June 29th, 2010

football: all hail messi <3

Argentina mini picspam pt. II

I promised a picspam, but as I was out today i wasn't able to make one on time, and besides the picspam by diamondx is pretty much perfect :D But since i have made a promise here's a mini mini picspam by me! Enjoy it happy people, we all need to show some support for our lovely Argentina team! They get too much unnecessary hate. PEACE AND LOVE, ARGENTINA BBS LOVE YOU.

I will be making a BIG ASS picspam of the Argy team once they win the world cup. BWAHAHAHA okay so even if they get defeated somewhere, I will still be making a huge picspam of these guys+Maradona BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTH IT. Fucking best team ♥

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Gonzo is About to Take Over the World; Tevez on his offside-goal

Great chance for Higuain to surpass El Diego
Tuesday - Jun 29, 2010, 08:27am (GMT+5.5)

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Tevez - I knew I was offside
Argentina striker admits he was 'selfish'

By Mike Barton Last updated: 28th June 2010

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Carlos Tevez has admitted he knew that he was offside in the run-up to his opening goal of Argentina's 3-1 victory over Mexico on Sunday.

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Liverpool FC to appoint Roy Hodgson as manager on Thursday

deal with it?

Roy Hodgson is expected to be unveiled as Liverpool manager on Thursday.

The Fulham manager has refused to wait around whilst the Football Association agonise over whether to offer Fabio Capello a stay of execution following England's World Cup exit, despite initially eyeing the role if the national side had not defeated Slovenia last Wednesday.

Hodgson's first order of business will be to preside over offers for the club's key duo of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard, with a £20million bid being tabled by Real Madrid for the Liverpool captain's services.

Chelsea are hoping that they can prise Torres away from Merseyside for less than his £60million asking price due to Liverpool's financial problems, with debts incurred by owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks continuing to exceed £351million.

The Blues, who were Hodgson's local rivals during his two-and-a-half year reign at Craven Cottage, believe that an offer of £25million could be enough to lure Torres, 26, to Stamford Bridge and the prospect of Champions League football could be too strong for him to resist.

Hodgson's appointment is set to be greeted with little fanfare from the Kop especially if it ends Kenny Dalglish's future at the club, with the Scot understood to be considering walking away from Anfield should his longstanding friend be named as manager.

Dalglish had told the board that he wished to be considered for the same role he vacated in 1991 due to a lack of strong candidates in the frame to succeed Rafael Benitez, who joined Inter Milan after parting company with Liverpool earlier this month.

I'll back Roy but this means shit all until the "owners" fuck off and sell the club.
Can't wait for the fire sale of all the players to begin once the World Cup is over!!!

eating my feeling away with ice cream rn


Another Dave Henson :)

Now, this is not as good as the others, but it still made me laugh. It also reminded me of the views of certain English tabloids ;)

Now this is the first time I've posted anything, ever (not even in my journal) so PLEASE DEAR GOD WORK RIGHT
Also, why am I posting this at 6 in the morning? I don't even know.

Barcelona want to sign Germany star Ozil

The agent of Mesut Ozil has hinted the Werder Bremen star would love a move to Barcelona.

Reports suggest Barcelona have stepped up their interest in Werder Bremen playmaker Mesut Ozil and are willing to offer cash plus Alex Hleb to secure the Germany international’s services.

The 21-year-old has been outstanding during the World Cup in South Africa, being particularly impressive in the victories against Australia and England.

Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola is a big fan of the player who joined Werder in 2008 for Euros 4.3million.

Belarus international Hleb is deemed to be surplus to requirements at Camp Nou and has played in the Bundesliga before with Stuttgart.

The 29-year-old has started only 12 matches for Barca following his move from Arsenal two years ago.

Bayer Leverkusen coach Jupp Heynckes believes the capture of Michael Ballack will be a big help to the club’s youngsters.

The Germany international has agreed to return to Bayer, who he played for between 1999 and 2002, after being released by Chelsea at the end of last season.

"Michael is going to be the attraction of the league," a thrilled Heynckes told Bild. "It is incredible that such a fantastic player is now back in Leverkusen.

"I would never have thought that he would sacrifice so much money and I told him this.

"He will give us dominance in midfield, a goalscoring threat from free-kicks and the youngsters can learn a great deal from him.”

Sources 12 and 3
Podolski "My dream is to play for Barcelona" (December/2009)

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Larrionda & Rosetti axed from World Cup

JOHANNESBURG - The referees at the centre of controversy in the Germany v England and Argentina v Mexico second round matches have not been retained for the remainder of the tournament, FIFA said in a statement on Tuesday.

Uruguayan Jorge Larrionda, who refused to award a clear England goal, and Italian Roberto Rosetti, who allowed an offside Argentina goal to stand, were the two most high profile names to leave the tournament at this stage.

England went on to lose 4-1 but at the time of the disallowed goal were 2-1 down, while Mexico were drawing 0-0 before Carlos Tevez's header stood.

guti WEAH

Best Five Head in the World On Dave Letterman Tonight

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After scoring three goals on soccer's biggest stage, Landon Donovan touched down on U.S. soil Tuesday from South Africa, where he had helped keep Team USA's hopes alive in the World Cup – before Ghana ousted them Saturday.

The soccer stud, 28, was tight-lipped during his homecoming at a Washington D.C.-area airport, which came just one day after a British woman claimed she was pregnant with his child.

But Donovan won't be staying mum much longer. He's scheduled to drop by the Late Show with David Letterman for a sit down with the talk show host later in the day.

