June 3rd, 2010

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The Six Biggest Egos of World Cup 2010

Most of the world's focus will be on a series of tremendously expensive stadiums in South Africa in just a few days. And while all of the athletes who will be the subject of that intense scrutiny will surely be focused on winning, some will enjoy wallowing in that attention more than others. This is a compilation of some of those players who thoroughly enjoy their own existence (mostly with good reason) and should provide entertainment with their antics. Whether you love to hate them or just love the way they love themselves, you'll probably be reading headlines about this group over the next few weeks. Like it or not.


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If you're pulling psychotic stalker shit like making posts to collect IP addresses to wish that "4chan could hack their asses," I am going to fist you with the long arm of my wrath.

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When Hope was High and Life Worth Living.

Peter Crouch to wear England No9 shirt at World Cup
Peter Crouch will follow in the footsteps of Nat Lofthouse, Bobby Charlton, Glenn Hoddle and Alan Shearer by wearing the England No9 shirt during the World Cup in South Africa, while David James has been handed the No1 shirt by Fabio Capello.

The numbers suggest both James and Crouch will be in the England manager's first-choice starting XI for the tournament, which kicks off for England on 12 June against the USA in Rustenburg, although Emile Heskey, No21 in the squad, remains a candidate to partner Wayne Rooney in attack.

Joe Cole will wear the No11 shirt, while Gareth Barry takes No14.

England squad numbers1 David James; 2 Glen Johnson; 3 Ashley Cole; 4 Steven Gerrard; 5 Rio Ferdinand; 6 John Terry; 7 Aaron Lennon; 8 Frank Lampard; 9 Peter Crouch; 10 Wayne Rooney; 11 Joe Cole; 12 Robert Green; 13 Stephen Warnock; 14 Gareth Barry; 15 Matthew Upson; 16 James Milner; 17 Shaun Wright-Phillips; 18 Jamie Carragher; 19 Jermain Defoe; 20 Ledley King; 21 Emile Heskey; 22 Michael Carrick; 23 Joe Hart.

DUDES. I cannot be dealing with this amount of false hope. Seriously. The thought of Crouchie starting against the USA makes me happier than I can say, but I don't wanna jinx it. Plus a lot could happen between now and then. Plus wearing #9 doesn't actually mean he's going to start.

Lennon #7 and Joe Cole #11, also interesting. I like the idea of the two Coles down the left for England a lot, I won't lie!

Aaand, I know this isn't the most intellectual thing in the world, but I'll be wanting lots of Frank Lampard/Peter Crouch hugs in the World Cup, please and thank you!!!

thanks2 dreamfight3r for the gif!

Anyway, 'cos I'm on Cloud 9 about said news, here are my top five Crouchie moments:
01. The perfect hattrick he scored against Arsenal three years ago as a Scouser; left foot, right foot, header. <3 And I mean, it's not like Arsenal concede hat-tricks on a frequent basis. Only Messi's done so recently. lol yes I did just put Crouch in the same category as Messi XD

02. That IMMENSE scissor kick against Galatasaray

03. Scoring a goal for England in the World Cup against Trinidad and Tobago when we really needed one (albeit through pulling someone's hair :p)

04. The goal he scored against Croatia at Wembley that *should* have been enough to put England in the Euros... but it wasn't enough =(

05. Owning Wayne Bridge all night at Eastlands and then popping up to score the goal that bunged Spurs into fourth place

ok enough Crouch fapping, back to work for me
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UK GQ July Issue!

In this month's issue, everything you need to know about the world's greatest footballing spectacle by the four players (and one manager) set to dominate it. Five cover stars, five world-exclusive interviews, one magazine: Rio Ferdinand on his England captaincy, Cristiano Ronaldo on his hopes for the future, Didier Drogba on the Ivory Coast and John Terry, Cesc Fabregas on playing in the Premier League (for now at least) and Fabio Capello on what he expects from his side.

England Captain- Rio Ferdinand :D

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Steven Gerrard
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It's official

Liverpool FC today confirmed that Rafael Benitez is to leave the club by mutual consent.

Mr Benitez relinquishes his position as team manager after six years and the Board of Directors would like to place on record their grateful thanks for his services and wish him all the best in his future career.


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Gooner scarf

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How many players from your club are headed to South Africa?

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Only six of the 32 participating nations have not named a Barclays Premier League player among their parties of 23 stars.

Italy, Slovenia, Japan, North Korea, Germany and Uruguay are the only countries not to have a current player from England's top division. Indeed, the Barclays Premier League is the best represented league at the FIFA World Cup, with 108 players, while Italy's Serie A provides 75 names and Spain's La Liga 57.
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And a lovely article about this GQBAMF right here
It's been 10 years playing with La Furia Roja. Feel free to Iker spam.
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This BAMF is heading to South Africa too!
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~*I love it here*~

Just finished my finals today...
need to celebrate...
hmmmm.... where can i go an stare/post/comment bout hot footballers without being judged? ONTD_FOOTBALL...

So pplz... i present to u....

Marco Borriello              Fabio Cannavaro (1 pic but ttly worth it)             Cristiano Ronaldo  
         Yoann Gourcuff
If you would like to get the huger version of a pic, either open it in a new tab or click on the url link  below it:
but please be warned... the pics are huge and may cause fainting, screaming, chocking, intense fangirling... please do be careful...
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Shamelessly stolen from Dona da bola(gorg blog)... donadabola.wordpress.com/

I hope you enjoy this... i really need to go to sleep now... so goodnyt :)
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Behind the Mess

Final curtain always on the cards with Rafael Benítez doing it his way

by Tony Barrett

Liverpool fans burnt American flags and called for the head of Christian Purslow, the managing director, as shock over Rafael Benítez’s departure turned to anger at the way the club are being run.

About 500 supporters descended on Anfield last night after confirmation that Benítez’s six-year tenure as Liverpool manager had come to an end.

The main targets for their outrage were Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr, the co-owners, but Purslow was also the subject of fervent chanting as the divisions that have riven Liverpool in recent years spilt out on to the streets surrounding their ground.

The cordial joint statement that ended one set of hostilities by bringing Benítez’s time at the helm to a close was significant for so many reasons, not least of which was the fact that it was the first time Benítez and the club’s hierarchy had sung from the same hymn sheet in some considerable time.


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If anything, though, the antipathy between Benítez and the boardroom heated up from then on, as illustrated by a pre-match conversation between a senior Liverpool official and his opposite number from a rival club.

“Do you know why Rafa is playing two holding midfielders?” the Liverpool figure asked. “No,” came the reply. “Because he hasn’t got three,” came the answer.


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And by Oliver Kay

Benitez finally worn down by all the infighting

The execution, when it came, was mercifully swift. Rafael Benitez had resisted long enough, winning just about every battle he had faced during the civil war that has been the story of the modern Liverpool, but this time he knew the end was nigh.

A personal view is that all that fighting – the battles waged over the years against Rick Parry, Tom Hicks, George Gillett and Christian Purslow, not to mention the paranoia that had come to cloud his view of the media and of the Premier League’s managerial fraternity – took something out of him. It wore him down and left him so isolated that it became clear several weeks ago that his position had become untenable.

Benitez always felt he was doing the right thing by drawing attention to the many failings of the Liverpool board down the years, whether it was highlighting Parry’s occasionally ponderous approach to transfer negotiations, the club’s lack of commercial acumen, the countless calamities of Hicks and Gillett or the inexperience in football terms of Purslow, who was appointed managing director last summer. Almost all of his criticisms were valid, but, no matter how many battles he won, winning the war always looked beyond him.



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