June 26th, 2010

England Wank Post

Wayne Rooney World Cup Rant

Talks about....
*What the fok is soccer
*Spain Mentions
*Stevie G, Torres, Liverpool shower
*Kim Jong-Il
*Beckham crying

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Big expectations as U.S. meets Ghana

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RUSTENBURG, South Africa -- For other countries, a second-round World Cup match is a big step. For the United States, Saturday's game against Ghana is so much more.

The television audience back home could top the U.S. national team record of 13.7 million, set during the 1994 World Cup loss to Brazil.

After the U.S. finished atop its group for the first time in the modern era, it's high time to give Bob Bradley major props.

With a victory, the Americans would advance to a quarterfinal matchup versus Uruguay or South Korea on July 2 and match the farthest the U.S. team has advanced since the first World Cup in 1930. Confidence is soaring.

"If we continue to build on the successes so far, we can go to the end," coach Bob Bradley said Friday.

The U.S. team made the 2-hour trip Friday northwest from Irene and checked into the Bakubung Bush Lodge, where the bus was blocked by an elephant ahead of the opener against England on June 12. Players have been stoked since Landon Donovan's injury-time goal beat Algeria on Wednesday and lifted them into the knockout phase.

"The way we've been playing, feeling like we've gone undefeated and we've gotten stronger, I think that gives us hope," goalkeeper Tim Howard said.

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great insight from this article about the mentality and tactics of team USA, along with some useful information on Ghana, including both nations history together playing in the world cup. Also get information of places to watch the big game!!! remember folks, with american media it's all about reading between the lines. what information can u gather from this article and use it to figure out who really has the edge tomorrow. hmmm to me, it's still a toss up, but i had no idea these teams were so familiar! fifa, espn, abc are all going to make bank on the television rights for this match! the us is prepared though, they are their own worst enemies at this moment. god, i feel like this is gonna be good!

The Power of 10 meets Martin Tyler only on ESPN


Martin Tyler is the voice of childhood for sooo many people in England and across the globe, I'm honored that he decided the join the ESPN team as a commentator for this World Cup. He's already had some memorable goal calls already: GO! GO! USA!!! but here's the place to celebrate his other memorable words. Thank you ESPN for getting us all amped for this World Cup

EDIT: ESPN now sucks for not letting this be viewed in every country. Grrrr I hate when u find this stuff out the hard way. Sorry bbs

Today's gossip round-up

Let's not forget our clubs 
Transfer goss- 
Gallas to Juve?
Gourcuff to join Chamakh?
Redkapp's fighting his way to Cole
Reds eye a keeper
Robinho wants to go-go
More world cup madness-
Lippi - 'my bad'
Canna, on the other hand, blames the system
Capello names his penalty takers
Sarkozy puts football ahead of poverty
The real reason why England won the game against Slovenia

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grammy mike

The Butthurt War: England vs Germany

Epic match coming our way.

Will we see epic football on the pitch at 3pm GMT tomorrow? We can only wait and see. There is one thing definite: the epic battle between English and German media has already begun, albeit more on the English side, since we know that we're still butthurt over World Cup 1990.

As mentioned in a previous comment, I predicted that the British tabloids would:
(1) recap how glorious England was when England defeated Germany in World Cup 1966 finals, specifically the Wembley Goal / Wembley-Tor.
(2) make a mention of how awful Germany was during WWII.
(3) talk about how butthurt the whole nation was when Germany defeated England in the past 20 years, specifically in World Cup 1990.
(4) throw in Maradona's Hand of God for good measure, eventhough Argentina had no butthurt incidents with Germany.

So, have all those predictions materialised? Let's start with Collapse )

When it comes to media butthurt, looks like I'm better than that octopus which predicted how well Germany would do. So, where are our German bb's, startupcrash and mrs_obsessive? We need some BILD headlines.

/fake butthurt.

ETA 1: mrs_obsessive is busting out the BILD headlines!
ETA 2: Mods, may we get a 'butthurt' tag please? :)

Source: The British tabloids. You know which ones they are.
first rule in this world

FIFA acknowledges problems with Jabulani ball

JOHANNESBURG (AP)—FIFA has finally acknowledged that there may be something
wrong with the Jabulani World Cup ball, but won’t act on the problem until after the tournament.

Many players have likened the Jabulani to a “supermarket ball,” saying it is too unpredictable and flies through the air too easily.
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Jogi scary
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It's a Germany post & y'all better deal with it!


Schweinsteiger fitness for match against England
will be announced on Sunday

Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger's participation in Sunday's World Cup second round clash against England will be decided only hours before the match as the Germans hold out hope he could be fit to play. The 25-year-old playmaker, who plays a key role in their young squad with the absence of injured captain Michael Ballack, picked up a thigh muscle injury in their final Group D match against Ghana. He has missed the team training for the past two days.

Defender Jerome Boateng is also doubtful following his calf muscle injury in the same game. Both players trained lightly on Saturday.

"We will take the final decision tomorrow and the last training where we will see how fit they are," said goalkeeping coach Andreas Koepke, who replaced coach Joachim Loew at the final pre-match news conference on Saturday.

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DFB_TEAM has reached a little over 20,000 followers! 
FOLLOW THEM FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE NEWS, if you aren't already doing so!


Neuer riding a horse. Kind of?

[Sports] - Quique :_

Azzurri Post

Yes, they're OUT. But there are still news from them.

Buffon: 'Humiliation is good for us'

Gianluigi Buffon feels the first round World Cup exit is a good thing. “If we’d have qualified, we wouldn’t have examined ourselves the same way.”
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Lippi: "I take full responsibility"

Marcello Lippi has taken “all responsibility for failing to prepare the team for such an important tournament. They had terror in their legs, heads and hearts.”

Source and complete article here


(After Fabio's last Azzurri's match)
136 Fabio Cannavaro* Parma 61, Inter 19, Juventus 20, Real Madrid 26, Juventus
126 Paolo Maldini Milan
112 Dino Zoff Napoli 19, Juve 93
102 Gigi Buffon* Parma 35, Juventus


Pirlo: 'The end of an era'

Italy crashed out of the World Cup in the group phase just four years after lifting the trophy in Berlin.

We absolutely shamed ourselves,

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Source and complete article here

Gattuso: 'Bottom of the barrel'

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Source and complete article here

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So... What do you think about it? All of them are guilty? Should Fabio and Gattuso leave the NT? Is being Buffon a bit deppressive and pessimistic? Has Andrea Pirlo the best hair in the whole world?


Check this outt! WC MANIAAA

So my friend dragged me along to go see Toy Story 3 today (it's actually really cute :D) and i saw this movie poster and i couldn't believe my eyes
But i live in Vietnam which means i get most of the movies a few weeks late so maybe some of you have seen it before?
idk haaha but it made me lol
I didn't have a camera at the time so i couldn't take a photo but i found internet versions in several different languages instead :)

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