May 31st, 2010

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This match happened yesterday

Is this real life? Yes

What the hell is this?  Corazon Classic Match

Why is this happening? Charitable friendly match aimed at helping research focusing on sudden death syndrome. Venue: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Attendance: 70,000.

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Highlights eta: Changed the vid since part of the audio was broken with the first one

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Saw parts of the first half. Zizou has still got it....

ETA: Cut fail never happened


The Danish Way To Rock


The official video for Denmark NT's World Cup 2010 anthem, The Danish Way To Rock by Nephew featuring Landsholdet. Directed by Michael Christensen and you can watch behind the scene over here. (Nick appears around 1.38 in the singing booth, looking confused, nervous and adorable as hell :D)

ETA : lyrics for those you want it (thanks alohachary1851)

Now excuse me, I need to go back to lol-ing. BWAAHAHHAHA.

** this post is brought to you by Danish Delights

Mexico Final List


Guillermo Ochoa
Luis Ernesto Michel
Óscar Pérez Portero


Paúl Aguilar
Efraín Juárez
Jonny Magallón 
Jorge Torres Nilo
Rafael Márquez
Ricardo Osorio
Héctor Moreno
Carlos Salcido
Francisco Javier Rodríguez


Andrés Guardado
Gerardo Torrado
Israel Castro 
Pablo Barrera
Giovani dos Santos


Adolfo Bautista
Cuauhtémoc Blanco
Alberto Medina
Javier Hernández
Guillermo Franco
Carlos Vela

"Jonathan won't to wear the shirt of Mexico ... will go to Spain or Brazil" - Zizinho

AND NOW, BOJAN TIME! For all you Bojan lovers out there.

I HOPE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE THAT YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT BB BOJANITO! Or i will appear in your closet and brazilian wax you at night! Just kidding.

Bojan: “I went from being a kid to not being able to walk down the street”

I think this interview is maybe a week old or so but i just found it while stalking him and zomgasdjglsdjalgs I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

Bojan has arrived fresh at the end of the season. So much so that, while training on his own, look askance at the World Cup and healthy envy. He would have liked to, but lacked regularity. Call and assumed its not happy with the final leg of a league that feels very own, enjoy the game of his colleagues, encouraging them in the distance. Bojan finished like a rocket and have plans for next season. Not the least concerned about market movements because nobody trusts him more than himself. He is young and the future is his.

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