June 27th, 2010

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Meeting Torres a big treat for young Rameez

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When Rameez Mahomed entered the McDonald's player escort programme, he didn't realise it would lead to his meeting his soccer hero, Fernando Torres.

The little boy from Johannesburg was one of 23 children who escorted the Spanish and Honduras players on to Ellis Park on Monday.

Cameras trained on Torres captured the Spanish talisman as he struck up a conversation with Rameez, 10. The two were pictured conversing animatedly from inside the tunnel.

Rameez said holding Torres's hand was something he had been hoping for ever since he was told he would be an escort, but he never dreamt it would happen.

"The players came out and they were all mixed up. I was standing third in the line and I was supposed to be holding Sergio Ramos's hand. Then I felt someone grab my hand and I looked up and it was Torres."

Rameez says the Spanish striker initiated the conversation by asking him his name and from there they continued talking about a range of topics, including Torres's nickname, his boots and Rameez's soccer knowledge and traded questions about each other's hairstyles.

The Grade 4 pupil at King Edward V Preparatory School, said he began to "have a feeling" that he would be the one to hold the hand of the iconic player.

"While we were on the bus I started to feel nervous. I thought, my dream is going to come true."

A fan of English premiership side Liverpool as well as Spain, Rameez said he took the opportunity to ask Torres a burning question - would he leave Liverpool for Manchester City next season?

"He told me he would never go to Manchester City because his heart was with Liverpool and also because he gets along well with Steven Gerrard."

Rameez's mother, Sabera, said she was stunned to see her son walking out with Torres. "He idolises Torres. As a mother, to see that, it was really an overwhelming moment. My hands were shaking so badly you can see it on the video I took," she said.

The little boy said he wasn't at all nervous. "I wasn't nervous, I was just excited to be holding the hand of one of the best players in the world and not only the best, but my favourite as well."

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OK I know that screencap is floating around here somewhere. $10 to the person who finds it first. [info]cherrycoco  posted the cap here

Remember the Christmas truce

 Rivalries will be rivalries. Well, even more so tomorrow when two of the World's biggest footballing nations meet in a clash that will set tongues wagging. Though we would love to be ruthless to each other at this time, we should remember the sentiments of the past. Mainly the one brought about by the Christmas truce of 1914/15. 

"On Christmas Eve 1915, a peace overture came from the German lines. On Christmas Day, after a night of carol singing, Bertie Felstead, a private in the Royal Welch Fusiliers recalled that feelings of goodwill had so swelled up that at dawn Bavarian and British soldiers clambered spontaneously out of their trenches. A football was produced from somewhere – though none could recall from where. "It wasn't a game as such, more a kick-around and a free-for-all. There could have been 50 on each side for all I know. I played because I really liked football. I don't know how long it lasted, probably half an hour."

Though rivalries are only natural, I thought that we could, for just a moment, forget them and remind ourselves why we started loving football in the first place. If you're upset about your team's exit, it's time for some cheering up. If you can't wait for your team's next match, it's time to get even more pumped. In the only way we can,

let's just celebrate football.

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Biggest Match for England since 1990: England vs. Germany

This is the match everybody in England has been waiting for: the biggest match in 20 years since World Cup 1990. The St. George flags are strung across in every shop window and from lampposts in English cities. Today is the day where everybody sits down in front of the television to watch an epic match: England vs. Germany.

Thank goodness it's Sunday, or else we would see a huge surge of people ringing in sick for work.

And yes, it's a big deal in England.

So, ontd_football, who will you be supporting? The Three Lions or the DFB?

Personally, I'm happy whichever side wins. I have supported Mannschaft since 1990, and will continue to support them. Also, we know that British tabloid fallout is going to be more epic if Germany wins. However, if the English side wins, I'd be happy with it too seeing that I identify myself as 'British'. All I know is, I will be watching it on a 20' huge plasma screen in city centre with other football fans.

Just a reminder of what football is all about.

The screencap above is from the Guardian, and the article is very moving, especially when The Christmas Truce is mentioned. It really restores my faith in the newspapers. We have decent people here!

Just because I never make a post without humour, this is just for the lulz -- The omens signifying an English win:

lol. There's no pre-party tag.

Disclaimer: The screencaps are from various UK tabloids, Bild and The UK Guardian.

I'm bringing you Italian WAG gossip!


Yesterday i heard that Antonio Cassano got married and I found some pics of the happy day.
Since the World Cup can bring ~the dramaz, i thought that a happy post that makes us dream of one day being fabulous WAGs could be nice.

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I would not marry Cassano himself, but I'm jealous!! I also wanna be a WAG!!! :(

Also, mmh this was happening while his NT was failing at the WC! I'm still sad about it! :(

The curse of Nike ad.

ok idk i'm allowed to post or is it already posted, but i'll do it lol
and forgive me if i did something wrong, it's my first time  kay

What is it about that Nike World Cup commercial? So far, not one of its stars has played anything like the beautiful game. Has world football got something going on like the Sports Illustrated cover jinx or the Madden Curse from his series of EA N.F.L. video games?

