May 9th, 2010

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Doom Doom Doom

In six months, the Benitez era will seem like a golden age

In the dressing room and on the balance sheet, Liverpool have fallen over the edge, writes Dion Fanning

I f Liverpool thought this season was bad, the summer may have them looking back wistfully. The release of their latest financial figures might shake some sense into those who think that Rafael Benitez's possible departure will make things better. Liverpool, as the figures show, are in great peril. In six months, the Benitez era will seem like a golden age.

The idea that Jose Mourinho can be parachuted in to save the club should crash up against the reality of these numbers. For the second successive year, the auditors, KPMG, expressed "material uncertainty" about Liverpool's ability to continue as a going concern.

The new chairman Martin Broughton has had to appear before the Premier League to give a guarantee, which had to be backed up by the banks, that Liverpool will be able to fulfil their fixtures next season (anyone who saw Liverpool's performance in Portsmouth this season may question if that guarantee was given last season). Yet some people cling to the view that Liverpool need simply to sign a new full-back. There is no quick-fix for Liverpool. There may be no slow-fix either.

This weekend, it does not seem as inevitable that Benitez will leave. At this stage, the decay has affected him so profoundly that it would be no bad thing for him to go. At the very least, his departure would allow those who criticise his management to understand slowly what he was up against. Alan Curbishley won't be able to do much better.
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10 Million Fireflies, I'm Weird 'cos I hate goodbyes.

I got misty eyes as they said farewell ♥


Arsenal v Fulham, 16:00
Aston Villa v Blackburn, 16:00
Bolton v Birmingham, 16:00
Burnley v Tottenham, 16:00
Chelsea v Wigan, 16:00
Everton v Portsmouth, 16:00
Hull v Liverpool, 16:00
Man Utd v Stoke, 16:00
West Ham v Man City, 16:00
Wolverhampton v Sunderland, 16:00

Stream links: Rojadirecta, Iraq Goals, Football Streaming, Atdhe, MyP2P

Hmmmm this is almost five hours in advance. Ha. My icon's from The Shawshank Redemption, my favourite film, btw. What's yours? (take my mind off football for a while)
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Fans do something about their clubs failing charity

Watch football, save lives. All in a day's work for St John's Ambulance.

In the past week, a list of the various creditors owned by Crystal Palace was published (some of who can be seen here).

One of the most notable debts was £15,817 to St John's Ambulance. I'm sure a lot of people are familiar with them and their work, but in case you're not, St Johns is a charity that trains people in first aid, and provide ambulance services. And if/when Palace come out of administration, they were likely to only get a tiny amount of that money owed.

So like Pompey fans did before them, a group of Palace fans decided that they should raise the money to pay off that debt.

After 10 days they've raised £15,872 for St Johns. It wasn't only Palace fans who donated either - so did fans from other clubs.

Obviously this doesn't excuse the financial mismanagement of the club, and it's shameful that such a debt built up and had to be paid off by the fans. But I'm proud of both Portsmouth and Crystal Palace fans for organising this and giving so generously!
(Seeing as how many of us support clubs that are in bad financial straits at the moment, some good news might be nice.)
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Vídeos de Valdebebas (Real Madrid :P)

Como la mayoría de personas de aquí hablan en inglés, voy a usar un traductor automático para traducir los textos a inglés. Perdonad si el traductor es demasiado malo '^^

(The majority of persons of here speak in English, so I am going to use an automatic translator to translate the texts into Englishman. Sorry if the translator is too bad ' ^^)

Aquí subo algunos de los vídeos que mi amiga y yo hicimos en la zona VIP de la ciudad deportiva del Real Madrid

Como explicación a por qué entramos allí, decir que llegué hasta ahí porque el año pasado participé en un concurso de la Sexta, de esos que aparecen en pantalla. Fue en el derbi Atlético de Madrid - Real Madrid, y me llamó la atención porque el concurso era decir a qué jugador del Madrid querías conocer y POR QUÉ. O sea... CREATIVIDAD! Puse a Kaká y una frase supercursi, y a la semana me llamaron y me dijeron que había ganado (la gracia es que la noche en la que participé soñé que ganaba xDD)

Os pego los vídeos y los textos que he puesto en mi LiveJournal ;)

(Here I raise some of the videoes that my friend and I did in the zone VIP of the sports city of Real Madrid

 As explanation for what we enter there, to say that I came even there because last year I took part in a contest of the Sixth one, of this that they appear on screen. It was in the Athletic derbi of Madrid - Real Madrid, and was called me the attention because the contest was to say what player of Madrid you wanted to know and WHY. Or... CREATIVITY! I put to Kaká and a supervulgar phrase, and a week they called me and said to me that it had won (the grace is that the night in which I took part I dreamed that it was winning xDD)


 I stick the videoes and the texts that I have put in my LiveJournal;) )

Los chicos entrenando :)
(The boys training)


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Just for your amusement.....

'We will finish fourth': Rafa Benitez and the worst football predictions ever!

10) “Buster will be the first British £10 million pound player”
Manchester City manager Alan Ball on signing Martin 'Buster' Phillips from Exeter for £500,000 in 1995. Bally was only two noughts out - when the spindly winger did move on, to Portsmouth in 1998, it was for £100,000. Phillips later cost Plymouth a princely £25,000.

9) “If Dwight Yorke makes a First Division footballer then my name is Mao Tse Tung”
Chairman Tommy Docherty greets the cultural revolution, 1995.

8) “Quickly Kevin, you know him best, will he score?" "Yes"
No, actually. Brian Moore and Kevin Keegan's live ITV double act as David Batty stepped up to take his shoot-out penalty to keep England in the 1998 World Cup.

7) “We'll terrify the cowards of Europe”
Manchester City assistant manager Malcolm Allison contemplates the European Cup after winning the league in 1968. City lost in the first round to Fenerbahce and have never played in the competition since.

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This is a Socceroos post...

Featuring Australia's greatest bromance, Tim Cahill and Lucas Neill, this awesome new ad comes from Optus, one of the team's major sponsors.

And a really interesting behind-the-scenes featurette on how they put it all together.

In other news, Harry Kewell remains in doubt for the World Cup next month, after aggravating his recurring groin injury for the 2974029753023th time. Peter Bruckner, who is the Socceroos' head doctor as well as Liverpool's, says it's "too early to call" whether Harry will be available - I'm sensing a pattern in my life of hanging on this doctor's every word. First Nando, now Harry. Please Peter, some good news would be amazing!!!!

Pim Verbeek, the national team coach, is set to announce the provisional World Cup squad on Tuesday and I am actually terrified if Harry isn't fit enough to make it. We are light on strikers/proven goal scorers as it is :/

To distract myself, I am just going to ogle him in this latest set of photos from his adventures in modelling with Politix. Feel free to join in :p

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Now that the season’s over (wah)…

I thought we could all do a general review of our team and their season.

Your team
Season in a sentence
Thoughts on the gaffer
The star
A season to forget for
OTPs & Bromances
High point
Match that makes you bitter
The goal/moment/match/event that defined your team’s premier league season
Wishes and predictions for 2010-2011
5 – and just five – photos you like from the season