May 26th, 2010


Wooden Clogs and Tulips: This is a Dutch NT post

International Friendly Preview: Netherlands - Mexico
The Dutch will be looking to warm up for their World Cup adventure in style…
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Bayern Munich Star Arjen Robben Named Bundesliga Player Of The Season

His colleagues have named Robben the best player of this year's Bundesliga.

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Arjen Robben: I've got to get my taste for football back...

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Vlaar in doubt after pulled muscle

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Argentina: Sergio Romero; Nicolás Burdisso, Nicolás Otamendi, Gabriel Heinze; Jonás Gutiérrez, Maximiliano Rodríguez, Javier Mascherano, Javier Pastore; Ángel Di María, Carlos Tévez, Gonzalo Higuaín.
Canada: Pat Onstad; Richard Hastings, Paul Salteri, Michael Klukowski, Andrew Hainault; Daniel Imhof, Nikolas Ledgerwood, Josh Simpson, Dwayne De Rosario; Rob Friend, Will Johnson.

SUBS: 46' Juan Sebastián Verón for Maxi Rodriguez (ARG); 55' Jaime Peters for Nikolas Ledgerwood (CAN); 59' Mario Bolatti for Javier Mascherano (ARG); 59' Clemente Rodríguez for Gabriel Heinze (ARG); 66' Simeon Jackson for Rob Friend (CAN); 68' Martín Palermo for Gonzalo Higuaín (ARG); 70' Sergio Agüero for Carlos Tevez (ARG); 74' Ariel Garcé for Javier Pastore (ARG); 80' Adam Straith for Richard Hastings (CAN); 87' Ademolu for Dwayne De Rosario (CAN)

GOALS: 15' Maximiliano Rodriguez (ARG); 31' Maximiliano Rodriguez (ARG); 36' Ángel Di María (ARG); 62' Carlos Tévez (ARG); 72' Sergio Agüero (ARG)

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Y'know how it goes, we gotta file, file, file, file, file for divorce.

Cheryl Cole files for divorce from husband Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole has filed for divorce from footballer husband Ashley Cole, it has been confirmed.

The singer and X Factor judge cited "unreasonable behaviour" in the action filed at the High Court in London.

The high profile couple split in February after claims the England star had been unfaithful during their four-year marriage.

The divorce could go through before the World Cup in South Africa next month, according to reports.
Tabloid speculation

The 26-year-old Girl's Aloud star married the footballer in 2006 in a lavish ceremony in Hertfordshire.

The pair met in 2004 and were engaged a year later after the footballer proposed in Dubai.

OK! magazine covered the wedding, despite Cheryl Cole's earlier insistence that the ceremony would be a "quiet affair".

In 2008, the couple's marriage was rocked by tabloid speculation about Ashley Cole's infidelity.

They eventually split following further claims made in tabloid newspapers.

It was alleged that Ashley had texted compromising photographs of himself to several women, while another came forward to claim she had slept with him in 2009.

Been confirmed by her PR agency.

prima 'dona

Argentina leads the way in World Cup hotel demands

Final preparations are being made at the hotels and other temporary South African residences for the visiting teams ahead of next month's World Cup. For the University of Pretoria's High Performance Center, that means coming up with a whole lot of salad varieties and  tearing up bathrooms to meet Argentina manager Diego Maradona's high toilet standards.

According to the South African Times, the Argentine Football Association's requests start out simple enough. All the rooms are to be painted white and six PlayStations are required for the players. The decadence starts to show when it comes to the food requests, though. They include:
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~Jose Mourinho weeps while saying goodbye to Marco Materazzi~

I must admit I'm excited for Jose&RM, but this is just so sad!! :( There's a big heart underneath the big ego :)

Jose Mourinho packed up his personal belongings (mirror, foam finger, voice recorder, Jose Mourinho autographed picture) on Tuesday, leaving Milan even before the last of the drunks wake up from their celebratory blackouts. But just before leaving, like a scene written by Nicholas Sparks, Mourinho hopped out of his car as it pulled out of Inter's Appiano Gentile training facility and trudged over to Marco Materazzi for a hug and a cry.

I guess Jose and the Matrix must have gotten pretty close over the two years they spent together. Judging by the way Jose wanted to keep the moment going when Materazzi was clearly ready to stop hugging, perhaps Jose felt they were a little closer than Materazzi did. Or maybe he just has a greater flair for the dramatic. 
from dirty tackle, yet again :)

Gooner scarf

srs bizness

FIFA to crack down on dangerous tackles
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FIFA medical chief Michel D'Hooghe has a message for players at the World Cup in South Africa: You'll pay for those hard tackles.

D'Hooghe said Wednesday that he plans to give referees plenty of instruction and warning about rough play, adding that a big event like the World Cup offers a chance to send the message that bone-crunching take-downs are unacceptable.

"We will specifically tell our referees and let everyone know" to use the red card as soon as a career-threatening foul is committed at the World Cup, D'Hooghe said.

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32 Nations and 32 Epic Works of Art

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Wieden + Kennedy New York tapped Capetown artists Am I Collective to create 32 murals, each one paying homage to an international soccer star, as part of its integrated effort promoting ESPN's comprehensive coverage of the 2010 World Cup.

The murals take inspiration from African street signage and movie posters, and also contain symbolic Easter Eggs for fans to discover.

The art will be featured in more components of the fully integrated campaign and on the ESPN World Cup site.

It’s a little too much for one post, but I’ll do it anyway. Here are 32 amazing drawings of the 32 nations taking part in the World Cup.

What do you guys think? Which ones are your favorite? The Germany one made me go o_O to be quite honest.

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hala madrid neon

"The Eleven Greatest Players on the Planet"

...according to GQ Magazine.

This sexy man did not make the list. W/E, GQ. You missed out.

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Wednesday gossip round-up

in today's installment-

Rooney: I'll be alright
Manchester United to buy VDV?
Mourinho to swoop in on two Chelsea stars for £50 million
Arsenal prepare to solve their goalkeeper crisis
Rooney allows his family to make the jump to South Africa
Pires insists that Cesc will stay. However, Cesc maintains that his future is uncertain.

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Happy hump day!
* I made a mistake yesterday. It's Blackpool, not Blackburn. : [
Shava: >:[

Again and again!

1. From OlenkaRU
When did you feel sad for the last time and why?
Arshavin: Today. Why? I got stuck in a traffic jam and it upset me :((((

2. From zashavy
Hi Andrey! How are you doing? There is an aphorism: "It’s easy to become a father but it’s difficult to be a father”. Do you agree with this?
Arshavin: Yes, of course. I understood that it would be difficult from day one, when Julia first said that she was pregnant.

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P.S.: I want that shirt real bad.