May 5th, 2010

amy owl

my face when michael dawson does most anything = <3___<3

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Michael Dawson: 'I knew Harry believed in me, even when I was out of the side'

The Brian Viner Interview: The Tottenham defender on making the leap from Spurs fringe player to World Cup contender

It is not because he has just been voted Tottenham Hotspur's player of the year that Michael Dawson walks into the interview at the Spurs training ground beaming sufficiently to light up the nearby M11 at midnight. Nor is it because Spurs are about to play Manchester City in what amounts to a play-off for Champions League football next season.

No, Dawson is wreathed in smiles because, according to those who work with him every day, that's just the way he is. You'll never find a nicer, more modest or more generous-spirited lad, they say, all of which is lovely to hear in this era of footballers behaving badly, but makes me as an interviewer just a little apprehensive. I don't need him to dish any dirt, but I do want him to open up about himself.

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Manchester United Player Of The Year Awards

Who can make suit work so hot?
little black dresses vs other-coloured dresses?
So who won all the awards?
Who is playing consoles on the backstages? :/
Whose beard is almost so fabolous as the one who has it?

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