June 9th, 2010


World Cup 2010 Predictions: Five Things Spain Need To Do To Get Out Of Group H

When the draw for the group stages of the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa was made last December, Spain manager Vincente del Bosque would have been very content with the teams his side was drawn against.

On Wednesday 16th June, the Spanish - regarded by many as the favourites for this tournament - kick off their bid for World Cup glory against Switzerland.

This is followed by games against Chile and then Honduras - hardly the most taxing of tasks.

However, big guns have fallen at the first hurdle in World Cups before.

France travelled to South Korea and Japan 2002 as both European and World champions, and were expected to negotiate Group A - which included Senegal, Denmark and Uruguay - with ease.

A shock 1-0 defeat to Senegal was followed by a 0-0 draw with Uruguay. A 2-0 loss to Denmark sent the French packing, having failed to muster a single goal or point.

Here are five things Spain need to do to avoid a similar fate, in reverse order.
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i agreeeee. (:
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Beauty In the World Cup 2010

Macy Gray's Beauty in the World Cup 2010 ad/music video/thing, or something. I think they're trying to sell me football and bebe clothing, but I have no idea. I just keep thinking they're gonna break their ankles playing like that. This is also my first entry, so if this has been posted, I'm so so so so sorry. :)

edit: Apparently, these are all LA models & was sponsored by bebe. So, it's really NOT beauty in the world cup, except in the scope of what this director wanted.

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We're gonna make it by any means, we gotta pocket full of dreams...

15 Photoshop/paint creations from the readers of The Guardian, facetiously predicting what'll occur in this year's World Cup. Some of them are too mint not to share! 

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And this advert for SATCII was in The Evening Standard.
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lol, so arrogant.  I'm loving the audacity though! But no.

Mexico’s Angel of Independence arrives in SA

Mexico’s 1.7 ton Angel of Independence has arrived in South Africa.

The statue, which took nearly two months to get here by ship, is considered to be “the ultimate symbol of Mexico” and will be unveiled in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

It will offer the Mexican football team and their fans national support during the 2010 World Cup.

According to Lynda Greeff Consulting, a 3-ton crane was needed to mount the 3.4m replica of the original statue.

The original stands on a 45m pillar in Mexico City, where Mexican heroes of independence are buried at the base.

The heroes include Miguel Hidalgo, Vicente Guerrero, Jose Maria Morelos and Ignacio Allende.

The base of the column has female sculptures symbolising Law, Peace, Justice and War.

The Angel sculpture holds a crown of laurel, representing Victory, and a broken chain, representing Freedom.
It is a traditional gathering place for Mexicans, especially after victories by the national soccer team.

The statue that will be unveiled this week is made of bronze, but has a 14-carat leaf gold cover. It will stand in Melrose Arch until June 26, after which it will make its way back to Mexico City.

In September, Mexicans will commemorate 100 years since the original statue was constructed.