May 2nd, 2010


best goal celebration ever

from the youtube description:

Bajram Fetai and Nicki Bille from the danish superleague-club FC Nordsjælland. There were a comp. about who could make the best/funniest goal celebration in week 29 in the danish league, and the winner get tickets to the super six fight Kessler vs. Froch. Fetai won for this performance.

barcelona; abi's hips don't lie





The Babies/Lap of Honour Video here!

look for:

  • Nando wearing a DIFFERENT sweater
  • Glen's ADORABLE bb
  • Yossi's 3 beautiful ballerinas
  • No Alex or Olalla :(
  • Dirk's army of blonde cutest babies ever
  • We really do have hot WAGs
  • Random Liverpool kids running around
  • ...and the best bit: in the midst of all them babies, Ryan Babel cradling a water bottle like its his. HAHAHA <3

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Holland NT 10/12 home kit

Nike unveiled the New Holland 10/12 Home Kit which is designed for increased performance with lower environmental impact, and will be worn at the World Cup 2010. 8 plastic bottles are used to produce one jersey in the new Nike kit, which is available through the FSC Shop.

The innovative uniform is designed to keep the players drier, cooler and more comfortable to allow them to maintain an optimum body temperature and perform at their best on the field. With improved Nike Dri-Fit fabric, which is 13 percent lighter than before, players can stay drier by drawing sweat to the outside of the garment where it evaporates.

There are also ventilation zones on each side of the jersey – up to 200 tiny laser cut holes – so air can pass across a player’s whole torso to keep him cooler. There are also additional ventilation zones on the kit’s shorts below the waistband and near the space of the spine, areas that are prone to high sweat levels.

More pics of the kits can be found here. (props to

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awooo waka waka espagna


hey all, i'm gonna be away for a month so i'm putting my colombian homegurl epouvante in charge for the time being

you may have seen her around taking shape in one of these icons:

so say hi to your MOTM (mod of the month ^_^)
be nicer to her than you were to your high school supply teachers
or than you are to me

other than that everything should run the same as it did before