June 8th, 2010

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Drogba (GOOD) News!

World Cup hope for Drogba as he rejoins Ivory Coast squad

(CNN) -- Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba has rejoined his teammates at their training base in Switzerland after successful surgery on his broken arm.

It had been feared Drogba would miss the World Cup after he picked up the injury during a collision with defender Marcus Tulio Tanaka in a friendly against Japan on Friday.

The Chelsea forward was immediately taken for surgery, which was a success, according to a spokesman for the Côte d'Ivoire Football Federation, but it remains to be seen how big a part he will play in the tournament.

"His recovery has been extremely encouraging," spokesman Roger Kouassi was quoted as saying by the UK Press Association.

"It is suggested that, at this stage, all the signs are good and there is great hope the captain of the Elephants will be in action with his teammates as soon as possible."

Drogba is seen as vital to coach Sven Goran Eriksson's plans, especially as Ivory Coast have been drawn in the so-called group of death alongside Brazil, Portugal and North Korea.

The 32-year-old scored 37 goals for Chelsea last season and is the current African player of the year.

Ivory Coast are set to play a friendly against local side Lausanne Sports on Tuesday before flying out to South Africa on Wednesday.

Their opening game is against Portugal on June 15 in Port Elizabeth.


I am so excited, I know nothing is official of when/if he'll play, but I see this as a good sign! And I'm trying to stay positive!

A Couple of Important News

Nation's Soccer Fan Becoming Insufferable

WILMINGTON, DE—As the 2010 World Cup approaches, friends, family, and coworkers of 32-year-old Brad Janovich are growing less tolerant of the exuberant behavior of the United States' lone soccer fan.

"Who's got World Cup fever?" Janovich asked his officemates at Credit Solutions Friday, failing to notice their silent stares as he reported for work clad in the sole Team USA jersey sold this year. "I do! I've got World Cup fever!"
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World Cup Organizers Suddenly Realize They Made Ball 500 Times Too Large


Another one bites the dust: Nani out of the WC


Portugal winger Nani has been ruled out of the World Cup after suffering a shoulder injury.

"After tests we conclude he is unfit to participate in the World Cup," said a team statement.

Manchester United's Nani picked up the injury in training on Friday in Lisbon before flying to South Africa

whhhhyyy i was really looking forward to his performance at the WC he has been brilliant this year

Four Four Two Exclusive

Messi's favourite insect a monkey

He may be the natural heir to Diego Maradona and, according to GQ magazine, the 17th coolest man on the planet (Prince Harry is number one), but Lionel Messi’s nature knowledge leaves a bit to be desired.
One of 32 World Cup stars speaking exclusively to FourFourTwo in the new issue – out now – Argentina’s great hope explains his nickname ‘The Flea’ and answers many readers’ burning question: what is his favourite insect?

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Bless his little heart. I hope this is a case of lost in translation.
... a monkey... :|

a single man - geo & charlie

Hello, hello, baby, you called? I can't hear a thing

Germans suffer mobile phone foul-up

Reuters - 2 hours ago
JOHANNESBURG - They can call their wives and families back home but German players have no way of reaching team-mates with their fancy new cell phones issued for the World Cup in South Africa, players said on Tuesday.

Each of the 23 players has been given a cell phone with the corresponding numbers of their team-mates already entered in them - but so far they are unable to talk to each other.

"We each got a cell phone but they don't work at all," said central defender Arne Friedrich. "I can call my girlfriend in Berlin but cannot talk to other players."

His team-mate Per Mertesacker said he already found a way around it, calling them on their room phones in their five-star luxury hotel near Pretoria.

"Calling within the group has not been possible," he said. "It is the first time we have been given a cell phone with all the numbers in. So I just call room number to room number."

Germany kick off their World Cup campaign against Australia on Sunday and also play Serbia and Australia in Group D of the June 11-July 11 tournament.

