April 29th, 2010

combing his hair!

Look who made the 'World's Most Influential People' list!

Didier Drogba was the only footballer this year (Kaka & Cristiano have made the list previously) to make Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People. 

If soccer is a religion in England, then the Slug and Lettuce pub in Putney is its Vatican. There, over warm beer and soggy fries, middle-aged men pontificate on everything from the inherent sinfulness of the offside trap to the fallibility of Wayne Rooney's left foot. But like church officials confronted with Galileo's telescope, football's high priests can't quite make sense of Didier Drogba. "He's a weapon, not a footballer," says one. "A specimen," says another. "The scariest footballer in the world."

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Probably the classiest source ever. Also, there's a video there where Didier talks about the most influential person in his life. It wont embed properly :(.

Leaving Milan??? Leonardo???

So, I don't know if anyone saw, but apparently Mr. Please Fuck Me On The Couch You Are So Hot is leaving AC Milan. I could just be oblivious to these things lately, but this makes me really sad. He was what made AC Milan worth watching imo :)


Collapse )Poor Milan women, all their good-looking boys are leaving. Kaka, now Leonardo :(
credit; espn

time for heroes

Steven Gerrard has told his teammates they can write their names in Anfield history on Thursday by leading Liverpool to a European final. The skipper describes our Europa League semi-final return against Atletico Madrid as 'a night for heroes'.

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NGL, this I'm just using this interview as an excuse to post that picture and spaz out over the match adsjkaldjskaldjsalkjdsakl SO NERVOUS!!!
the super jew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rafael Nadal meets AS Roma players

He and Novak Djokovic were also at the Roma vs Sampdoria match!
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Also now that we're on the topic, was anyone able to catch the Sampdoria match this weekend? For those of you who don't keep up with Serie A (I don't either but this caught my attention hehe) Roma went a point clear to the top the standings a few weeks back, which may have been something not a lot of people expected at the beginning of the season since Inter made a strong start while Roma were more on the disappointing end. Last weekend the Giallorossi couldn't hold on to their one point advantage and lost to Sampdoria while Inter jumped back to first place. If you saw the player's reactions it looked like they had just lost a cup final or something. Mexes was crying for instance and others were walking around looking dejected. It has been a decade since Roma last won the Scudetto while Inter have won it consecutively for the past 4 seasons!!!

These are the remaining games for both teams:

Roma: Parma (A), Caligari (H), Chievo (A)
Inter: Lazio (A), Chievo (H), Siena (A)

Inter are known to be a bit dull in the league, and they have a tough away game at Lazio. But it's probably not likely they'll drop points in their remaining games.

What are your thoughts? Will Inter slip up for Roma? Or will Inter win their 5th league title in a row and possibly win the treble? These two teams also face each other in the Coppa Italia final!!