May 24th, 2010

Tired Lampard

This is not Inter Milan entry. This one is the Torres.

Remember last year's CL final? No, I don't mean Barca vs. ManU match. The wedding. Fernando and Olalla got married on that day. So this year, on the very same day, they christened Nora.

Topics for discussion:
1. Nando's hair color.

2. Ollala's shoes - Louboutin's [red sole]?

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Jens - fuck yes

A post in which Jens Lehmann is being awesome

So Mad Jens retired from football a couple of weeks ago. And about half a year ago his fansite and lj community came up with the idea to make a little farewell present for him. Thanks to onlinegooner btw. for telling the Arsenal fans about it! Fans had the opportunity to write letters, little stories, do artwork and so on, send it in and we compiled it into a book and got it printed. We received contributions from all over the world: Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, USA, Chile, Venezuela, Argentinia, China and Southafrica and also a couple of thoughtful presents, a matrjoschka from Russia for example, with the whole Lehmann family painted on.

Now the real problem was to present the stuff to him because VfB Stuttgart was practically overrun with interview requests and so on for Lehmann in the last couple of weeks of the season so there was actually some kind of contact ban. A big thank-you goes out to a very insistent VfB fan and someone from the club itself who managed to do this behind the back of the club's press office, errm.

So in the end our gift bearer got to meet an initially very grumpy Jens (cold and completely soaked from training) and waited for him in front of the dressing room (not without one of the players running out on the hallway butt-nekkit but that is another story *g*). When he came out he was still in Mad Jens-mode but when he saw what it was all about he became a different person. I think his state could best be described with Permanent-Squee. :D

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PS: Direct link to the video in case the inbedded one doesn't work.


Piqué does an interview, talks about THE picture, remains hot and awesome while doing so.

Piqué: “We were watching the picture with me and Ibra in the changing room and we were laughing our asses off”.

In an unhinhibited interview for “La Vanguardia, Gerard Piqué does a quick recap to his career and doesn't speak about many things apart from football.


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SOURCE of the article in Spanish that talks about the interview and that I have poorly translated (shame on me) because I have no time.
SOURCE of the whole interview also in Spanish.

So, after a little crisis, i have done this again. I knew i was gonna fuck up my first post, you're allowed to laugh at me.

However, I have an awesome brand new icon perfect for this post thanks to [info]lienvo64  !!!!! <3<3



The Story Of The First World Cup, 1930

It should come as no great surprise to any seasoned FIFA watchers that the entire history of the organisation has been about its politicking, and still less that this has frequently extended itself into the hosting of its showpiece tournament, the World Cup. When we go back as far as to look at the formation of the organisation, we see one that was at its very formation unilateralist and was riven from its very early days with divisions between nations from different parts of the world. So, how did FIFA and the World Cup come to be, and how was it that an organisation that was largely based in Europe came to hold the first major tournament under its own complete control in a country of just three million people in South America?

FIFA first came together in May 1904, with representatives from France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland (the Football Association joined in 1905, but the lack of British involvement in FIFA’s set-up is in itself telling) signing an accord that they – and only they – would hold the right to host international football competitions. After an unsuccessful attempt at holding a tournament in Switzerland in 1906, football appeared as an full event for the first time at the 1908 Olympic Games under the watchful eye of the FA, but even before the outbreak of war in 1914 its membership had swollen to include South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Canada and the United States of America.

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Kewell is leaving Galatasaray SK.

Harry Kewell is leaving Galatasaray. Haldun Ustunel, one of the managers of Galatasaray SK, has explained  "We won't have Harry in our team next season. We know how much our fans love him but he is not young and he has his injury."

Well i'm very upset about it. shaking and crying 
I want him to stay and play at least a couple of years more. Like 10 or smt.

He said;
"My name is Harry kewell, Kewell from Galatasaray. Through my football career, i've felt many times, i've been pushed. They said "it's over", they said "he can't stand up, he can't play". I was reborn at Galatasaray. I've found friendship and happiness at Galatasaray. I've learnt one thing really well is such a privilege to be a part of Galatasaray" in a GSmobile advert just a year ago.
Now look what happened. :(

Here's the URL for ad.

This is my very first post so, if i had a mistake just tell me.

Love you all.

Monday gossip round-up

 The installments are back, chickadees. 

In today's neat little package- 

Barca to put  £30 million in the kitty for the little known midfielder, Cesc Fabregas.
England may have another cause for worry in their attempt to win the WC.
 The EPL may suffer from Jose 'special one' Mourinho's move to Real
Bojan, Mascherano and Benayoun to move to Chelsea?
Barcelona are in for more than just one Gunner
Maradona puts his pipe dream into action

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Have a happy monday! : ]

Australia vs New Zealand

Tonight, Australia played New Zealand in their final match on home soil before heading off to South Africa. The venue was the MCG in Melbourne, and some 55,000 people braved ridiculous ticket prices as well as crummy weather on a Monday night to go and farewell the boys. Australia and New Zealand have a long history of being fierce rivals in any sport they face each other in, and so this was hyped up to be a massive grudge match. Unfortunately, a lot of Socceroos fans were expecting a European opponent, to better help us prepare for our matches against Germany and Serbia, so that may have had an impact on the crowd figure. By comparison, 95,000 turned up to watch Australia play Greece in their farewell match before the World Cup in 2006, and 70,000 went to the friendly against Argentina in 2007...

As it turned out, it was an entertaining game at times and at other times, reminded me that Australia really has a lot of work ahead of us if we are to make it out of our Group. The final score was 2-1 in our favour, but we didn't score the winner until the 90th minute - it could have very easily been a draw. The result really flattered us.

Anyway, here are some pics! Photos are from Getty/lame captions are all mine.

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