May 30th, 2010

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shameless self promotion - or the best idea ever?

In the aftermath of the hot mess that was Eurovision, mlo_7 and I decided/devised there must be a way to fix Portugal's rotten luck with the song contest.

uno, dos, tres, quatro!!1

. . .


If you have had the misfortune of never hearing Cristiano sing, I suggest you take a listen right here -- because you clearly have missed a lot!!1

ty for your time~

yay :D

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Torres - Gerrard can conquer

 Fernando Torres believes Steven Gerrard is one of a select group of players capable of dominating the World Cup.

The Liverpool midfielder is currently struggling with a calf problem, raising fears over his involvement for England in South Africa.
The Three Lions will be desperate to have the influential midfielder available, as his experience and determination could be crucial.

His Anfield team-mate Torres feels England should be praying Gerrard pulls through, as he is integral to any hope they have of securing global glory.

He rates the Liverpool skipper among the world's best and believes he could single-handedly lead Fabio Capello's men to glory.

"There are maybe five players at the World Cup who can win a big game on their own - Stevie is one of them," Torres said in the Daily Express.

"He's in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, that's how good he is.

"I prefer it when he players further forward for England and supports (Wayne) Rooney. That is when England look at their most dangerous.

"Rooney and Stevie must have big tournaments. If they do then England should be very much feared."


Happy Birthday Stevie <33
*France NT / Gourcuff

What have the Frenchies been up to?

What has the French Nation Team been up to since last week? Heavy post with pics including skiing (again), running in the mountains (again), driving mini cars, playing tennis, l'Oréal, men in suits and some football (at last).

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Random poll for fun.

On Tuesday, England will have their final 23 squad for South Africa. Even though Capello said after the Japan game he knew who his final 23 were it's not just that that divides opinion amongst England fans it's about certain positions and who should play where who shouldn't etc. So lets have a poll....

Who would you play upfront with Rooney?

Play him upfront by himself

Gerrard and Lampard will they be able to play together?


Who would you pick as first choice goalkeeper?

Joe Hart
David James
Rob Green

studs up

Nemanja Vidic: Peacekeeper

Nemanja Vidic turns peacemaker as Serbian thugs run riot during friendly defeat

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic was cast in the role of peacemaker on Sunday as hundreds of Serbia fans went on the rampage during their country’s 1-0 friendly defeat by New Zealand in Austria.
Stand-in captain Vidic picked up a microphone and addressed Serb thugs through the stadium’s PA system in Klagenfurt to appeal for calm after trouble erupted in the second half.

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Daily Mail

Can we have a tag for Serbia pretty please mods?

shiny survey/picspam/funfest

Glitter Words

and, let's face it, we're all piss-our-pants excited.
time to channel that excitement into pointless spamming something creative and useful to enrich our lives.

1) Who do you want to win the World Cup?
2) Who do you think will win the World Cup?
3) Give us one reason why we should support the same team as you (feel free to post "persuasive" pics & gifs)
i'm in the mood for a picspam


NZ surprise the Serbs 1 - 0, riots ensue!

Klagenfurt, Austria. The scene of much drama as 78th ranked NZ held out for a 1 - 0 win against 15th ranked Serbia. Gotta watch out for the black sheep ay :P

The atmosphere was *insane* especially as the Serbs got bored of losing and the fans started to get mad! Guys got half naked and ran around on the field, Vidic had to step in and become the next Idol, firefighters were necessary and it was all over after that! NZ fans were outnumbered 50 - 10,000 and I was there... I have to tell you despite the camaraderie I had shared with Serb fans as they wished me luck jokingly, as the match wore on it got rather tense!

Many thanks to this guy, dear Shane Smeltz

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All Whites singing "Slice of Heaven" in the dressing room BIG THANKS TO stephyrose4 !!!!!!

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