Per and Arne in Press Conference

can someone tell me what is happening with the background

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From Daylife
Gooner scarf

so now we have 10 players in the world cup

Fulham have announced the signing of central defender Philippe Senderos from Arsenal on a three-year contract.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Switzerland international, 25, joined the Gunners from Servette in 2003 but has only made 54 league starts for the London club.
He spent the 2008/09 season at AC Milan and was also on loan at Everton for the second half of last season.

"I'm delighted to join the club during the most successful period in its history," he told Fulham's website.

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Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/teams/f/fulham/8729252.stm

To be quite honest, we all knew he was leaving this summer. I'm glad he's going to Fulham. They seem like a good side (especially with Hodgson in charge, unless he leaves for Liverpool). Good luck Phil! 
Manchester United owner's debts hit £1.1bn

Manchester United's owners are £1.1bn in debt - £400m more than previously known - after borrowing extensively against their shopping mall business.

BBC Panorama has found evidence that the Glazer family's debt levels may threaten their hold on the club.

A spokesman for the American family has said it holds more than £2bn in assets.

But the extent of the debt owed by the Glazers is likely to fuel a continuing revolt by some supporters, who oppose their ownership of the club.

Details of the financial arrangements of the owners also come at a time when the sport's governing bodies are facing questions about Premier League debts that have reached a combined total of £3.4bn and the growing popularity of leveraged buyouts in English clubs.

Mortgage documents seen by the BBC show that the Glazers have borrowed £388m ($570m) against shopping malls and £66m ($95m) against their American National Football League team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In addition to their mortgages in the US, a portion of the Glazer family's £700m Manchester United debt will soon see them charged interest at a rate of 16.25%.

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0_0 billion? I didn't realize it was that bad.

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/10237268.stm

Crackòvia does the Spanish National Team!! :D

Featuring Iniesta, Sergio Ramos and Valdés!!

I'm still laughing at this. And I thought that you'd all laugh as well. Seriously. Watch it till the end, at least to see what happens to Sergio!!!!
Maybe it's even useful so that we all get used to it just in case Spain wins the World Cup...

Oh, there's the translation under the vid, of course! :)

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I hope you enjoy it! :D

Also, OT but I'm stil traumatized over what happened to me this morning: I wanted to have a coke and steal some wifi from the terrace of the bar and sitting next to me was... MOURINHO! I mean, it wasn't him, his gray hair was really short and he was wearing cheap clothes... BUT THEY WERE COPIES!!! I freaked out a little bit. But I'm really proud of myself because I didn't call him names/shouted that I hate him/throw my drink at him/... 
I kept giving him "discreet" side looks, but he obviously caught me. I thought about taking a pic of him with my webcam but then I realised that he could see my pc screen xDDDDDD
Do you think he has a secret twin? The good one, because obviously Jose's the evil one!!
:S Anyway, I just needed to share because I know you'll appreciate it.

Gooner scarf

best. league. ever.



The Fantasy Cheaters League is a purely for fun endeavour. It's been created by the advertising agency Host and doggedly pursued by a bunch of dreamers there who love the beautiful game and look forward to the Tournament like a kid looks forward to getting a new replica kit at Christmas.

Like all football fans we harboured dreams of representing our country at football, but only succeeded in reaching the dizzy heights of playing for our school or Sunday League team. But we love the beautiful game. In all its guises; the skill, goals, athleticism, rivalry, trivia...and the dirty, conniving cheating!

Because if we're honest with ourselves, it's the diving, injury feigning, yard stealing, time wasting gamesmanship as much as anything else that makes every tournament exciting, controversial and memorable.

So we've decided to celebrate this side of the game by creating The Fantasy Cheaters League. Because even though we only managed to play on football's lowest rung, we've tasted victory. We know the primitive competitive instinct it gives rise to. We've felt the injustices and dare we admit it, indulged in some of it ourselves!