EDIT: Landon will also be on the Daily Show on Wednesday! OH THIS IS GONNA BE REALLY GOOD!!!


Messi is not "unprotected"

The president of the FIFA Referee's Comittee, Spanish José María García Aranda, disagreed with Argentine coach Diego Maradona as he stated that "in no way" Lionel Messi is being left unprotected from rival's agressions, and assured that "not only one player, but all of them, should be kept safe."

In an interview with DyN, García Aranda also considered that the level of the referees in the World Cup is "excellent" and rejected the idea of keeping a closer eye on refs Roberto Rosetti (Italy) and Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay), though he admitted that they both made mistakes that affected the results of the games between Argentina-México and Germany-England, and that he left still to be decided by the Comittee he's in charge of if the two of them will continue in the World Cup or return to their respective countries.

García Aranda considered the referees' performances were excellent and that
their mistakes didn't affect the final results

- Maradona keeps complaining about referees because he thinks they don't protect Messi.
- Well, I don't see it that way. Not only one player must be protected regardless what his name is, all of them should be kept safe, and I consider that that's what's being done. I don't have my statistics near me, but it's quite obvious that there's been less injured players and also less yellow cards.

- But the fact that there's a lower number of players getting booked might lead to think that the players who foul don't receive the sanction they deserve.
- I don't see it that way.

- In this round, there's been two referees that have been questioned, Larrionda and Rosetti, that affected the final result.
- They're both excellent referees. I don't do individual evaluations about their performances and in any case, that'll be the Comittee's job. But in the case of these particular mistakes, it's one play amongst many others. Besides, them having influence on the final result is something you say and I respect it, but I don't see it that way.

- Will they continue in the World Cup or will they return to their countries?
- That will be decided by the Comittee.

- In football, the incorporation of technology is still being avoided, though Joseph Blatter said that it now has to be considered. What do you think?
- I'm neither in favor nor against technology. We apply the rules of the International Board, and if technology gets incorporated or not, we'll accept that. We're just here to stand by the actual rules.

- What would be your evaluation of the referees' performance in this round?
- Excellent.

I think this man has been watching a different World Cup :|


Bundesqueen will watch Germany winning.

After Michael Ballack promised to make a visit, our very own Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel also announced to watch the quarter final match of Germany vs. Argentina.

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Source: http://www.bild.de/BILD/sport/fussball-wm-2010-suedafrika/2010/06/29/deutsch/angela-merkel/bundeskanzlerin-beim-viertelfinale-deutschland-gegen-argentinien-im-stadion.html
it's cersei bitch
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Van Marwijk calls team meeting over Van Persie

DURBAN, South Africa (AP) Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk has demanded unity among his World Cup players after Robin van Persie's angry outburst.

Van Persie's irate reaction at being substituted in the 2-1 win over Slovakia threatened to derail preparations for the quarterfinal against Brazil.

Van Marwijk said Tuesday he called a team meeting after reports in Dutch media that the striker said midfielder Wesley Sneijder should have been brought off instead of him.

"I will never accept anything that could upset the next match," Van Marwijk told Dutch national broadcaster NOS.

"I spoke to Robin and he is supposed to have said something about Wesley. I've spoken to Wesley and after that I called the team together ... told them what I think and then drew a line under it."

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They should get their shit together before facing Brazil or it's gonna be CARNAGE. Kiss and make up, release some of that unresolved sexual tension if you know what I mean.

Gif of the incident, courtesy of dreamfight3r:

All Hail: Sepp Blatter Emporor of the FIFA nation

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 JOHANNESBURG -- FIFA president Sepp Blatter warned French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday that his country's team risks suspension from global tournaments if he meddles in the running of the national soccer federation.

Blatter said Tuesday he was sending a "clear and clean message" to the French government and Sarkozy, who has said he would personally lead the investigation into Les Bleus' dismal showing at the World Cup.

The French soccer federation "can really rely on FIFA in case of political interference -- even if it is at the presidential level," Blatter said. "France made an 'affaire d'etat' of football, but football remains in the hands of the federation."

FIFA rules demand that federations manage their affairs independently or face suspension from international soccer matches and business. Teams, referees and soccer officials can be barred from participating even if the federation is the innocent victim of government meddling.

A FIFA suspension could affect French clubs Marseille, Lyon and Auxerre competing in the Champions' League next season, and hamper preparations to organize the 2016 European Championship. France was awarded the hosting rights last month by European football body UEFA.
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I just don't think it's appropriate for FIFA to be telling the Presidents of nations what they can, and can not do. I mean, who is FIFA to tell Sarkozy what he can and can not do with sport in his own country. He's the President, and he hasn't even done anything yet, and FIFA is already threatening him. Honestly, who do FIFA think they are? Well... they're FIFA... but wtf, why does that make them so special.... really... I mean, in the global scheme of things the responsibilities of a FIFA employee are nothing compared to the responsibilities of people that run nation. Afterall, it's just a fucking game. Funny enough, the world wont stop if football is no longer regulated by FIFA, but for some reason FIFA go on acting like it will. They act like if they don't exist, the game wont exist, and I think they have that fucked up chip on their shoulders. Football can exist without FIFA, FIFA themselves think otherwise. I think the sports body should watch their step, this isn't exactly the best time to be throwing out conditions to world leaders, especially when they can't even run their own World Cup. I don't know why FIFA thinks it's up there with the NATO, and United Nations of the world, they need a reality check.