June 18th, 2010

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888 day eight 888

Match Day:
EIGHT     Groups: C, D

07:30 EST/13:30 CET: Germany v Serbia

10:00 EST/16:00 CET: Slovenia v United States

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: England v Algeria

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Juanes, The World Cup and Seven Great Soccer Songs

In need of a break from that funny buzzing sound coming from your tv set? NPR and KCRW have just the thing your vuvuzela-abused ears are begging for. NPR is kicking off their brand new Alt.Latino program with an interview with Juanes and a feature on football-themed music. Go here for the full story and songs.

In addition, KCRW also has a World Cup-themed playlist, where you can listen to a song for each one of the 32 countries playing, organized by their Group in the tournament.

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And do we have any kind of football song tag?

Sources: NPR & KCRW

ETA: Let's turn this interactive! Post your favorite football songs in the comments, or feel free to tell us what they are and explain why you love them.

Sexy BAGQMFs for today

Let's quote British GQ:

For the greatest footballing spectacle on Earth, British GQ gathered together four of the best players on the planet and the manager who will mastermind England's tournament. Check out these never-before-seen, unpublished pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas, Didier Drogba and Fabio Capello.

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audrey horne

An Argie Celebration

Hi Everyone!

It's my first post. I wanted to share with all of you my first picspam. I almost didn't do it because of daysofjune's amazing one yesterday. But I went ahead with it since I had found other pictures to add.

I didn't finish it yesterday, but during the Germany game I didn't want to pay attention to my tv any more, so I continued my picspam.
Hope you enjoy :D
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Warning: Kinda Image Heavy
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Sad News For Vuvuzelas In England

All England Clubs bans vuvuzelas from Wimbledon
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The drone of the vuvuzela will not be making its way to Wimbledon.

The plastic horns that have annoyed soccer fans, players and broadcasters during the World Cup have been banned from the Grand Slam tournament, which starts on Monday at the fabled All England Club.

The tennis club's top executive, Ian Ritchie, issued a statement Thursday saying spectators would not be allowed to bring in any noise-making devices.

"Out of courtesy to the players and their fellow spectators, we make a point of asking spectators not to bring items which could either cause a distraction or interfere with the enjoyment of the occastion," the statement said.

"Rattles, klaxons and vuvuzelas all fall into that category ... Our messsage is do not bring them in the first place," Ritchie declared.

In South Africa, several players have said that the vuvuzela has made communication difficult on the pitch. France's Patrice Evra even blamed the horns' constant noise for his team's poor performance.

FIFA, organizers of the World Cup, considered banning the traditional horn, but ultimately decided not to, saying it would be wrong to interfere with the country's culture.

Several TV stations airing the World Cup have vowed to filter out the droning noise from their broadcasts.

Though they've stamped out the noise issue, that won't eliminate the distraction that the World Cup brings to Wimbledon. Many of the players are fans of their national teams. They'll probably be fielding questions about soccer for the entirety of the two-week tennis tournament.

To put the focus on the grass courts, no World Cup games will be shown on video screens or scoreboards during Wimbledon.

"We fully appreciate that a number of our visitors will be interested in the football World Cup," Ritchie stated. "Equally, however, the tennis is our first priority."

Wimbledon will be avoiding a huge blow to viewership for the men's final. In the past, the tennis match was on the same day as the World Cup final. To the All England Club's relief, this year the World Cup ends on July 11, one week later than Wimbledon.

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I don't mind these things at all but if anyone blew one in front of me i'd snap that thing in half. 
Rooney beard

World Cup Day 8 Continued

Match Day:
EIGHT     Group: C

07:30 EST/13:30 CET:Slovenia v United States

14:30 EST/20:30 CET: England v Algeria

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But first, an article.

World Cup 2010: Xabi Alonso Insists Spain Won’t Compromise Style For Results
Players have full confidence in coach Vicente del Bosque…

By Rupert Fryer
Jun 18, 2010 6:21:00 PM

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"Spain has a well-defined style of play and it has proven successful,” the Real Madrid man told the club's official website.

“We played well the other day but couldn't finish,” he added, referring to his country’s 1-0 defeat to Switzerland.

“We aren't going to change our method of playing due to one bad game. Losing is a part of this sport. We have played in the same manner many times and it has worked out well.

The former Liverpool midfielder went on to defend Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque, insisting the whole squad have full confidence in him.

"We need to assess what happened and analyse the game before and after, and only then will the coach make decisions. No matter what that decision may be, the team stands by him 100%. We have vowed to do something big.

"The coach will do his homework and have a look at the match against Switzerland and the upcoming one against Honduras. No matter what happens, there are 23 of us and we are ready."