The three-minute-long epic in question, Nike’s “Write the Future” ad, shows five players in the heat of battle in South Africa imagining how the fans back home will react to their performance. The players are some of soccer’s biggest names: Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba, Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro, England’s Wayne Rooney, Brazil’s Ronadinho, and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The idea is that these players will put their Nike-made boots to work at the World Cup, and in so doing make a future for themselves (score a goal and you’re immortalized on YouTube, fail to score and you’re trailer trash) and for the Cup-hungry fans watching on TV. Problem is, these players aren’t making headlines, at least not the ones they’d like to make. In fact, they almost seem cursed!

In order of appearance:


Drogba’s elbow was broken in a friendly weeks before the finals began. He played only 20 or so tentative minutes in Ivory Coast’s opening draw with Portugal, then scored a goal vs. Brazil – but in a game the Ivoirians were down three goals and wound up losing by 3-1.

An aging center-back in a side criticized for its old-age, Cannavaro was ineffective in Italy’s shocking 1-1 draws with Paraguay and especially New Zealand — and besides, he announced he is retiring from international football after this tournament just days before the ad premiered online.

Wayne Rooney’s problems on and off the pitch in England’s first two matches have earned him little more than scorn.

Ronaldinho — well, he wasn’t even picked to go to South Africa and play for his team.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo, who didn’t score a goal for Portugal during its depressing qualifying campaign, couldn’t find the net in the team’s all-important opening match, the 0-0 draw with Ivory Coast. Now his country is pleading with him to step up against North Korea on Monday.

Does that spell out a curse?

Consider some of the commercial’s bit players and how they’ve done so far. In it, France’s Franck Ribéry tackles the ball off Rooney, and now Ribéry’s team is self-destructing spectacularly as it crashes out of the competition. In a shorter cameo during Rooney’s dream sequence, Spain’s Andrés Iniesta, Cesc Fàbregas, and Gerard Piqué throw down newspapers in disgust, as they must really have done Wednesday after losing to Switzerland in the biggest shock of the World Cup so far. In one of the ad’s funniest moments, Rooney dominates Roger Federer at table tennis; Federer has since lost his World No. 1 ranking to his main rival, and may never regain it.

The U.S. veterans Landon Donovan and Tim Howard are also in the ad, and although they’ve both played well so far, they and their teammates were certainly cursed when the referee denied them a 3-2 win vs. Slovenia.

Indeed, the only player in the Nike ad to truly do well is Kobe Bryant, who is shown celebrating a jump shot with a Ronaldinho-influenced stepover. Bryant won the N.B.A. title the other day, which just goes to show, You can’t curse ‘em all.


lolol great news for germans, i guess


BERLIN – German police say an American got so fed up with the constant mosquito-like droning from his neighbors' vuvuzela plastic horns that he threatened to kill them with an ax.

Police in the Bavarian city of Weiden said Friday the 45-year-old man confronted his neighbors during Thursday's Netherlands-Cameroon World Cup game wielding the ax.

They said he was so sick of the constant buzzing and honking from the vuvuzelas since the tournament began that he screamed: "I will kill you," and then returned home.

German authorities took the U.S. Army civilian employee into custody and turned him over to U.S. military police. The military says he has been released and the matter is in German hands.

Prosecutors are investigating whether to charge the man, whose name was not released, with making a threat and slander for allegedly calling his neighbors names.

The cheap, meter (yard)-long vuvuzela trumpets have become a side story of the World Cup in South Africa, where their buzzing has been the backdrop to every match.

Players have been criticizing the noise because they find it difficult to take advice from the bench, and visiting fans have no chance for community singing amid the noise.

A French cable TV channel even offers vuvuzela-free broadcasts for all World Cup matches, with the trumpets digitally tuned out.

Defenders include FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu — and masses of South African football fans.

The trumpets were first produced and marketed in 2001 by South African Neil Van Schalkwyk, who still owns the rights to the vuvuzela name. His latest innovation is to sell each with a pair of earplugs included.

Torres: 35 strange questions

El Pais, the best-selling newspaper in Spain, has been conducting a series of quick-fire question and answer interviews with members of the Spanish national squad throughout the World Cup and last week it was the turn of Fernando Torres.

El Nino answered 35 questions his teammates had already been grilled on.

Have a read - it's certainly not your average football interview...

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World Cup fever infiltrating Glastonbury festival

Revelers at the Glastonbury music festival put a brave face on England's World Cup defeat on Sunday, saying the show must go on.

Organisers erected two giant screens to cater for 80,000 supporters, or roughly half the number of people attending this year's event. Even that was not enough as fans were turned away and forced to listen to the action on the radio.

