June 24th, 2010

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i am also going to make an information kiosk post but this one is less funny or smart

Okie doke, like I said before, a lot of people have joined recently, and for so many people, there really haven't been many problems, which I appreciate and like. However, at certain points, we can become ~inundated~ with posts of particular teams so I thought I should ask:
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that some teams have their own communities?

Your UScentric stanning needs/wants/desires can probably be found in omg_yanks
If you feel yourself praying to San Iker to help La Furia Roja all summer, then check out ontd_espana
If you're going to hope that Gary Lineker was right and that the Germans will win in the end, look at loewsmiserables (my favorite community name, I can't even lie)

A lot of the time, it helps to ~LURK MOAR~ there and you can get up to speed in the drama/controversy/whatever more easily. In my experience, it's also easier to get pictures/icons in these comms. Please don't think I'm discouraging anyone from posting about their NT here, though, far from it. I'm just saying sometimes, particular posts might be better received in one of the specific communities instead of descending into...whatever over here.

If you know of any other national team communities I can add to the front page, let me know!

ps- those are dicks in the picture, because it's a mod post and I've heard they require dicks
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Germany says "Hello" to knock-out stages

Just found this cover on YT through FB and wanted to share it for those who haven't seen it yet. It's a nice cover, ain't it?

               SCHLAND OH SCHLAND 

First  obstacle is eliminated. Or actually this isn't an obstacle, is it? Whatever. Germany advanes to knock-out stage of World Cup 2010. Özil fires Germany into match-up with England- the eternal enemy.  

Klose is back, Schweinsteiger is out? Schweinsteiger has some sort of hamstring injury. And Boateng is struggling with a back problem.
Get well soon, boys!

p.s: Let's pray for them


Club Football News Round Up

Yaya Toure to Man City

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Barcelona Set To Receive Club Record €30 Million Transfer Fee For Yaya Toure

Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure is reportedly set to become a Manchester City player as early as next week and finally fulfil a lifetime dream of playing alongside his brother Kolo.

According to the Barcelona based sports daily newspaper Sport, the 26-year-old will cost the Citizens €30 million. If the deal goes through as expected, it will be the highest transfer fee that Barcelona have ever received for a player. That fee will increase by a further €2m depending on appearances and if the club can get into the Champions League.

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Rooney beard

World Cup Day 14

Match Day:

Group: F

10:00 EST/16:00 CET: Paraguay v New Zealand

10:00 EST/16:00 CET: Slovakia v Italy

My timezone/Full schedule

Broadcasters in your country: (all)
United States: ABC, ESPN, ESPN3, Univision
United Kingdom: BBC, ITV
Canada: CBC, Rogers on Demand

Online streams:
Rojadirecta, Iraq Goals, P2Poo.net, Football Streaming, Atdhe, MyP2P

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Drunk football fan beats police officer with vuvuzela

A drunken German football fan severely beat a police officer with a vuvuzela horn after the national team’s victory over Ghana on Wednesday night, the authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia said on Thursday.

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Does English football NEED Arsenal and Liverpool to resist Barca’s advances?
Date: 24th June 2010 at 6:48 pm

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On the back of last year’s high profile departures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Xabi Alonso and this year’s seemingly inevitable courting of either/both Cesc Fabregas and Fernando Torres, the Premier League is again in danger of losing two world class talents. Despite the coinciding absence of English clubs in the latter stages of the Champions League last season the pull of foreign shores is not a new phenomenon.

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World Cup Day 14 Continued

Match Day:

Group: E

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: Cameroon v Netherlands

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: Denmark v Japan

My timezone/Full schedule

Broadcasters in your country: (all)
United States: ABC, ESPN, ESPN3, Univision
United Kingdom: BBC, ITV
Canada: CBC, Rogers on Demand

Online streams:
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So i don't know if this has ever been done or if it's allowed etc. but i just thought it would be a little bit of WC fun for everyone!

Basically, this post is a


So here are four photos i found from each of the four matches last night that were caption-worthy

Your job is to come up with ~funnnnny~ captions in the comments!
The reason i wanted to make this post is because was looking at some photos from the Germany match last night and came across lol photos like the one below and was thinking of a way to share them and i thought this would be fun because you guys make me laugh all the time by the comments you post in this community and i know you guys can come up with captions that can make everyone lol hardcore!
Or you can just come in for a good laugh :)

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guti WEAH

Let's Celebrate!

