April 15th, 2010

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a peruvian footballer's STRONG SUSPICIONS that noone else has suspected in the history of suspecting

"I have a strong suspicion that there are some gays in football. Sometimes you can't help but wonder about it."

"It's not something that bothers me, I respect the choices of others,"

"I am not a gay, but if I was, or if I was a woman, which is similar, I would do David Beckham. But that's just my individual opinion."

Sources: The Guardian, TodaPasion.com.ar


no really?

Nina Dobrev
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Cristiano Ronaldo denies he was partying the night before the 'clásico'

Cristinano Ronaldo has announced he is to take legal action against the Telecinco programme, ‘Salvame’, after presenter Kiko Hernández said that some Real Madrid players, including Ronaldo, were out celebrating the birthday of fellow player Drenthe at Ronaldo’s house until five in the morning, last Friday night, the day before the side was beaten 0-2 at home by Barcelona.

Fellow presenter Kiko Matamoros added that there was another fiesta in Ronaldo’s house after the game, adding that the player must be ‘really f**ked’. 

"Leo makes a fool of Cristiano in the clash of the stars" was the headline in the Catalan daily Sport after the Argentinian had followed up his four-goal demolition of Arsenal in midweek with the crucial opening goal for Barça against their biggest rivals.

Angry Madrid supporters also whistled the Portuguese late in the match, suggesting they have yet to be convinced he is worth the record €94m (£82m) Real paid Manchester United for him last summer. 
In a statement Ronaldo said: "It has come to my attention that in the programme 'Salva-Me' on Spanish television channel Telecinco, there were references made to alleged parties held at my house, one on Friday, the eve of the game against Barcelona, which reportedly lasted until five in the morning, and one on Saturday night itself, interspersed with several comments which were intolerably depreciating to my dignity and my professionalism.

"I categorically refute such accusations, which are completely false and delusional: there is really not even one iota of truth in them.

"With a game the next day, it is more than obvious that I spent Friday night resting and, on Saturday night, my spirit was anything but festive.

"Considering the gravity of the charges, I have instructed my lawyers to, without any reflection, use all legal means to restore the truth of the matter and ensure that those responsible are punished to the fullest extent legally provided."


celia is not impressed

recently scored goals that have made ma jaw drop

1) Barcelona's Pedrito scoring practically from the halfway line, which was practically assisted by Victor Valdes

2) Danny Rose aka some dude I've never heard of before scores a "THUMPING" left foot volley in the North London derby on his Premier League debut!!!!!

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amy owl

fucking spurs, how do they sell dvds?

I have to say, since Saturday it has been a very emotional week for Tottenham Hotspur fans. Let me give you an audio/visual recreation of my experience. In my history of eccentric posts to this community I think this one takes the cake, so let that act as a warning/incentive, whichever you consider it to be.

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jfc that was a postazo. I apologize.

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