June 10th, 2010


NZ Update and link round up

All Whites Home Base!
Golf cart racing and Andy Barron shows you around the beautiful resort they are staying at (alternately you can also see Clapham's version "Just over a month ago he was living at home with his Dad! Now he's in the lap of luxury!!")

Moss says: "The majority of the team, besides maybe Ryan Nelsen and Chris Killen, would have never set foot in a pad like this, let alone live in one. Massive two story buildings with numerous lounge rooms, TVs, internet and sound systems. Four or five huge bedrooms all with ensuites. I even have an outdoor shower. (I'm not sure why a public nudity theme has followed me on this tour.)" (More of his blogs here)

Injury news
The best news for NZ is that midfielder Tim Brown is back in the squad!!!

He fractured his shoulder in the warm-up game against Australia, and it looked like his dreams might be as shattered as his body :( But he had surgery asap to put screws in and hold him together, and has been working madly in rehab ever since. Today it was announced that he was going to South Africa, and I believe he's on a plane right now! Yay!! :) His best quote which makes me lol so hard: "It was good to get the sling off, too. It was making me feel like I was injured."
Siggy tweets: "Tim Brown is joining us again. Things are going really well. That means I have my room mate back"

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EDIT: New exclusive vids put up!!!
Ben Sigmund's Video Diary filmed this morning

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Oh btw am I blind or is there no Chile tag? (Or Slovenia.. hehe)
awooo waka waka espagna

world cup mod post

less than 24 hours until kickoff for the world cup!! i think that's enough time to loop waka waka about 430 times more? here are some quick mod notes to go over while you figure out how to pin back your jersey, contemplate which pubs to go to and if face paint will be added to your morning makeup routine. hmmmmmmmm...

UNO: the world cup tag we've been using now will be soon renamed to "world cup 2010: pre-tournament". the "world cup 2010" tag was born basically when the community was and since then it has collected hundreds of entries so we're archiving all the build-up posts to keep things organized. so if you've forgotten if it was france or ireland that ended up qualifying, search under the renamed tag.

we also have a new set of tags for the world cup: they are self explanatory so please take note & use accordingly

world cup 2010: match
world cup 2010: results
world cup 2010: picspam

DOS: the community is gonna go through a growth spurt this month, meaning more members and more traffic and more posts and more comments and more prayer circle icons and so on. a lot of people use photobucket for hosting photos, but bandwidth is very limited for free accounts. please don't use it in your entries because your bandwidth will be eaten up within a day and no one wants to see that darned photobucket logo, and you probably won't want to wait a month for your account to reset! tinypic or imageshack are your safest choices.

TRES: spoilers!!! normally we don't have any rules for these during the league season, but for the world cup tournament, we want you to use a cut for all scores and results. we're not gonna be too strict on this but please use your best judgement on what is a spoiler and what is just news. think twice before you post the score to a semi final in size 7 font and learn the art of the lj-cut!

CUATRO: posting shit from other blogs. try not to do it!!! we made a note on this ages back and it seems like a bunch of people have forgotten/don't know about this rule. you can most definitely share the stuff you find from your favourite footi blogs, but don't take content word for word even if you do include a source. if there's a brilliant post you really need share then simply post a link. we're considered a footi blog too so yanking entries from others ain't right! examples of some blogs are: kickette, unprofessionalfoul & dirtytackle. this rule doesn't apply for news articles, but just always remember to cite your sources!

CINCO: the mobile version of livejournal has been upgraded for a while, and this is just a reminder that we're at http://m.livejournal.com/read/user/ontd_football. bookmark this on your phone to keep track of us on the go!!!!!!!

CINCO!: we're also doing fantasy football here. join the ontd_fb league at: 451609-107617.

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k that's all



28 hours to go!

 Call me Chris Cabanga!

Football pundit Chris Kamara has changed his name by deed poll to a chant, in a show of support for England's bid to land the World Cup in South Africa.

The Sky Sports man says he will keep his new moniker - Chris Cabanga - for the duration of the tournament after he promised to do so if 20,000 people joined the Cabanga Facebook group. Cabanga is a Zulu word meaning 'imagine' and scientists at Surrey University have discovered that thinking or saying the word can have a great effect on a footballer's morale and performance.

The Facebook group, which is pushing 30,000 fans, is aiming to reach 90,000, roughly the capacity of Wembley, by the start of the World Cup in order to boost England's performance as much as possible. The page also asks people to change their Facebook middle name to Cabanga.

The old Kamara said: "These crazy people wanted me to change my name to Chris Cabanga. They say it will help the boys win the World Cup. I'm passionate about England and the unbelievable power of the fans to will them onto victory.

"We all want to bring the cup home. If we all do our bit and actually believe that we can do it this time, the nation can become the 12th man and Cabanga Fabio's boys to victory!

"I am Chris Cabanga and I believe that we can do it."

Unbelieveable Jeff

Bonus We Are Scientists world cup song fyt

combing his hair!

Hey anyone watching the concert??

It's on ESPN2 in the US.

This first-ever event will showcase the rich cultural diversity and musical heritage of South Africa and the African continent, while engaging a worldwide audience through performances by internationally-recognized artists Nearly 70 percent of the artists performing at the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off Celebration Concert are African. source

* Alicia Keys
* Angelique Kidjo
* Amadou & Mariam
* Black Eyed Peas
* Blk Jks
* Freshlyground
* Hugh Masekela
* John Legend
* Juanes
* K'Naan
* Mzansi Youth Choir
* Shakira
* Soweto Gospel Choir
* The Parlotones
* Tinariwen
* Vieux Farka Toure
* Vusi Mahlasela

idk if this belongs on ontd_football  but hey, maybe some footballers will show up. I guess this can turn into a spam thread. Whatever. ENJOY!!!!
a single man - geo & charlie

Ich, Er, Sie, Wir glauben an Euch

I haven't seen anyone post this yet.
Less than a day up to the World Cup I wonder why I still haven't heard the German WC song, they're not the kind to miss out on this kind of things you know!
Anyway here it is.

Sebastian Hämer - Wir glauben an Euch

Do you like it? Comments? Thoughts?

Personally I prefer '54 '74 '90 '10 or even Helden 2008, those are more upbeat you know!
But hey easy chorus, I can sing along to it :P
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Now it's a facht, no?

Rafael Benitez, welcome to Inter!
Thursday, 10 June 2010 14:12:58

MILAN - Inter welcomes Rafael Benitez. The Spanish coach signed a two-year contract this morning that will run until 30 June 2012.

Rafael Benitez will be unveiled to the media in a press conference at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in Appiano Gentile on Tuesday 15 June at 12:00.

Inter Official Website

and of course this happens

Rafa Benitez returns to Liverpool with £33m offer for Dirk Kuyt and Javier Mascherano

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