June 19th, 2010

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World Cup 2010 Day 9

Match Day:
NINE     Groups: D, E

07:30 EST/13:30 CET: Netherlands v Japan

10:00 EST/16:00 CET: Ghana v Australia

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: Cameroon v Denmark

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A breach in the royal chamber?


The FA have formally lodged a complaint to FIFA. Why?

Following England's draw to Algeria, one angered fan took things into his own hands. He evaded security and tried to take it up with former skipper, David Beckham, just as he was entering England's dressing room. The dejected England squad that were, prior to this incident, subjected to a shelling of 'boos', were unnerved by this incident that was thankfully dealt with in time. What was even worse was the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry were present in the dressing room at the time. 

FA Spokesman- "A fan got in past FIFA security. We have formerly complained to FIFA after the game and will follow it up in writing. This is not acceptable and thankfully no serious harm was done."


Um.. Really?
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Concerned about your health and diet while you languish on your couch watching soccer?

Well be worried no longer!! The Hong Kong Department of Health has provided us with this handy list of health tips!
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This is a bb BOJAN post!! :D


The Catalan Government has started a new campaign called "I'm a fan of Catalunya" and different Catalan famous people star in it talking about what they love about the best country in the world Catalunya.
Bojan is one of them, along with synchronized swimmer Gemma Mengual, chef Ferran Adrià, designer Custo and opera singer Josep Carreras.

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ETA: added translation of the ad.
Nina Dobrev
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English Press Round Up after yesterday's draw!

Press round on abysmal England after Algeria draw

England Algeria Wayne Rooney

No sympathy for Fabio Capello’s flops as Wayne Rooney lashes out and a fan breaches security


Perhaps the only crumb of comfort for the England camp after their abject performance against Algeria is that they don't yet have to run the gauntlet of the press hostility back home - where the reaction to their 0-0 draw has been withering.

However, they did get a taste of what is in store if they fail to beat Slovenia when a furious fan breached security and stormed into the dressing room after the game to berate the team.

The Sun, paraphrasing Winston Churchill, sniffed: "Never in the field of World Cup conflict has so little been offered by so few to so many." The Mirror was pithier. "What a load of Roobish" it said, dubbing the team "Cape clowns" and commenting: "The reign of Fabio Capello which has promised so much for so long came close to ending in ignominy and shame last night."

Even the broadsheets put the boot in. "Woeful England at point of no return" said the Times, failing to realise that the team are now very much on the point of returning early. In the Telegraph Henry Winter said it was "back to the drawing board" for Capello who urgently needs to get Frank Lampard playing well and energise the "dispirited" Wayne Rooney.

Marina Hyde in the Guardian went further. She lamented that it "begins to look as if England are six kinds of crap" and on this showing that they have no chance against Slovenia.

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I was going to post the reaction of the US press after their draw yesterday but I couldn't find a article which summed up a few of the main newspapers' thoughts. Rooney really shouldn't have made his comments b/c he's the scapegoat now like Becks was in 98 as apparently fans want to boo Rooney for his comments..Good luck with that. I wouldn't mess with him or he might do a Scholes ;)
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opening weekend pictures from around the world; south africa/fifa article

Opening weekend - 2010 World Cup

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more at the boston globe's big picture feature

i mentioned this situation in a comment on a post a while ago and a lot of people didn't know about it so:

Football's stand against sexual violence and homophobia

Interviews with victims of corrective rape

At the last World Cup, Fifa campaigned against racism. In South Africa, it should highlight the hate that killed Eudy Simelane

Before the start of their 2006 World Cup semi-final, players for Brazil and France stood together and held a banner declaring "Say no to racism". The gesture was part of a Fifa campaign – each of the 64 matches included a visible statement against the racist abuse directed especially at black players in Europe. From the round banner marked with this slogan which covered the centre circle until the start of the match, to pre-game statements read by team captains before kick-off, during Fifa's 2006 World Cup, players, fans and tournament organisers declared that racism has no place in football.

Imagine a similar intervention today. South Africa has the highest incidence of rape in the world. The statistics are chilling: one in two women are raped; women are more likely to be raped than to learn to read; and they have little reason to trust the law to defend their right to their own bodies.
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the full article has more links within the article and comments that are worth a read if you're interested in the story. the author, jennifer doyle, has a blog that may be of interest.

hardly a surprise

Nicolas Anelka sent home after bust-up

France striker Nicolas Anelka has been sent home from the World Cup after reports of a bust-up with coach Raymond Domenech during the Mexico game.

The Chelsea star missed training on Saturday after reports of a row with the France coach during their 2-0 loss.

The 31-year-old, who has started both of France's games, insulted Domenech at half-time, according to L'Equipe.

Anelka later refused to apologise when asked to by French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes.

"Faced by the refusal of the player to publicly apologise, he (Escalettes) took the decision in total agreement with the coach and the official members of the delegation present to exclude Nicolas Anelka from the squad," the FFF said in a statement.

The FFF said that France captain Patrice Evra was also present with Escalettes at the French training camp in Knysa when the decision was taken.

France's hope of qualifying from Group A is now out of their own hands following their 0-0 draw to Uruguay and defeat by Mexico.

If Mexico and Uruguay draw in their final match France will be eliminated.


I suppose this was the only outcome after what had happened at half time against Mexico

South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic Angered By Soccer Games Breaking Out During Concerts

JOHANNESBURG—Members of the South Africa Vuvuzela Philharmonic Orchestra, widely considered to be among the best large-scale monotonic wind instrument ensembles in the world, told reporters Friday they were furious over the recent outbreaks of international soccer matches during their traditional outdoor concerts.

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Source is srs bzns
Mods, if this isn't allowed, sorry, but I thought it was too funny to let pass :D

Hmmm FIFA are determined to pull this off without any more controversy

Brazil and Ivory Coast forced to relocate practice

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Associated Press

JOHANNESBURG -- FIFA is not allowing Brazil and Ivory Coast to practice at Soccer City to preserve the pitch for their Group G match on Sunday.

The Brazilian federation says Saturday the teams will not train at the stadium to avoid damaging the field.

Brazil on Friday had to switch practice facilities because of the pitch conditions at its training camp in Johannesburg. The five-time champions moved their Saturday practice to a school in Johannesburg.

Germany and Serbia also could not practice at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium ahead of the teams' match in Port Elizabeth on Friday, also to preserve the pitch. Serbia won that game 1-0.

Hmmm I think the cracks are starting to show in FIFA's organization of this event. I admire the spirit of South Africa despite the tragic death of Zenani Mandela the atmosphere the South Africans are providing (because the stadiums would be even more empty without them, bright national colors help them be spotted in the crowd) is brilliant. We've had some surprise results, some security breaches, some strange arrests (I feel for the dutch girls, I wanted that dress!!) some strange officiating, some ball controversy, but there's one controversy that all football fans agree should not happen at a World Cup.... problems with the pitch. If they were able to build a 100,000 seat stadium, shouldn't they be able to grow grass???? Hmmmm, well FIFA promotes that the world is watching, we are, from a birds eye view in HD. I'm not sure football's highest governing body wants us to see things this clear... only time will tell. Hopefully, in the next couple weeks we'll be talking more about the football than the follies. I just want to see more great matches!!!!