May 13th, 2010


Man United star left in agony after DIY Brazilian went wrong

A Man United star ended up in agony when he tried to remove the hair from his nether regions.

He applied plenty of hair-removal cream which not only took off his short and curlies but a layer of skin as well.

The player found it difficult to get changed for a game the next day and had to see his doctor for the damage to be assessed.

Academy director Brian McClair revealed the embarrassing blunder in the club magazine: “The lad should clearly not be allowed into the bathroom without a chaperone. He must have been a bit bored as he decided to apply hair-removing cream... to his nether regions.

“The cream duly removed the hair but also burnt a layer of skin off!

“This made changing for the game next day a bit hard to explain.”

A club source said: “There’s now a big guessing game going on as to the identity of the player.”

the mirror

So who do we think it is? Nani? Rooney? One of the twins? Or was it Fergie himself ;)

Books = good. Football books = better.

Come this weekend, most of the leagues will be over, most of the cups will be won, and there will STILL be 24 days until the World Cup starts. So what to do until then?

Catch up on reading, or course.

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I know there are SO MANY other books out there, I couldn't list them all. Post your favourites I may have missed and I'll add them!
Nina Dobrev
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Lily Allen breaks down in tears as her beloved Fulham FC lose out on the UEFA Europa final.

A gutted Lily Allen broke down in tears last night after watching Fulham FC lose to Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Europa League final.

Both the singer and actor Hugh Grant were among the celebrity fans who had flown to Hamburg to cheer on The Cottagers.

Hundreds of Fulham supporters were devastated when their dreams of bringing the first European cup back to Craven Cottage failed to materialise.

The dream is over: Lily Allen breaks down in tears after Atletico Madrid score the winning goal against her team Fulham FC in the Europa Cup final 

Joined by her grandfather, Lily was glued to her seat watching the action on the pitch at the HSH Nordbank Arena.

While initially looking hopeful, quaffing the local beer as he watched the game, life-long Fulham fan Grant's happiness soon turned to despair when Fulham crashed out.

The game started off well with Fulham equalising Atletico's first goal in the 37th minute.

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I know this is totaly lame that i'm posting this. And if it is forbidden or something I'm sorry,
but I didn't know where else to ask. Here's the deal I need help :I A lot of actually.
I'm doing this Barca *big* picspam. I got the idea before the Barca-Inter second match
at Camp Nou. At that time in Slovenia we had holidays so yeah I wanted to do it for
support but match was on Wednesday-I got the idea on Monday and I started to work
on Tuesday. So when I started I realized that I don't have enough time. I think then I made some
banners or something. But now I really want to do this cos It'll be the end of the season on
Sunday. And the problem is that I don't have enough pictures. I've got a lot stuff from matches
and it's HQ, but I don't have a lot with a personal touch if you understand me. Like you know
pictures from trips or press conferences or daily life or ....
Well actually I made this one yesterday, I'm planning to do a lot more

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(is this even good? "/)
Now I'm just asking you to post pictures that you have and you really like here and I'll use them.
I'm not asking for HQ stuff but you know post me the good ones.

Thank you ♥

(And sorry for my English I'm Slovene :P)

Ready to win the league again!?!!? (another Barca post from me)


Bojan calls on fans to

help defeat Valladolid


Bojan Krkic warned against any complacency in the final match of the season against relegation threatened Valladolid and appealed to the fans to come and support the team.
The young striker insisted that Valladolid would be no pushover: “They’ve got a lot at stake. We expect it to be a difficult match and we’ll have to clinch it as soon as possible”.

“In this kind of match you have to avoid getting stuck at 0-0 for too long. That’s why it’s important to start well and get the support of the fans right from the beginning”.

"I’m a better player than a year ago"

Bojan has made quite an impact on the team over the past few weeks, featuring regularly in the starting line-up and scoring 8 goals in the last 10 matches: “Everything comes if you work well. Now I feel I’m a better player than before. I’m very grateful for the experiences I’m having. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve learnt a lot”.

Bojan made a particularly important contribution in the matches against Sevilla and Villarreal: “Those two matches were very important for me. I felt great but the most important thing is to keep on playing in that kind of match and feeling more and more comfortable”.

Bojan and Spain
Despite not being included in the preliminary Spain squad for the World Cup by international manager Vicente del Bosque, Bojan has high hopes for the future: “It’s logical I haven’t been included although I would really like to have been. I’m very young and I hope I have the chance to play in the next World Cup”.
(Aww, i love his undying enthusiasm and optimism)


There's also a video of his sexiness here while doing his press conference but i don't know how to embed it...
barcelona; abi's hips don't lie

speak spanglish with michael robinson and xaviesta.

totalBarca has blessed us again, this time with subbing an Informe Robinson episode about Xavi and Iniesta. God even in the media they are together. Haha.

It's a great watch, for both Barca and La Roja fans. They talk about how both came to play there, the amazing year of 2009, pranks they play on each other, Xavi's birthday, Iniesta randomly jamming with some Spanish band, and the fact that they miss each other and have a very gernandoish sense of intuition. Beautiful episode, and shows them as really quality and humble players. Cameos by Iker, Bojan, and Xavi's family :)


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