June 7th, 2010

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I love the integrity of journalism these days. See if you can find what's wrong with this article

 World Cup: How Much Do Top Footballers Earn?
By Kaitlin Madden, CareerBuilder.com writer

To most Americans, David Beckham is a soccer superstar. But to the rest of the world, he's pretty much an average professional footballer -- at least in terms of salary. Beckham's nearly $6.5 million annual contract doesn't even crack the list of the top 20 highest-paid soccer stars, and barely puts him onto the list of the top 50 earners in the sport.

Comparatively speaking: Soccer versus American football salaries

Although top athletes in neither sport are lacking in terms of base pay, the salaries of NFL players surpass those of professional soccer players. For the NFL's 2009-2010 season, average salary for the top five highest-paid players (not including endorsement deals) was $20.32 million. For the top five footballers, salaries averaged $14.67 million.

In honor of the World Cup, here's a look at the paychecks that go with being a star of the world's favorite sport.

The top 5

1. Coming in at No. 1 is 25-year-old Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, who earns $17.06 million* per year as a forward for Italian football club Real Madrid. Ronaldo, who also captains the Portuguese national team, is the most expensive soccer player in history. Real Madrid bought his rights from U.K.-based Manchester United in a 2009 trade -- for a cool $132 million.

2. Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes in at No. 2, earning a reported $15.7 million for the 2009-2010 season. The 29-year-old striker plays for Barcelona and the Swedish national team. Until Rinaldo's Real Madrid deal was inked in 2009, Ibrahimovic was soccer's highest-paid player.

3. At 22, Lionel Messi is the youngest player to make the top 20 list of highest-paid soccer stars. Messi's 2009-2010 contract is worth $13.74 million. Messi, a striker for Barcelona, will represent his home country, Argentina, at this year's World Cup.

4. Samuel Eto'o is the captain of Cameroon's national team and a member of Italy's Internazionale club. The striker was part of the team that won the 2000 Summer Olympics and will participate in his third World Cup tournament this year. His experience has paid off; his current contract is worth $13.74 million.

5. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, more commonly known as Kaka to fans, rounds out the top five. Kaka, 27, hails from Brazil and will make $13.13 million as a midfielder for Real Madrid this year. Before teammate Rinaldo's Real Madrid deal, Kaka also spent time at the top of the highest-paid players list.

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Soccer Aid 2010 in pics

Yesterday evening, 6/06/2010. England vs. Rest of the World for Soccer Aid. Epic match. I think I love football even more. Robbie Williams as captain, Woody Harrelson, Gordon Ramsey, Ryan Giggs, Pierluigi Collina, Jamie REDknapp scored a goal! Alan Shearer, Simon Baker, Zizou, Figo, Mike Meyers and many more... I was hyperventilating. Even Ewan Macgregor! he is Unicef ambassador,and even though he wasn't there - his voice, his spirit, his ads were present. And James Corden. Apparently he became a pretty important part of English NT stuff. At least in charity and ads :)

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REDknapp snr was the manager of England and James Corden his assistant.

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u 4real?

Messi apparently isn't the best roomie

Throughout much of this past season, Lionel Messi seemed incapable of doing any wrong on the pitch. But according to World Cup roommate Juan Sebastian Veron, that sublime perfection on the pitch doesn't translate to nocturnal control of his nasal passages.

[Photos: See Lionel Messi in action]

From the Telegraph:

The shaven-headed senior citizen of the squad, who has taken Messi under his wing, said the only thing that threatened the peace at the camp was the 22-year-old's snoring.

"He's a good room mate, a small problem is that he snores a lot, but that can be resolved with a pillow," said a grinning Veron, at his third World Cup since 1998.

Smothering the world's best player in his sleep because he sounds like a broken garbage disposal trying to break down a canned ham probably wouldn't be met with joy from World Cup organizers or fans of the game. Yet, if a sleep-deprived Veron gets off to a slow start in the tournament, don't be surprised if Messi wakes up in the hallway one day with duct tape wrapped around his head. 

Photo: AP


I am not surprise that he snores, I am surprise that La Albiceleste has shared rooms. Srsly. 

And I fucking love the new layout!!!!!
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Mannschaft Picspam

Achtung - Massive Post Ahead

I don't know if you guys have noticed this or not, but the DFB_Team twitter account is happily tweeting away with photos etc. basically being the on site official paparazzi, a job that I'll gladly take.


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From tweetphoto

the boys have arrived in South Africa.
They're holding an open training later today so fingers crossed there would be more photos.

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Bonus Shakira Shakira.

From Daylife
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USA plan to wind up Wayne Rooney

The USA deserve to be ranked a laudable 14th in the world. During yesterday's 3-1 win over Australia here their confidence in attack confirmed they will present problems in England's opening World Cup match on Saturday. Nonetheless Bob Bradley's side must achieve solidity to restrict opponents six places above them in the Fifa standings.

