March 30th, 2010


Dog vs. Maradona

Maradona has surgery after being bitten by dog

BUENOS AIRES - Argentina's World Cup coach Diego Maradona was bitten on his face by one of his dogs and had surgery at a clinic, local media reported on Tuesday.

Maradona, taken to Los Arcos clinic during the early hours, was not seriously hurt and was expected to return home later in the day, the broadcaster Cronica said.

Witnesses said Maradona was bleeding close to his mouth when he arrived at the clinic with his girlfriend.
Maradona, whose Argentina team are among the World Cup favourites, spent some time at the same clinic in April 2007 after suffering from toxic hepatitis caused by drink.

The World Cup in South Africa kicks off on June 11. Argentina are in Group B with Nigeria, Greece and South Korea.


EDIT: FourFourTwo clarified that the kind that attacked Maradona is a Shar Pei dog. -___-

NIKE Grand Slam Polo- Popped Collars Extravaganza

Featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Joey Cole, Patrice Evra, and Perri-Shakes Drayton

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viva viva german football!

let's get it going, here we go. . .

In the time I did this spam I went car shopping, went to Bojangles for sweet tea and voted for Tim Urban (on American Idol) nine times, er going on ten now.

Also, for those who want to get into the Bundesliga I suggest/direct you to Bayer Leverkusen where Sami Hyypiä is having the season of his life (and Bayern will be facing against them two weekends; Bayern will also be facing the league leaders -- Schalke 04 -- this weekend).

In the meantime, a picture spam because I can.

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