June 17th, 2010

Del Bosque: Swiss did not deserve win

Post Match Reaction: Spain
Del Bosque: Swiss did not deserve win

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque saluted Switzerland but insisted they did not deserve victory over his side in Durban.

Gelson Fernandes struck the only goal as Switzerland, executing coach Ottmar Hitzfeld's game-plan to perfection, beat Del Bosque's European champions 1-0 in the biggest surprise of the World Cup so far.

"They played a defensive game and tried to take advantage of any counter-attack and dead-ball situation," said Del Bosque.

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world cup

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Opening weekend - Saturday, 14 August

Aston Villa v West Ham
Blackburn v Everton
Blackpool v Wigan
Bolton v Fulham
Chelsea v West Brom
Liverpool v Arsenal
Man Utd v Newcastle
Sunderland v Birmingham
Tottenham v Man City
Wolverhampton v Stoke


[stop the presses. non-sparkly vampire supports gritty football club.]

This came across my Tumblr and I thought it was concurrent to our interests. Or at least mine.

So, we already know that a certain Norse God enjoys a bit of footy, but with this quick 2-minute interview with TV Guide, he mentions his beloved Hammarby IF.


(relevant info starts @ 1:30)

Now back to your regularly schedule world cup matches (OMG HAI COMMENTATOR!KLINSI!!!1!)

Nina Dobrev
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Spain points finger of blame at Sara Carbonero.

• Iker Casillas' partner accused of distracting goalkeeper
• Journalist had filmed behind goal prior to kick-off

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas 

Some have pointed to their lack of cutting edge. Some have pointed to their opponents' rugged determination. But many in Spain have blamed their defeat to Switzerland in their opening World Cup game on Sara Carbonero, the partner of the Spain captain Iker Casillas.

Casillas was at least partly at fault for Gelson Fernandes's goal that gave Switzerland their 1-0 win and fingers have already been pointed at Carbonero, a journalist at a Spanish TV station, who prior to the game was filming footage to camera behind Casillas's goal.

Many fans have been angered by her presence in South Africa, fearing it could prove a distraction for the goalkeeper and prove a destabilising influence within the squad. Carbonero was asked by her own TV station, Telecinco, about her influence. "Can I destabilise the team?" she said. "I think it is nonsense."

Carbonero then gave Casillas a difficult time in a post-match interview, opening her questions with: "How did you manage to muck that up?" "I don't know what to say," Casillas responded. "I don't know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed up."


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combing his hair!

fashin + futbol pt. 2

In the sport world everybody is talking about it, from newspapers, like La Gazzetta dello Sport, to people in changing rooms. Who will go to South Africa? Who has been chosen and what does he wear? We're used to the vanity of soccer players, but in this case elegance and the image of soccer-stars have merged together like never before: we're talking about the L'Uomo Vogue issue entirely dedicated to the World Cup in South Africa.

At first the champions were hesitant, then they got very involved in the project and today, after the release of the issue, the photographers and the stylists of the photo-shoot received an unexpected wave of text messages from the players, who were happy to appear in such a different way, elegant and fun, very far from the gross image we are so used to.

On the cover there's Samuel Eto'o, captain of Camerun, who at first seemed very detached, but then got very involved in the 'game' and even proposed variations of the poses. Gianluigi Buffon, the best goal-keeper in the world, was photographed in a tailcoat in the streets Turin and had a nice mustache made by the makeup artist.

Fabio Capello arrived on set with his idea of how he wanted to look like, whereas others took advantage of the situation and asked for some advice to the L'Uomo Vogue team to have a personal list of the 'DOs' and 'DON'Ts'. Steven Pienaar, icon of the South African national team, didn't need such an advice for sure, with his intense and magnetic face.

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taec 2pm

10 Controversies from Recent World Cups

This is a list of incidents at recent World Cup tournaments that were ugly, unfortunate, unlucky or unwarranted. Put simply, these are the stories of the World Cup that leave a bad taste in your mouth. I have only considered the last three tournaments (France ’98, Japan & South Korea ’02 and Germany ’06) which were played under the modern-day format of 32 teams in 8 groups. The reason for this is two-fold; primarily, I wanted the average reader under 30 to be able to remember and relate to the incidents listed here. Secondly, were it not for the excluded tournaments, the list would simply be too big. The World Cup has a rich and colorful history that dates back to the 1930′s, and I felt that an attempt to condense this historical mass into one single list would detract from its depth and cultural significance.
WAGs Descend on Deutschland

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We’ll kick off this list with a sad, and pathetic, subculture that rears its ugly head whenever England play a major international tournament. At World Cup 2006, the WAGs – wives and girlfriends – of the England players had a grand old time. The England manager, Sven Goran Eriksson, had allowed the WAGs to travel to the tournament and spend time with the players in between training and matches. These WAGs are extremely wealthy as some of their partners were earning upwards of one hundred thousand pounds a week.

The WAGs turned England’s World Cup experience into an absolute circus. We were constantly bombarded by the tabloids with images of Victoria Beckham and co, dripping with jewelry and designer clothes, dragging their entourage of paparazzi all over quaint little German towns, like Baden Baden. It was distracting for the players, distasteful for the fans and detracted from the football showpiece that is the World Cup.
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This is an opinion from a writer, and therefore a little biased. But I hope you guys enjoyed reading this fun list anyway!

Damn Andres Escobar. =/
Gooner scarf


Nice guys always finish last

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Socially isolated and largely anonymous on the pitch, Yoann Gourcuff has endured a disquieting start to his first World Cup campaign with France.

The Bordeaux playmaker has long been considered his country's natural heir to Zinedine Zidane, but his ineffective performance in Friday's 0-0 draw with Uruguay has added weight to calls from him to be dropped.

At 23 and with only 21 caps to his name, Gourcuff is experiencing for the first time the unique claustrophobia of a major tournament.

In France's opening match against the Uruguayans, the former AC Milan player looked hesitant and uncomfortable, frequently giving the ball away despite his deserved reputation as a midfielder of supreme technical quality.

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What is going on in the French camp? This makes me so depressed.