June 6th, 2010

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Daily (photoshop) Fail

For some inexplicable reason, Piers Morgan wrote a football column for the Fail. I know he's a bit of a twat, but I'm willing to overlook it for a day for the pricelessness of this image and the text that went with it:

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"So don't be surprised if when we line up against the United States, our captain grabs a microphone and bellows: 'My name is Stevius Georgius Gerrardus, Commander of the Army of England, General of the Three Lions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Fabius Capellius. Owner of a dog named Sparkleus - just kidding that's not in it. Brother to an injured colleague. And I will have my vengeance, in this match or the next.'"

Stevie, I love you and everything, but brb pissing myself laughing.

sourcius maximus

PS New layout A+, y'all.
unf doctor

Soccer Aid 2010

Soccer Aid will be kicking off at 7.30pm GMT at Manchester's legendary Old Trafford stadium. Two star-studded squads of footballing legends and celebrities from England and the Rest of the World will take on one another in an electrifying football match all in aid of UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation. Money raised through profits from ticket sales and donations made by viewers during the match will go to UNICEF’s invaluable work helping children around the world.


Manager - Harry Redknapp
Asst. manager - James Cordon
Celebs - Robbie Williams, Danny Cipriani, Paddy McGuinness, James Cordon, Ben Shephard, Bradley Walsh, Jamie Theakston, Ricky Hatton, Damien Lewis, Olly Murs, Jonathan Wilkes, Ralph Little, Dominic Cooper, Rupert Penry-Jones.
Legends - David Seaman, Martin Keown, Alan Shearer, Teddy Sherringham, Nicky Butt, Jamie Redknapp.

Rest of the world:
Manager - Kenny Dalglish
Asst. manager - Ian Rush
Celebs - Michael Sheen, James Kyson-Lee, Gordon Ramsey, Brian Lara, Patrick Kielty, Shane Filan, Ronan Keating, Joe Calzaghe, Gethin Jones, Simon Baker, Woody Harrelson, Mike Myers.  
Legends - Jens Lehmann, Sami Hyypia, Ryan Giggs, Zinedine Zidane, Henrik Larsson, Luis Figo. 

Referee: Perluigi Collina

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UK people - there's full coverage on ITV starting from 6.00 where Orlando Bloom and Gary Barlow join Dermot O'Leary in the studio.
Everyone else - there's streams here

Link for anyone who wants to donate: http://socceraid.unicef.org.uk/

Guess Who?

Let's see who can guess who this baby grew up to be.
Hints: he's argentinean and plays in an English club.

(Yes, I'm bored)

ETA: Yes, it's Fabricio Coloccini! With his dad, when he played for San Lorenzo. Colocha grew up to play in San Lorenzo as well, and was part of the squad that won the 2001 Clausura. For La Liga fans, the man next to him is Pipo Gorosito, current Xerez coach.

Sounders FC Comm

I just want to say briefly that riyaynwa  have started a comm: [info]ssoundersfc for fans of the team, or any of the players, etc. What to learn about what's happening with Blaise Nkufo since he is no longer with FC Twente? Ljungberg more of a draw? or maybe an interest in Colombian players abroad? Come on over, promise we don't bite :)   </comm pimping>


-Thanks to the mods for allowing this!
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sounders till I die

He's big! He's tall!

Last night, after the Seattle Sounders FC's 3-0 victory over the New England Revolution, Kasey Keller came over to the Brougham End and sang a song with us.

He also made a little speech beforehand (not captured in the clip) about how he once got fined for starting a song in Germany, and wanted to sing a song with us. (I don't remember the exact wording.)

Basically, Kasey Keller doing what he does best: be awesome.

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hi guys i'm new here but you sure seem like a fun bunch!!!!!

i was making ringtones earlier and i thought i'd share! hehe!!!

Waka Waka text tone
Waka Waka ring tone
Spanish national anthem
Que Viva España crowd chant

heheehe enjoy you guys!!!

what are you up to tonight!! sunday nights yummy :))))) tell me about urselves :)

don't forget to get ur iker shirts just in time for the wc!!!! proceeds 2 charity because we are philanthrofists here at ontdfb :)

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