May 7th, 2010

Dave Devotional 4

Ibra's Response

Ok my translation is real basic:

The reporter says: We are here to see what's up with this scandal

Ibra what do you think of this photo
Your mad, your mad

He's mad

We've shown him the photo and he's not amused

(Ibra points to the reporter to come around the car. He rolls down the window. Reporter leans in)

Ibra are you upset?

He responds: Come to my house to see if I am gay
She says: Vale I'll go to your house
Ibra: Bring your sister too
Reporter: Ibra your mad, don't be mad, (and ibra says other things)

Wow these reporters are annoying. As much as I wished the photo were true, as my love pointed out, they were caught in a chest hug, side kiss thing. But seriously the whole homophobia thing that has surfaced makes me ill. ughh
Evra jump (Wigan)
  • arooj

Gareth Barry injury throws his World Cup summer into doubt.

• Sprained ankle may keep midfielder out until eve of World Cup
• 'I hope he can recover in time,' says Manchester City manager

Gareth Barry

England may have to tear up their World Cup plans after news that the vital holding midfielder Gareth Barry is in danger of missing the competition.

Early this afternoon Barry's club manager, Roberto Mancini, confirmed that Barry's sprained ankle is "not good" and that he may be out for four weeks.

That would take his recovery right to the brink of the World Cup, which begins on 11 June. However, Mancini added that he was still "hopeful" Barry could make the tournament after limping out of Wednesday's defeat by Tottenham. "I feel very sorry for Gareth and I hope he can recover in time. But Fabio Capello and his medical staff must decide. He deserves to play in the World Cup."

Barry is England's specialist holding midfielder and was a constant throughout the qualifying campaign. But it is uncertain whether Fabio Capello would risk including a player who would miss training camps the manager views as vital, and who may not be fit for the start of the tournament.

However, there are few obvious alternatives. Manchester United's Michael Carrick is in poor form, and his team-mate Owen Hargreaves has only just returned after 20 months out.

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henry 1

not forgotten


This weekend (the last Saturday of the season) marks the 25th anniversary of the fire at Valley Parade, the home of Bradford City FC, where 56 people died when a fire engulfed the main stand. I lived in a town less than 10 miles away and I remember watching what was happening on TV with my mum. I was about 10 years old and the images gave me nightmares for weeks afterwards so I can only imagine what effect it had on those that were there. My best friends 14 year old brother was there that day, in the main stand, but fortunately for him he was at the front and managed to escape, but could only watch as others weren't so lucky. It doesn't get the media attention that other tragedies have, but for those that lived in and around the city of Bradford on that day, it's a day we'll never forget. Under the cut are two articles from people who were there that day. The first is from Gabby Yorath, a sports presenter on the BBC and the second from Colin Brazier a presenter for Sky News.

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I am using Curtis Weston to lure you in...

Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen... Now that I have your attention, this post has very little to do with the fine figure of a man you see before you. Sorry about that. 
This is about League One. So put the kettle on and get reading. Or er, press the back button and ignore me. I don't mind! But I know there are some FL girls here & I just feel the need to waffle on to myself for a while :P

I’m one of those terribly boring lower league fans who will fight to the death in an attempt to persuade people that the bottom tiers of league football are better than the top; that a relegation battle is far more exciting than the race to secure a Champions League spot. And for once, I may just be right.

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And while I’m here, still waffling, may I point you in the direction of two fixtures that you really will want to pay attention to. This weekend is the start of the Championship play-offs – Blackpool secured a play-off spot last weekend and will play host to Nottingham Forest, while Leicester and Cardiff will battle it out for a positive result to take into the second leg.
So, what do you fancy? A trip to the seaside or a weekend in Wales? Personally, I want Leicester to win it but that’s probably just a slight bias and nothing to do with my new found love for some chap called Michael Morrison.
Gooner scarf


 Remember THIS?

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Well, this time around, Cesc, Theo, Arshavin and Sagna got the rest of the team to help. 
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Shava: >:[

Here it goes again, Shavashow!

No one posting this up already? Well, here it is then...
First post btw, nice to meet you all!


1. From ynapolskix
Andrey, there is a legend that people used to consist of 2 parts: female and male. They were perfectly happy, but gradually stopped paying attention to the Gods. And the Gods punished them for that. According to the legend, people now are divided into halves: i.e. women and men, and one can be absolutely happy only if he/she finds this other half. Do you think there is a perfect match somewhere for everyone? And how can one know that the person next to you is the right one?

Arshavin: I think so. How can one know? Eventually you’ll figure it out.

2. From nuta10
Hi, Andrey! I have a philosophical question for you: what do you think; can a person be absolutely free? What is freedom in your opinion?
Regards, Anna.
Arshavin: Absolutely free? I think so. For me freedom is when a person can do whatever he wants.

3. From Vicksy
What question can I ask for you to answer?
Arshavin: You can ask me anything :)))

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Emily WTF

"I hope U.S. loses"

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South Africa's police commissioner said Friday his job will be made easier if the United States is knocked out of the World Cup in the first round, avoiding the massive security challenge of a visit by President Barack Obama.

General Bheki Cele told a parliamentary police committee meeting in Cape Town it was "50-50" whether Obama would visit Africa's first World Cup, but they had been told that if the Americans make the knockout stage of the tournament then Obama might jet in.

"One challenge is the American president, who is coming, not coming, coming, not coming," Cele said. "It's 50-50 as we stand.

"Our famous prayer is that the Americans don't make the second round. (That) they get eliminated and they go home."

Cele then paused and said "don't print that" to laughter from the audience that included members of parliament and police officials.
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Souce, I feel so dirty that it is coming from Fox Soccer Channel...