April 6th, 2010

Well this could be a problem...

Spain's soccer players are threatening to strike over unpaid wages.

The players' union said Monday the dispute could affect games in the top four divisions between April 16-19. The strike would disrupt 10 games in the top division's 33rd round of games, including Real Madrid vs. Valencia and Espanyol vs. Barcelona.

Most of the players owed wages play in the lower tiers. The union said in a statement a majority of players back a possible work stoppage.

The union adds that it is willing to continue talks but is also ready to stop playing.


I really hope this doesn't happen. Anyone else concerned? If this isn't solved, the entire organisation could be in jeopardy.

Bayern Piccies, airport, press conference etc...

Don't post here much, so I hope this is alright...

The big match tommorrow (And i am so totally not shitting myself...)
So I thought I'd give us all a reminder of the glorious events of last week, and pics from today.... 
can go manchester united goes three games with out a win?
Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United reacts during their Champions League quarter-final soccer match against Bayern Munich in Munich, March 30, 2010.
Fergie's worried.... and rightly so!
Let the picspam commence! 

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 and simply because suits are good 

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aaaaaand finally finally simply coz there's no such thing as too much bayern boys...
press conference pics! 

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