March 15th, 2010

Dirk Luis

Liverpool FC & The Mancs, the Garages (I don't even like cars)

Pepe - The great, huge land rover that performs amazingly and has plenty of spare gas and tires for everyone

Degen - The free car that just gets beeped at loudly by the other cars.

Glen - The car that appears to be basic and just a simple, reliable drive but actually it's fast as fuck and very flashy.

Aurelio - The free car that has driven far better than expected but breaks down too often now and is probably going to be given away in the summer.

Insua - The compact, small car which was swapped for a long, shitty car and has become pretty boss. With further driving and customisation it could become a very reliable car for years to come.

Our centre backs - The cars Carra and Skrtel had a crash. Carra, the old and already damaged car should be written off. Skrtel, the promising and hard as fuck car can be repaired and improve on what it already was, a very good drive. The Greek is the rental car that is surprising everyone and could become a rental car for longer than expected. Agger is the more flashy car that has been improving steadily over the years. It breaks down too often now and needs way too many visits to the garage but hopefully that can be stopped so the car can become an amazing drive.

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VDS - Long and thin like a limo, but just as classy as a group of drunk 15 year old girls screaming out the window of one.

Neville - Not even a car, it's more of a slow gokart without wheels or an engine. It still makes the annoying noise.

Rafael + Fabio - They look the same, they are the same, they drive the same but the stearing wheel is on the left of one and the right of the other. They're fast and better than a gokart but no driver would want to own just one of them, that would defeat the point.

Vidic - A pretty boss car but it shouldn't be driven with a certain Spanish car around, it might suddenly change lane.


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Which cars are your clubs players like? (I can put this in my journal instead if it shouldn't be on here. It's the best way I could think of to explain our shit season, it doesn't really explain anything though..)


We're with you, Cabañas

This is a couple days old, but no one had posted it. Salvador Cabañas gave his first interview this past Saturday for the Mexican channel Televisa, only 47 days after the tragic bar incident, and 11 days after leaving the hospital. According to the article I read, he claims that he's already kicking the ball around, and promises to return to the pitch soon enough. I don't speak Spanish, so if any of you have a translation or could translate, I would be incredibly grateful and add it to the post.

It's simultaneously inspiring and heartbreaking to see the state that he's in. We're rooting for you, Cabañas. And we'll be waiting until you come back.


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you know you love him.

Barcelona defender and Spain international Gerard Pique (23), will publish his first autobiography on 8th April. It is reported that the book will cover his life, sports career, and experiences as a footballer.

Aptly titled “Viatge d’anada i tornada,” which can be translated literally as “Round Trip,” the book will contain 140 pages of his past experiences, from childhood, through his move to Manchester United, and his fortuitous transfer back to FC Barcelona where he exceeded expectations and won a total of six trophies already. Proceeds from the autobiography will benefit Unicef and the Foundation Talita.
The book, whose publication in Castilian is scheduled for later, will be full of Pique’s own anecdotes over his footballing career, whether it’s from his match interviews, training situations, or other player environments.
“Viatge d’anada i tornada” will go on sale April 8, with a price tag of 16.95 euros. While there is no confirmed date for its official launch, Pique is expected to sign some copies during St. Jordi’s Day (April 23), a day not only for celebration and gift exchanges, but also where authors will come and sign their books (as shown in picture below) in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Piqué, Busi, Iniesta and Puyol playing basket.

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Kwon Eun Bi

Football Rankings 3/15/10

Most Points
Twente (Eredivisie) - 70 points

Fewest Points
RKC Waalwijk (Eredivisie) - 12 points

Biggest Lead
Rangers (SPL) - 13 points

Smallest Lead
Real Madrid (La Liga) - tied with 2nd place
Girondins de Bordeaux (Ligue 1) - tied with 2nd place

Closest to Danger
Nuremburg (Bundesliga) - 1 point more than 16th place
Vitesse (Eredivisie) - 1 point more than 16th place

Farthest From Safety
Grenoble Foot (Ligue 1) - 14 points fewer than 17th place

English Premier League
Spanish Primera División
Italian Serie A
French Ligue 1
German Bundesliga
Dutch Eredivisie
Scottish Premier League