April 22nd, 2010


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Landon Donovan rages during an interview

Is football getting faster?

Thoughts by: Messi, Kaka, De Rossi, Ballack Simao, & Gourcuff

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Nina Dobrev
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Manchester United is world's richest club says Forbes.

Manchester United is still the most valuable football club in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

The Premier League title holders, who came second in a list compiled by Deloitte in February, again topped the table ahead of Real Madrid.

Forbes values United at £1.19bn($1.84bn), Real at £859m ($1.32bn), and Arsenal, in third, at £767m ($1,181m).

It uses data on income streams such as broadcast rights, sponsorship and sales of tickets and merchandise.

Barcelona is fourth in the 20-team list which includes six clubs from the Premier League plus Newcastle United who have spent this season playing in the Championship.

Liverpool, Chelsea and AC Milan all made the top 10, but the trio's value had each fallen by 19% in the 2008/09 season according to the Forbes calculations.

Juventus and Olympic Marseille had the two biggest increases in value - each gaining 9% on the previous year.

Increasing sponsorship and media revenue meant "the news continues to be good for investors" said Michael Ozanian, national editor at Forbes.

However the average worth of the clubs in the list fell 8.5%.

Forbes spokesman said “The top five clubs took in 86 per cent of the total because their worldwide following allows them to grab much more sponsorship and media revenue.”The top 20 teams have received operating income of £422 million last term.


Back of Sergio


Footballers with Louis Vuitton luggage/bags

Maradona, Pelé and Zizou's ad for Louis Vuitton Journeys has hit the web! Looks nice, huh? It was shot by Annie Leibovitz in Madrid (where apparently, Maradona kept Zizou and Pelé waiting for like 3 hours or something). There is a short video of Pele & Zizou playing foosball here! You can vote for who you want to win: Zizou or Pele. Right now, Pele is winning with 59% of the vote.

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Scholes goal vs City
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My Premiere League Team of the season..2009/2010.

So before the official Prem team of the season comes out, I decided to do my own team of the season which ya'll should do too. It'll be nice to see who we all think have been the best players in their respective positions. Ok try and not been too biased guys ;)

Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina
I went with Reina as he's saved Liverpool a few points this season with a few great saves, was Liverpool's best player earlier in the season when Liverpool were really struggling. Shout out to Joe Hart who has done a great job at Brum.

Right-back: Branislav Ivanovic
Worst position by a mile, no outstanding canidates. Johnson not been great nor Corluka. Who actually are AV and Man United's first choice RB's? Sagna been poor too. I went with Ivanovic as I think he's been played a few times for Chelsea and he's been pretty good in various positions.

Centre back: Thomas Vermaelen
Arsenal's best defender by a country mile although that doesn't mean too much,haha. But he's been great for his first season at a new club, strong in the air, good tackler, has a sweet left foot and has scored 6 or 7 goals.

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Nina Dobrev
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Boy George red hot for Nemanja Vidic. XD

BOY George wants to score with Manchester United star Nemanja Vidic.

The gender-bending pop star reckons the Serbian defender, 28, is hot stuff.

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic has got a new admirer in the unlikely shape of pop star Boy George. The Culture Club singer revealed his secret love for Vidic when asked who he would most like to be his celebrity Siamese twin.

Without hesitation, George replied: “It would have to be Nemanja Vidic from Manchester United.”

He said: “I’d like his chest glued to my back. But maybe the bottom half could be loose.”

George, 48, who admitted that staring at photos of the hunk had “got him through” his prison stint last year, has also developed the hots for Mathew Horne.


This is Boy George for those who don't know:


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Let me ease your pain.

Been missing the golden boy?

I bring him to thy screens! Give him some loooovee. ♥

"See how El Nino fared when we asked him to name the next lines of popular Kop chants as well as quizzing him on the name of the first Spaniard to ever score for the Reds and our opponents in the 1981 European Cup final.

He is also grilled on whether he knows Anfield's capacity and a number of other LFC general knowledge questions. "


gracias to lfc.tv
combing his hair!

Duck & Sthefany are getting divorced :(

Nine months and 13 days. This was the time it took for the fairy tale, played by Sthefany Brito and Alexandre Pato, to end. The actress and the footballer, who married a bash valued at R$ 1 million in the Copacabana Palace on 7 July last year, failed to overcome a crisis in their relationship and decided to put an end to the union. Pato left the apartment he shared with his wife in Milan, Italy, and is temporarily living in a hotel. Sandra, mother of Sthefany, is in Italy and is helping her daughter overcome this bad time. Close friends to the actress said she is resolving some personal problems back in Milan, and as soon as possible, will return to Brazil. The aviation chaos in Europe is also a factor that hinders her return to Rio.

In the last 7 days, the EXTRA journalist, Gilmar Ferreira, published in his column "Football and all that" the AC Milan striker had turned into a figurine in the nightlife in Milan, often in the company of Ronaldinho. The wife of soccer star, of course, went on to become irritated with the outputs of the husband, since he had asked her to leave work to join him in Italy. Sthefany was the role of Cecilia Dassi in "Living Life", but she gave up the job on behalf of marriage.

Sthefany leaves the marriage with nothing. She and Pato are united under a contract of total separation of assets. Friends say that, during the preparation of the wedding, Pato said Sthefany could get married under the community property. But suddenly, there was a lawyer who guided the change in the contract. The justification of it: "If you are marrying for love, then it shouldn't matter." The girl was hurt by the conversation, but in love, accepted the new condition of the athlete.

People close to Sthefany say that other wives of soccer players who have some familiarity with the couple directed her not to separate. "Soccer player are like that, let it go," one of them said to Sthefany. The actress, apparently, did not listen to the advice of "friends."

With seven jobs in the curriculum, Sthefany has a contract with TV Globo to the middle of this year. Before the marriage, the actress thought to dedicate herself exclusively to the miniseries in order to not stay long away from her home and husband. With new life, however, Sthefany must give the guys on TV as soon as possible.

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Following press speculation about his marriage Stevie G talks about his secret lovers...

Torres is out for both legs; watching the pair of you together out on the pitch, you share a real camaraderie and friendship....
We have a great relationship both on and off the pitch: we`re good friends, he`s great fun and really good company. We`ve connected with each other; I love playing alongside him - his movement, his style of play. It`s a privilege to have him wearing the Liverpool shirt and when he is on form, he is the best forward in the world. Messi may be the most complete player at the moment, but I believe Torres is the best number nine: our new Ian Rush. We don`t see each other off the field of play all that often, we live 45 minutes apart, but we spend all day having a laugh at Melwood.
Why do you think he connected with the fans so quickly?
The fans love a forward who scores goals, but he offers something else. They love everything about him: his attitude, passion and commitment. Ever since that goal against Chelsea, he`s had a perfect relationship with the terraces. He`ll become a legend if he stays with us for many years.

Have you kept in touch with Xabi Alonso; have you talked about Real Madrid ?
I like to stay in contact with my ex- team mates. We send each other good luck messages, I know he still follows Liverpool. I`m delighted that things have turned out well for him. He dropped into Melwood a short while ago and he looked happy. He misses Liverpool though.
Despite all that happened…
It`s a special institution, different. The emotion when you step out into that pitch, the noise from the stands, the fans - it`s indescribable. The players appreciate that and remember that and it stays with them.

And then there`s the World Cup...
Spain are favourites, without doubt, they are winning games with ease - something that is not easy at this level. I`d love to meet them in the final.
I`ll let you have one Spanish player...
You know who I`m going to say! Torres and Rooney would make an explosive partnership!