Great Greeting
The U.S. team got a great surprise when it arrived back after the game as the Friends and Family Program called an audible, and instead of going back to their hotel, they went to the team hotel and greeted the team. The hotel staff started an impromptu dance party at the front entrance and the players got to spend time with their loved ones on a special night for U.S. Soccer.

U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra deserves to smile. He had a great game in the center of the U.S. defense

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This was me on the inside when the Landon scored the goal
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Shocking, but this is not a Mannschaft post. Or an England or USA post. Or an Italian commiserations post. How very dare I.

Fulham manager Roy Hodgson flying back home to finalise deal to become new Liverpool boss

Fulham boss Roy Hodgson is flying back to England hoping to seal the deal to become Liverpool’s next manager.

Hodgson was the most likely candidate to replace England manager Fabio Capello if the Three Lions had crashed out of the World Cup on Wednesday and the Italian was forced to resign.

The Cottagers' manager has been the Reds number one target to replace Rafael Benitez, who left Anfield to lead Inter Milan next season, and Liverpool made an official move for Hodgson last week, according to The Mirror.

Negotiations between Hodgson and Liverpool have stalled as the Fulham boss is currently working as a BBC pundit at the World Cup.

However, Hodgson is returning to England to complete his move to Liverpool, with club officials planning to announce the deal within the next two days.

Liverpool have talked to numerous candidates including Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neill, former Real Madrid manager Manuel Pellegrini and Alex McLeish of Birmingham City.

Reds legend Kenny Dalglish and managing director Christian Purslow were given the responsibility of finding a new manager and the two decided that Hodgson was the best choice for Liverpool.


So whaddya think? I know its a lol.com source, but rumours have been flying all over the interwebs. No one can deny that hes been a brilliant manager for Fulham and it will be really interesting to see what will happen if its true.
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another mod post aka DEALWITHIT.JPG

Ladies and (presumably few) gentlemen, like I said in the previous mod post that's already off the front page grumble grumble, the comm has grown a lot in a short amount of time and that's cool, the more the merrier. HOWEVER, I think this poll could give a clearer idea of how you all think everything is going.

Do you have a problem with the volume of posts per day?

Yes, there are too many, and it bothers me
Yes, there are too many, but it doesn't bother me
No, I don't mind at all

Would you be ok with the idea of moderated posting for a short while?

Yes, I need the break from all the posts
No, fuck off you dictator~~

If you ARE ok with the idea, how long would you want to last?

Until next Friday
The end of the World Cup semi-finals
The end of the World Cup

Write me a haiku about a team

Also, like I said before, you don't have to post EVERY SINGLE video/funny photo/whatever of a team here, especially since certain beautiful souls created omg_yanks for USA-based happenings (the national team, MLS, etc), loewsmiserables for stuff on the Mannschaft and ontd_espana for news/photos/orgies about La Furia Roja.

Anyway, comment with your concerns/praises/community promotions below, but please don't devolve into "U SUCK" "NO U". Save that for the match posts :-)

EDIT: I'm going to leave the poll up to get more haikus but it seems to me from the discussion so far that the issue seems to be one of quality instead of quantity (and I made the latter the basis of the poll). Sorry for ~asking the wrong question~, posts will not be queued, and I'll be posting more (heh heh heh) about some stuff people have brought up (sorry brosephines~~). Besos, I couldn't have spent a night of insomnia in better company.

Bling football

Fancy a bit of bling with your football?

Whats the perfect way to celebrate the World Cup? Vuvuzelas for all? Your own personal football hottie in your bed? Or how about a £1.6 million squid diamond encrusted football by Yair Shimansky?

While some of us might prefer a less obnoxious item of memorabilia (or if it has to be diamond encrusted, hows about a diamond encrusted vuvuzela?), but rumour has it that an "unidentified European football club" is negotiating for the buying rights to this blingtastic, but unique bit of footballing merch.

So who do you think is bidding for the world's shiniest football? Could be Florentino Perez, Real Madrid overlord and lover of all things bright, shiny and expensive? Or could it be the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, who has shown with his ridiculous "sailboat" that he likes his shizz big and statement making.

So what about it, a fight to the death manager stylee: Roman the Russian vs the Perezinator? Who would win? Who would you want to win? What do you think of this commemorative bauble of overindulgent wealth?

One things for sure, I bet Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo are commissioning their own pair of replica earrings as soon as they clap eyes on this.

Image and original story from kickette.