March 23rd, 2010


PK and Biscuits against cancer

confession: i have a mad crush on footballers doing charity. if they are barcaboys, yay. it multiplies. :)
here, gerard pique and sergio biscuits (with navarro and ricky rubio) are featured in a livestrong advert, to raise awareness for the need to eliminate that horrible thing called cancer.

it's so witty and adorable!! (although loool at 'lifhestrong' :))

(i really hope it hasn't been posted yet. if yes, just tell me and i'll take it off. :))

Goodbye Quagmire

Liverpool agree to sell Albert Riera to CSKA Moscow for £6 million

Liverpool have agreed to sell Albert Riera to CSKA Moscow for £6 million this summer, according to reports.

The future of the Spaniard, due back in training this week having been suspended by the club for criticising manager Rafael Benitez's techniques, has been the topic of speculation since he publicly branded Liverpool a "sinking ship".

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Wow this is my first post on here so I hope I've done it okay haha. And I suck with tags.
Gooner scarf

The Return of Robin

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie could return to action within the next month, according to manager Arsene Wenger.

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Van Persie, 26, has been out since suffering ankle ligament damage in an international friendly in November.
But he is due to return to Arsenal this week and could play in the final four Premier League games and potentially the Champions League semi-finals.
"He looks very sharp, but we aim at least to wait a month," Wenger told Arsenal's website.
"We sent our fitness coach out to Holland where Robin has been having his rehabilitation. I think he will be back with the club this week," Wenger added.
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Now, onto another highly anticipated Gunner return:

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Here is a link to video of the interview (since I cannot seem to embed it) many of you might have read about with Titi and how he thinks it would be hard for him to play against us next week. It's going to a be a nail-biter that one, and a hell of a game:
titi interview right here
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