Choose 11 cheating scumbags players from our squad lists. All player values are the same as nothing like this has been done before, and we're willing to give everyone a clean slate. Except Ronaldo.

Teams work on a 4-4-2 formation.

After submitting your team, you'll be able to edit it up until 1 hour before the first game of the competition. After that, all you have to do is watch the games and check our website for updated stats and info.

The prize for the winner is something all the money, fame and wealth of the biggest cheat in football cannot buy - respect.

(quite a funny read)


I think this is hilarious and will be joining. I think I'll probably do better at this than the actual FF for the World Cup. Are you joining and if so, who's making your 11?  

Benitez & Higuaín news

 So with all the WC dramz going on, this is a quicky update-y about the fat Spaniard and the Gonzo;

Benitez is going to Inter source
Higuaín extended his contract source

Yeah.. My feet are killing me so I'm not in the mood to spice this post up. But here's a lovely Benitez gif

love you all xxxxxxxxx
oh wait benitez is doing a weird kind of robot. sorry :(

baby's first steps


Fernando Torres looks like his familiar self, coming on as a substitute, and scoring in Spain's 6 - 0 tune up victory over Poland

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honestly, i feel like we're getting a hot nando, world cup do over! he looks just like he did in 06, and he scored some memorable goals in that tournament. gaaaah i'm so excited for the world cup!!! but i'm still left with one problem... bitchface or bb for my fantasy team. they're both worth 12m on ESPN =/
make a heart

A club chairman acts in a way that is completely mature and not at all damaging to his position

Robbie Cowling, shown not sending angry emails to a Norwich fan and comparing the Norwich board to nazis.

Here is some background to a bit of League One drama:
Colchester United and Norwich United were both League One sides at the start of the season (Norwich have now promoted to the Championship btw). In case you don't know they are geographical rivals, they're both in the same region if not the same county.
Norwich is run by Delilah Smith and Stephen Fry is a fan. Colchester have the lowest average attendance in League One. This doesn't really relate to the rest of the story btw but it's good to know.

On the opening day of the season, Colchester beat Norwich 7-1, and their manager, Bryan Gunn, got canned after their second match. Who did they get to replace him?

Why, Phil Lambert. Who was Colchester's manager. Colchester demand compensation as they say Norwich broke the rules by doing this. This drags on and ends up in front of the FDC who say that they have to pay £425,000 in compensation and also £75,000 in fines and potentially more if they break this rule again.

So a club breaks the rules and gets fined. Is that the end of it? Nope. Enter Robbie Cowling, Colchester's chairman. He receives an abusive email from a Norwich fan...and decides to reply to it.

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Nina Dobrev
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Chelsea release Ballack and J.Cole.

Rivals beginning to circle after Chelsea release Joe Cole and Michael Ballack..

Chelsea will confirm the imminent departures of Joe Cole and Michael Ballack on Wednesday on free transfers after the pair failed to agree new contracts at Stamford Bridge.

The club have been negotiating with the players’ representatives over extensions to contracts that expire this summer for several months, but have been unable to agree terms, and the players will leave as free agents on July 1.

Chelsea’s surprise announcement will spark a scramble for their signatures, as despite falling out of favour in West London both players are very much in demand. Cole recovered from a disappointing domestic season to earn a place in England’s World Cup squad at the eleventh hour and is in contention to start their opening match of the tournament, against the United States on Saturday, while Ballack would have been in South Africa as Germany captain had he not suffered an ankle injury in Chelsea’s FA Cup Final win over Portsmouth.

Cole has attracted strong levels of interest from all of Chelsea’s leading rivals in the Premier League, with Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur set to follow up their initial inquiries over the next few days. Given Cole’s desire to stay in London and the appeal of being reunited with Harry Redknapp, White Hart Lane appears to be his most likely destination because Tottenham, unlike Arsenal and Liverpool, would have little problem matching his wage demands. An offer to work with Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford would, however, be hard to turn down.

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