Excitement was already at fever pitch at dawn when some snoozing campers were woken by a huge conga line of fans chanting "football's coming home". Dave Benson was woken by the singsong but did not mind. "It was just one of those great Glastonbury moments," the retail worker from Newcastle said. "As it passed by people were joining at the back - one group of women joined in their pyjamas."

But there were also plenty of nerves on site. Daniel Clayton, 23, from Letchworth, said: "I am very worked up about it - very nervous. The festival has been brilliant. I just hope England win to make it a really incredible weekend."

Crowds have danced to star acts including Gorillaz , Muse, Radiohead, Scissor Sisters , Shakira and Snoop Dogg, as well as hundreds of less famous names playing across a bewildering array of stages and venues. Motown legend Stevie Wonder was preparing to play the closing slot on the main Pyramid stage, and festivalgoers were confident that he would help them overcome the disappointment.

"Faithless followed by Stevie Wonder -- it doesn't get much better than that," said 24-year-old Jessica, who has been to Glastonbury 15 times. "I'll probably have a sulk for a couple of hours, then drink plenty and probably get over it," she added.

Love the skillz on show in that video and I'm so jealous of everyone there - best way ever to get over a loss y/y?
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50 bucks says Michael Bradley does it with his cleats on

Michael Bradley was so amazing this tournament, arguably one of the best young players in the whole damn thing. I hope he gets a fat raise after this. If you read/watch his interviews his seriousness and obsession with footy is obvious and kind of hilarious. Which is why I'm sure he has probably knockd boots with his boots on at least a few times, just to ensure his mind is never too far from the game. 

Anyone who has watched the United States at this World Cup has been impressed by Michael Bradley. He is relentless in midfield — making plays, taking shots, scoring goals, breaking up opposition thrusts. His shaven head always seems to be in the picture, in the middle of where things are happening.

But to the surprise of even longtime soccer fans, there are meaningful statistics to back up the impression Bradley gives — and they show that Coach Bob Bradley’s son is not only perhaps the Americans’ best player at this World Cup, but also one of the best in the entire tournament.
Even though most soccer commentators and fans pay little attention to stats, they are there, as Tom Dunmore of the Pitch Invasion blog outlines here, and no less a personage than Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger says he relies heavily on statistical data.
That said, FIFA’s own stats for this World Cup show that Bradley is an unstoppable midfield machine.

That sense you have that Bradley is everywhere, all the time? He has run 35.56 kilometers in the Americans’ three group-stage games, or just more than 22 miles; only three players at the tournament have covered more distance (Gerardo Torrado of Mexico at 35.86, Sami Khedira of Germany at 35.87 and An Yong-hak of North Korea at 36.22).

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This is a happy post. Feel free to share all of your USA joy in here. Thanks to the lovely laddies of OMG Yanks for some of the scans and GIF. Oh and we need a Michael Bradley tag!

FIFA needs to adopt replay at World Cup

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June 27, 2010 may go down as the day when soccer was forced to grow up.

After years of increasingly absurd arguments against using technologies widely embraced by other sports, FIFA saw their reticence come back to bite them as major blunders affected two games Sunday in the knockout round.

The entire world watched as the “human factor” cost a major European nation a goal this afternoon in Bloemfontein— and arguably that team a legitimate shot at a place in the next round. The only people in the world who didn’t know that Frank Lampard scored for England against Germany to tie the game up before the half at 2-2, were the referee and his assistant in the German half of the field.

In the evening, Mexico was sunk by a clearly offside goal scored by Argentina’s Carlos Tevez, and despite a touchline conference between ref Roberto Rosetti and his assistant Paolo Calcagno, that goal was allowed to stand.

Replays rapidly showed how wrong these calls were. The players knew it. The coaches knew it. The Jumbotron operator knew it. My aunt in Rhode Island, some 10,000 miles from the stadium, knew it. And according to the BBC, during the halftime intermission, the referees found out about it — and were devastated by it.

So if these blunders can be discovered so rapidly by replay, why isn’t soccer using it?

Because it is against one of the cardinal rules of the world game.

Soccer is a sport that pretends TV does not exist except when it comes time to sell the rights. FIFA has fought violently against adding replay and using goal-line technology, going so far as to spin out increasingly bizarre experiments — such as the ill-fated five-man officiating crew and the microchipped ball — in an effort to counter the now almost universal feeling that it is time the sport joined the rest of the world.

Why such resistance?

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just ignore the word 'soccer' throughout this whole article =b i think if the World cries loud enough, FIFA will have to yield. even a guy i know who has never watched a football match before this world cup, told me that it's because of gambling. i mean, if the yanks get it, it doesn't need a rocket scientist to figure out. i'm still waiting for FIFA to give a legit reason for why this isn't done.