June 25th, 2010


Bye Micha ;(

Bayer Leverkusen sign Michael Ballack
on two-year contract

Bayer Leverkusen have completed the signing of Michael Ballack on a two-year contract, the German club have confirmed.

The 33-year-old was released by Chelsea at the end of the season having joined them, on a free transfer from Bayern Munich, in 2006.

Ballack played for Leverkusen for three years until 2002, scoring 27 goals in 72 appearances.

"With my transfer to Bayer Leverkusen a circle is complete. I had a beautiful and successful time here, on which I like to look back on a lot," Ballack told the club's official website. "That was a factor in my decision."

The Germany captain was forced to miss the World Cup with an ankle injury.


Wish you all the best and don't go harassing anymore referees ;)

World Cup Day 15

Match Day:

Group: G

10:00 EST/16:00 CET: North Korea v Ivory Coast

10:00 EST/16:00 CET: Portugal v Brazil

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Rafa Benitez is a really nice man /// Scousers plannning a protest

Rafa Benitez donates to Rhys Jones Memorial Fund

Liverpool FC's former manager Rafael Benitez has donated an undisclosed amount to the Rhys Jones Memorial Fund.
His cash injection will help build the new community centre in memory of the 11-year-old who was shot dead in Croxteth in 2007. The new Inter Milan boss arranged for a cheque to be delivered to the Jones family on Thursday.

Mr Benitez said: "In all my time at Liverpool this is one of the stories that affected me most." Rhys Jones was gunned down while walking home from football training through the Croxteth Park Estate. His killer Sean Mercer was convicted two years later after a lengthy police investigation and scores of arrests of gang members across Liverpool.

Mr Benitez added: "I am doing this on behalf of the people that cannot. I know that every person on Merseyside would have loved to give the fund a donation but they are in hard times and can't find the extra cash. To think that this lovely little boy was taken from his family in such awful circumstances is heart-breaking. I still remember his mother, father and brother Melanie, Stephen and Owen coming to the match not long after Rhys died and how they were so dignified, it is something I will remember for a long time. I hope this money goes towards making this community centre happen for all of those people who are working so hard for it."

The £1.5m development is just yards from where Rhys honed his football skills and will include a purpose-built sports facility when it is finished.

Mr Benitez made a £96,000 donation to the Hillsborough Family Support Group only a few weeks ago and has also donated money to the Lily Centre - a Liverpool based charity that offers support to women with breast cancer and a care home for the elderly in the Wirral.

Liverpool fans to hold protest rally and launch fan ownership plans on 4th July

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Slightly snarky article about how USA's Bradley wants the game to be played

Bradley: Punish the floppers!

IRENE, South Africa – Despite errors by FIFA referees that disallowed two goals and almost knocked the United States out of the World Cup, coach Bob Bradley isn’t in the mood to complain about the refs.

“The game is very hard to officiate,” he said.

Instead, Bradley took aim at a soccer tradition that assaults the sensibilities of many of the casual or new American fans this U.S. team has attracted this week – flopping.

If you’re tired of seeing generally fit, strong players writhe on the field like a wounded duck after a phantom touch, only to have one of their wincing eyes peeking at the referee, then Bradley feels your, ah, pain.
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I understand the snark, after all these antics have been a part of football since the beginning and this sort of sounds like the US (the new kid on the block) attempting to "add legitimacy and proper sportsmanship to the sport." FIFA knows what they're doing, after all they've been around for a long time and Bradley isn't really saying anything that everyone doesn't already know.

The diving and rolling around is annoying/childish and sometimes costs players their chance at playing for their teams (poor Kaka), but at the same time it sometimes amuses the hell out of me.

What do you guys think?

Really, I just posted this for the ridiculous diving gifs...
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World Cup Day 15 Continued

Match Day:

Group: H

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: Chile v Spain

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: Switzerland v Honduras

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oh shit, hooker

So, I just went on twitter and I was like, lol, why is Felipe Melo still trending?

And apparently, #FelipeMeloFacts is running amuck. Some of these are actually hilarious.

"Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits for Felipe Melo to put him to bed."

"Felipe Melo's favorite part of the Cup is going to begin: the knockout"

"Felipe Melo wasn't born; he was expelled from the uterus."

"Felipe Melo doesn't use condoms; he uses shin-guards."

"Once, Felipe Melo went to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with President Lula. He had scissors, and Lula had five fingers."

more tomfoolery can be found through a Twitter search

This post was brought to you by Felipe's brotha from anotha motha

ps, I've got more baby pics by the way:
cute smile

Best and Worst of the Group Stage

The World Cup Trophy and Golden Boot are still weeks away, but now that the first round is complete, a bunch of worthy candidates have emerged for some lesser awards -- the kind you won't see Sepp Blatter handing out anytime soon.

And, yes France and Italy, there's even a little something for you.

BEST PLAYER: Lionel Messi, Argentina

It almost seems unfair to give the Little Flea another hood ornament, but Argentina's No. 10 definitely packed his A-game for South Africa. Though he hasn't scored yet (despite launching 20 shots on goal), his corkscrewing runs and seeing-eye passes have terrified defenses into trying to bludgeon him into submission and opened up acres of space for his teammates to notch seven goals in their opening three games. That is tied for most in the tournament to date and helps Diego Maradona look like he actually knows what he's doing.

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Any awards you would give out??