posting something. If there have already been a few posts made closely together on the rivalry between Trolls FC and Unicorns United, do people really need/want another one? Just think about it, because the more you post on the same tired subject, the more ~dramatic~ comments in those posts get as people run out of new things to discuss.

-I feel like a tool, reminding you when a lot of you already know, but there are a lot of new people so I will just keep bringing it up: don't post anything from Dirty Tackle, Kickette, or other similar blogs. If something is so funny/interesting/whatever you want to show it here, copy/paste the first line and link the rest back and maybe add a bit of your own to the post. Putting up whole articles though? Not nice at all. Consider this the last warning, because after this, there will be a "delete on sight" policy.

-Also not nice at all? HOTLINKING! Don't do it. It's not too much effort to save a picture/gif and upload it again to tinypic. Hotlinking messes up other people's bandwidth and especially here, with so many people putting up gifs, hotlinking makes it less fun for them to deal with and less likely to keep putting stuff up.

-I saw this somewhere else but I'm gonna repost it here for everyone to see:
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Seriously? Some of you need to chill out. Is there a picspam/love-in post about a team you dislike? Move on, or make your own about your team; they don't need you crashing that party. Also, we all have varying levels of football knowledge, and there is no need to be on a high horse if you know a lot or to pretend like you know a lot if you don't.

-No, seriously, chill out. Ultimately we're all here because we like some aspect of this sport, and attacking each other over nothing is pointless and stupid and just makes people look like jerks. Bitchassness will get you nothing.

Anyway, in less than eleven hours there will be international football again! My goodness, I just can't wait.

Maradona retaliates to Schweinsteiger's comments

World Cup 2010: Diego Maradona - The eccentric Albiceleste coach responds to German criticism in the way only he can...

By Daniel Edwards

Jul 1, 2010 2:30:00 PM

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By the way, don't blindly believe the media on the 'imitating' the German accent part - coz it has as usual made a mountain of a molehill as Maradona hasn't been using any kind of Germany accent when commenting on Bastian. The explanation for the accent thing is here. (Credit to erised_mirror)

PS. I do realize that the whole Argentina vs Germany pre-game fights has been discussed to the point of saturation so mods feel free to delete this post if you want to- I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience I might have caused to anyone - It is not my intention to cause any hostility here!

Where's your favorite jailbait, now?

HI, I'M BACK. You know, I really think you guys need this to release some...~*tension*~ up in the World Cup. Take a break from all dis dramamas and stuffs. What better way to just unfocus than to spam our favorite little (my favorite little) Spanish bby?


Would you deny that face?

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Goodluck to all the teams today, play your hearts out!

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Dunga confirms will not stay with Brazil

PORT ELIZABETH, July 2 (Reuters) - Brazil coach Dunga made it clear he would not continue in the job after his side lost 2-1 to Netherlands in their World Cup quarter-final on Friday.

Asked about his future, he told reporters: "We knew when I started that I would be here for four years."

"It's sad, it's difficult, nobody prepares to lose."

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Source: Reuters

Good. Will never forgive him for not picking Ronaldinho. D;
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Brazil your loss could have been contributed to (Celebs in the Stands)

who let this broad in?

Sources: Paris Hilton's Twitter (@ParisHilton)

So who has been your favorite celeb at the WC so far?

I gotta give it to the king of cool billy bill clint...I don't know about the guy on his side though.


Maradona Deserves Respect and an Apology

Dear Diego: It is high time that we critics said sorry, and thank you.

We misjudged your appointment as coach. We believed that Julio Grondona, the 78-year-old president of Argentina’s soccer federation, had lost all sense of reason in asking you, a fading icon without a coaching badge, to pick up a broken national team and lead it through this World Cup.

Well, so much for so-called expertise.

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I can't love Maradona, I just can't. I don't like when people compare him to God or put him on a pedestal, even though I'm not particularly religious. Still, I can see that our team is playing beautifully and that it has a lot to do with the coach. For that I'm thankful.

NYT widget showing Facebook mentions of players

Has anyone played with this widget yet?  (Sorry, it's not embeddable.)

It tracks mentions of players on Facebook by day -- you can click through each day of the tournament and see who was being discussed the most.  The players with the most mentions appear larger than the others.  It's sort of hilarious as it usually looks like one or two players are either giants or playing against Lilliputians ;)  For example, on the 24th Quagliarella is just sitting on the pitch surrounded by tiny people.... on the 29th, it looks like CRon is about to kick a whole bunch of miniscule players off the pitch. Hilarious! You can sort by country, last name, or number of mentions. Anyway, thought I'd share in case y'all hadn't seen it already.

Edit: added screenshot --