That came to mind when the USA defender Jay DeMerit looked ahead to the game in Rustenburg. "I have played against Wayne [Rooney]," he said. "So far, so good." Either the centre-half is suffering from a faulty memory or believes damage-limitation is satisfactory. In two matches in 2007, including an FA Cup semi-final, Rooney scored three times against DeMerit's Watford.

There is no particular shame in that but it suggests that the USA have to come up with more rigour. "He's a fantastic player," DeMerit said, "and this season he's been in the best form of his life. If he takes that into the World Cup, he will be a difficult opponent for anybody.

"The team know that you try to wind Rooney up. But I think he's learned over the years, with people telling him that's an easy way to get at him. I don't think it's as easy to wind Rooney up as people think it is. The preparations for him in particular, of course, are going to be high. We just have to make sure we make his day as difficult as possible."

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not really a portugal fan but...

Figured there are enough fans here for me to use what pictures I have and spam you all. Some training/arrivals/portraits. Don't hotlink or I'll find you. Thanks! Enjoy :) Quite a few photos. I might do it for the WC too but we will see.

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a lot are from aeiou.caras.pt and under photogallery or getty images.

also I know it is a lot to ask but please don't repost these elsewhere save on your journal or using icons. I had to print screen and crop most of them which took awhile. I don't need credit but don't make any entries hotlinking them. That's all
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Following Maradona may be harmful to your health

Love and loathing in Buenos Aires: My life chasing Diego Maradona

Jimmy Burns has spent 16 years in pursuit of the Argentine, on a journey that has immersed him deep in a troubled world of adulation, abuse and raw survival. Now he retraces his footsteps

It's with mixed feelings that I see my biography of Diego Maradona hitting the streets – again. To be accurate, this is not so much a new book but the latest revised and updated edition of a tome I first completed back in 1996. Since then I have lost count of the number of editions that have been published around the world of "The Hand of God", in English, and translated into every conceivable language, from Dutch to Chinese.

There seems to be an enduring appetite for this flawed genius of the game of football that transcends cultures and nations, more so perhaps than that felt for any other sportsman, dead or alive. But chasing Diego over all these years, and keeping track of his helter-skelter life, off and on the pitch, has been an exciting as well as wasting experience. While following Maradona over the years has enhanced my love of football, my relationship with the player has seen love mixed in with loathing, for what he had done to himself, and what he did to me, with drugs and betrayal part of our shared experience.

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Da source.

Thoughts? I found it interesting because it's a really good example of how biography tends to be more about the author themselves than the subject of examination (but then again I'm doing a history degree). It's also pretty hard to ignore Maradona and his impact, even if you wanted to.

k beginning to accept it, i guess....

Don't mean to ruin the WC excitement or anything but here are two stories into one update:
It's about...

...this man

...this man

...and this club

Well, of course.

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Look what i found on Arsenal.com. Not that it makes that much of a difference at all but, you know.

Arsenal fans know the deal when it comes to transfer deals: it's only official when it's announced on Arsenal.com.

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First Time Post; Big Ass Post

Mods, if posted already ... please feel free to delete this, if

Okay so for those in the USA, so i took this from the Daily News newspaper article from New York  and from the Website for FIFA, just to double check the brackets and such.
But as much as tv is a bitch, we all know things may or may not be subject to change, but for those who would like to watch these avidly like me, here is a guide. 

The time given is according to East Coast Time, and if you notice anything wrong with the post, please tell me politely in the comments below and I will edited as much as I can. Specially the Tags! 

Enjoy Folks <3

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World Cup 2010: TV guide

For the British public, I just thought this might be useful

The complete British TV listing for the group stages.


Friday, June 11
3pm - South Africa v Mexico - ITV
7.30pm - Uruguay v France - BBC

Saturday, June 12

12.30pm - South Korea v Greece - ITV
3pm - Argentina v Nigeria - BBC
7.30pm - England v USA - ITV

Sunday, June 13
12.30pm - Algeria v Slovenia - BBC
3pm - Serbia v Ghana - ITV
7.30pm - Germany v Australia - ITV

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From the Telegraph

yaya toure now on the table as part of cesc deal

mods i felt this was pretty important because, well, cesc

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Yaya Touré put forward to oil Cesc Fàbregas deal

Yaya Touré has been offered to Arsenal as a makeweight to break the deadlock for Cesc Fàbregas’s desired move to Barcelona.

The Ivory Coast midfield player’s proposed transfer to Manchester City appeared to have fallen through last night over his wage demands and his agent was trying to negotiate a deal with Arsenal.


bear in mind that five days ago Yaya's agent claimed that he already signed a contract with a premiership side. oh god what is going on at camp nou now i don't know what to believe anymore

edit: i think we all know this is a terrible offering. (yaya's salary demands are ridiculous for a holding midfielder whose name isn't claude makelele and arsene's 4-3-3 system already has alex song as a rudder) but i guess barca is finally realizing this isn't rustling cattle you can't just show up in the middle of the night and shove him into a van