May 18th, 2010


Gooch's (USA) Amazing Offer to AC Milan

When I talked to Landon Donovan in April and he described U.S. national team and AC Milan defender Oguchi Onyewu a big teddy bear with a "soft heart" and someone who is intense on the pitch "but off the field he's pretty relaxed," some may have taken the focused scowl that's usually on his face to mean otherwise. But today Landon is proven right in a way as Gooch, who hasn't played a match since rupturing his patellar tendon in a World Cup qualifier last October, has asked to extend his contract with AC Milan by a year for no pay.

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FIFA World Cup 2010: Power Ranking the 50 Best Players in the World Cup

According to Bleacher Report, these are the 50 best players in the World Cup 2010. 

No. 50 Giorgio Chiellini (Italy)

The next big defender for the Italian National Team, Giorgio Chiellini will be a starter on the Italian National Team during this World Cup at the ripe young age of 25. And now with the aging Italian defense, Chiellini will become one of the best defenders in the world as he matures.

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The being nice post

This post is all about being nice!

So a local newspaper did a poll about what 23 players should make the definite list of Argentina's NT, and with 70.000 people voting, Tevez showed up first with 99.42%, Higuaín second, Mascherano third, and Messi in the fifth spot, behind Martin Demichelis.

ANYWAY, that's not what I was going for. After that, I started thinking of how much I hate Maradona right now, and... well, why not turn that hate into something nice?

So... CHOOSE SOMEONE YOU HATE/DISLIKE STRONGLY, AND SAY AT LEAST ONE GOOD THING ABOUT THEM. IT'S EASY! Focus on the good things that person might have, or the reasons why others like them.

I'll start:

You scored a pretty goal against England.

Now you go! :)

This is a Micha post <3 :(

German national soccer player Michael Ballack watches a training session at Hotel Rocco Forte Verdura near the Sicilian town of Sciacca, southern Italy, May 18, 2010. Germany can overcome the absence of injured captain Michael Ballack with younger players taking on more responsibility at the World Cup, the Chelsea midfielder said on Tuesday. The German national soccer team started a one-week training camp on the Italian island of Sicily on last Friday.

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Shava: &gt;:[

Shava Night FTW


1. From shturm
Hello, Andrey! I want to dedicate my life to football. The question is: Each club has administrative staff (management, administration, managers, etc.). Are there any universities in Russia or maybe even abroad that train qualified personnel? What can you advise? P.S. For me this site is a great opportunity to consult with a professional player, who has achieved great results in his career, and for many people it’s an opportunity to get in touch with their idol.Thanks for this site!

Arshavin: There is The State Lesgaft Academy of Physical Education in Saint-Petersburg. It trains professionals in sports business. But, having received the diploma of a coach you won’t become a coach right away, it takes practice, you should start with children's or youth teams. In general, I think that being a coach is a God-given talent. Great players won’t necessarily become good coaches; sometimes on the contrary, people who have never played at a high level turn into super specialists. With regard to other areas of club activities, it’s necessary to know economics, management, law, it is also important to study foreign languages and a lot of other things. The club management has to understand and love football, and sometimes live for football alone.

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Something about this article!!!!! :( :( :(

Another Cesc rumour....?????! Idek...... :(

I know you've probably been hearing and reading about this 109284093427435809 times a day recently, even if you live under a rock but there was something about this article (to me anyway...) that really made me actually surrender all the hope i had left that Cesc is gonna stay at Arsenal...
Of course this whole Cesc-Barca thing has been going on for ever and ever every time he did something amazing on the football side of things and there have been millions of these kinds of rumours, but regardless of the countless times i've had to deal with this to the point where i just ignored them, i don't know there is just something about this article that convinces me that Cesc really is leaving and that makes me actually be genuinely worried again... And i know it's designed to create even more fuss and more controversy etc. but i just can't help it... :s
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united: my ground is prettier than yours

There is a reason behind this. Promise.

Players get interviewed all the time but sometimes there is an interview that really stands out. Sometimes it's a player you previously thought was average that goes up wildly in your estimation. Sometimes it just cements your love for a player you liked already.

Here is mine. It will come as no surprise.


Which is your favourite interview with player? Naked footballers for everyone who answers. *

*not really.