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brendan light

Fun with the English Press

Before Spain took on Switzerland on Wednesday in South Africa, Iker Casillas, the team’s goalkeeper, warmed up while his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, filmed a report for Spanish television nearby.

Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Before Spain took on Switzerland on Wednesday in South Africa, Iker Casillas, the team’s goalkeeper, warmed up while his girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, filmed a report for Spanish television nearby.

So the Spanish didn't blame Sara Carbonero for Spain's defeat, instead some English journalist made it up....  Pretty amazing how it got reported anyways.  This is from the NY Times; actually they quote Kickette, certainly something that I'd never would have guessed would ever happen:

"Soon after the heavily-favored Spanish team managed to lose their opening match of the World Cup on Wednesday in South Africa, Graham Keeley, a correspondent for The Times of London, reported from Madrid:

Spanish football fans bewildered by their team’s World Cup 1-0 defeat by Switzerland were focusing their anger last night on a beautiful TV sports presenter whom they accuse of distracting the goalkeeper

Mr. Keeley went on to explain that the goalkeeper’s girlfriend, Sara Carbonero, who reported on the match for Spanish television, “has been voted sexiest journalist in the world. It was she, the fans insisted, who had sapped the strength of the Spain goalkeeper and caused him to fluff what seemed an easy shot.”

Oddly, Mr. Keeley offered no direct evidence that all of Spain really was in an uproar over Ms. Carbonero’s malign influence over the play of Iker Casillas, the national team’s captain and shot-stopper. The British journalist simply wrote that Web sites “were full of angry comments suggesting that Casillas’s mind may have been on ‘other things.’”


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4 'missing' North Korean players turn up to practice

TEMBISA, South Africa — Four players from North Korea's soccer team put to rest questions about their whereabouts Friday simply by turning up for practice.
Speculation about the players' whereabouts began building after four players missed North Korea's first World Cup match Tuesday against Brazil.
FIFA denied that the players were missing, and video shot Thursday night by broadcaster AP Television News showed three of the four players sitting on the team bus.

All four — Pak Sung Hyok, An Chol Hyok, Kim Kyong Il and Kim Myong Won — were on the field for training as usual Friday at Makhulong Stadium in the township of Tembisa. They could be seen stretching, jogging and kicking soccer balls alongside their teammates.
FIFA said the confusion arose after North Korea handed in a squad list Tuesday with only 19 names, not the usual 23. North Korean team officials explained that they omitted the names of players who were going to sit out the game, FIFA media official Gordon Watson said.
The South Americans won the game 2-1.
Isolated and impoverished North Korea has a team in the World Cup for the first time in 44 years.
The team is sequestered in a tightly secured hotel north of Johannesburg and has largely stayed out of the public eye. Teammates dine and travel together as a group, going between their hotel and the training grounds or to a gym for sporadic workouts accompanied by team officials.
The team bus arrived at the stadium in to a crush of reporters, TV cameras and photographers. With curtains drawn, the bus pulled up close to the entrance, away from the media glare.
A news conference scheduled for Friday was canceled at the last minute, but reporters were allowed to watch about 20 minutes of the training session.
All four players were visible on the field. The players did not acknowledge the press, and the practice began without fanfare.
The team's participation in football's biggest event comes as North Korea faces international scrutiny over its nuclear program and the sinking of a South Korean warship in March. Forty-six sailors were killed in an explosion that a multinational team of investigators blamed on a North Korean torpedo.
North Korea's next game is against Portugal on Monday in Cape Town.


I'm sort of disappointed that such an interesting story turned out to be nothing, but at least nothing sinister seems to have happened to these four.

EDIT: Let me clarify that I'm very happy that they are safe and well, and am only sorry that they weren't able to flee to a better life (assuming that they actually have a desire to defect, because I can't see inside their hearts and minds and so I can't say with any certainty that if they're happy in NK or not.)

Referee may be in trouble!

FIFA may sit Slovenia-U.S. referee


JOHANNESBURG – The referee who disallowed a potential game-winning goal for the United States will face an expedited performance review from FIFA and is likely to be excluded from the rest of the World Cup, according to a FIFA source.

Koman Coulibaly from Mali disallowed Maurice Edu’s 86th-minute strike that would have given the USA a 3-2 lead over Slovenia at Ellis Park and likely would have led to a thrilling comeback victory Friday. Coulibaly appeared to rule that American midfielder Michael Bradley had impeded a Slovenian defender, even though video replays showed no infringement.

FIFA’s refereeing committee will review footage from the Group C clash on Saturday to evaluate Coulibaly’s performance after several USA players complained about the way he had struggled to control a fiercely contested match.

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